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5 Awesome Features on Our New Strain Details Pages

Leafly's strain details pages have gotten a little makeover! In addition to receiving a visual overhaul, we've added five great new features to help consumers learn even more information about the strains they're researching. Here's a brief rundown:


1. Check Out Each Strain's Flavor Profile

As we mentioned last month, when you review a strain, you can now choose from 42 different flavors to help label that strain's flavor attributes. Does it taste or smell fruity? Sour? Woody? Cheesy? Skunky? The most-selected flavors will appear as a little icon on each strain's details page. For example, consumers have rated the strain Blue Dream, depicted below, as tasting and smelling of "Blueberry," "Sweet," and "Berry."


2. Find Concentrates, Clones, and Seeds of Your Favorite Strains

If you click on the strain's "Availability" link in the "Quick Jump" section, you can filter the strain's availability as a flower, clone, preroll, seed, edible, or concentrate. That way, you can find your favorite strain in your favorite form.


3. See Which Cities a Strain is Most Popular In

Did you know that Maui Waui is most popular in Denver, Colorado, Portland, Oregon, and Tacoma, Washington? I guess those cities are longing for a little tropical flavor during the cold winter months. Included in each strain's details page is a list of the cities that particular strain is most popular in, giving you a fun little glimpse into which cities love your favorite bud.


4. Search for Specific Keywords in Consumer Reviews

I was curious to see how many consumers mentioned the word "favorite" when reviewing White Rhino, so I searched for that keyword and found six reviews from folks who touted the heavy-hitter as one of their favs. You can search for any keyword you want to make sorting through reviews even more useful and entertaining.


5. Share an Interesting or Funny Review with Your Friends

You can now pull up an individual consumer review of a strain, making it easy to share the link with your friends or post it on social media or your favorite websites. This review of Green Crack (some NSFW language) had the Leafly staff chuckling — what better way to describe knees than "Those are the spokes in my leg wheels!!"

Play around with our new strain details pages and let us know what you think! Enjoy!