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Guess What Product Cannabis-Friendly Colorado Buys the Most on eBay?

Online retailer/auction item site eBay recently culled through their data to determine which product each state purchases the most and created an infographic that highlights its findings. Some of the more amusing revelations include Delaware’s fondness for robot vacuums and Tennessee’s penchant for dental supplies, but Colorado’s most popular item isn’t terribly surprising.

The first state to legalize and debut a legal retail cannabis market is most likely to purchase hydroponics supplies off eBay. But before you assume Washington’s purchases are also cannabis-based, the Evergreen State is big on audio & visual equipment over grow accessories. Nonetheless, Colorado’s top pick isn’t terribly surprising (and neither is New Jersey’s choice of “men’s fragrance,” but I digress).

Head over to Mashable to view the infographic that highlights each of the 50 states’ most popular eBay purchases.

photo credit (resized): Ryan Fanshaw Photography via photopin cc