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Announcing Leafly News & Culture and the Leafly Knowledge Center!

Objectively speaking (okay, maybe a little subjectively), Leafly is a great resource for patients looking to learn more about different cannabis strains and connect with dispensaries that carry the products they need. Aside from our strain descriptions and user reviews, however, the site has been lacking engaging, observant content. You can only read our Privacy Policy so many times before your eyes glaze over and you wonder if there's anything else to digest. (Unless you really enjoy reading Privacy Policies, in which case kudos to you.) "When will Leafly give me something awesome to read?", you lamented while shaking your fists up towards the heavens. "When will they bring me a thoughtful, smart mix of industry news, opinion, and resources I can look forward to every day? Why, Leafly? Why won't you quench my thirst for knowledge???"

Time to dry your tears and bust out the bubbly! We've heard your feedback and have exciting news: today marks the launch of two brand-new content sections, Leafly News & Culture and the Leafly Knowledge Center. Each section differs slightly but will focus on cannabis industry information so you can become a better informed patient, activist, or cannabis connoisseur. 

The Leafly Knowledge Center is full of resources that will educate Leafly users, MMJ patients, and dispensary owners alike. Each section contains valuable materials that will help you learn more about the industry: 

  • Cannabis 101 — information for beginners (glossaries, historical timelines, legislation updates, and more)
  • How To's — handy "How To" guides such as how to talk to your doctor about medical cannabis 
  • FAQs — frequently asked questions about Leafly, the cannabis industry, you name it!
  • Using Leafly — how to navigate through your favorite cannabis strain database and dispensary directory
  • Responsible Use — ways you can be a responsible medical cannabis patient
  • Content for Dispensaries — information for dispensary owners and managers

We'll add new resources to the Leafly Knowledge Center periodically and will also update existing resources to make sure all of the information you receive is current and relevant. 

Leafly News & Culture is our main content section. Some of you may think of it as a "blog," but we'll be providing a mix of fantastic content, both serious and light-hearted, on a regular basis so you'll always have something new and interesting to read. Our categories include: 

  • Headlines — the latest breaking news and information about legislation, industry updates, Leafly happenings, and more
  • Stories — interviews with industry folks, editorials, and exploring the "human" side to cannabis
  • Lifestyle — recipes, health, and cannabis culture
  • Events — highlights and coverage of different cannabis-related events from all over the world
  • Products — reviews and information about cannabis-related products
  • Offbeat — humor, random stories, and other "offbeat" topics

You can navigate to both content sections by clicking on the "Learn" section in our top-level navigation. As with any new section launch, there may be some dust settling as we continue to add new functionality over the next few weeks. But rather than add a 1997-era "under construction" blinking gif, we instead ask for your patience as we work on adding commenting functionality and other little aspects. In the meantime, if you have any feedback or requests, fill out our contact form.

We hope you enjoy the new content side of Leafly and invite you to elevate the conversation about cannabis with us, as well as help shape the industry into a respected, exciting, and groundbreaking frontier!