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Handheld inkjet printers keep cannabis companies compliant–and agile

AMI Reiner
Presented ByAMI ReinerPublished on August 5, 2020 · Last updated July 17, 2022
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Move as quickly as the cannabis industry, printing variable data on demand.

If there’s one thing cannabis businesses have in common, it’s having to deal with red tape. Differing laws across the country mean producers have to pay close attention to what’s on their packaging—such as licensing info, batch numbers, THC content, percentages,  and other mandatory information—on top of branding and other details.

Instead of using desktop printer labels or crossing your fingers with a bulk order, consider a handheld inkjet printer from Automated Marking, which prints required information directly on virtually any kind of packaging. It’s easy to program and swap out information, making variable data like expiration dates or lot codes a breeze. Because each item is printed individually, no pre-printed materials go to waste, and there’s no need to worry about outdated information on bulk label orders.

“The AMI/Reiner jetStamps are unique, all-in-one, turnkey machines that will fulfill your required variable data printing needs,” explains Julian Mear, CEO at AMI. “Even if you already have semi-automated or fully automated packaging lines, these handheld units are an invaluable addition to your manufacturing and packaging process.”

“They give you total flexibility for printing on small sample lots, odd shaped packaging, mismarked edibles, and any non-porous surfaces including plastics, foils, and amber glass,” Julian adds.

Adapt to a fast-changing industry

Whether you’re a CBD retailer or manufacturer expanding to states with varying laws, a medical cannabis grower tapping into a recreational market, or in a state revising its cannabis laws, you’re probably going to hit some labeling snags at one point or another.

“We frequently get called by companies who need to do last minute reprints because regulations change,” says Julian. “Unfortunately, this means they have to destroy perfectly good packaging and waste money.”

“After these types of experiences, many companies are now choosing to leave variable data like strain type or THC content off of their primary packaging,” Julian continues, “opting to fill it in with our Reiner handheld inkjets because they can change the desired information on demand.”

The Reiner handheld printers can be programmed quickly and easily with whatever information is required that day–there’s no backlog of outdated labels to worry about. Adjusting an expiration date or changing some text or a code takes just a few seconds.

Print on nearly any surface—even bottles

jetStamp 790 printer
(Courtesy of AMI/Reiner)

An AMI/Reiner handheld printer can print on glass, plastic, metal, cardboard and any other type of packaging or substrate–including round bottles and uneven surfaces. The Reiner inkjet printers are the only handheld units on the market with a self-traversing printhead.

This means you can print onto small, round and uneven surfaces because the machine is held stationary while the cartridge itself moves laterally on a rail. All other handheld units on the market must be rolled across the surface of the product making them only suitable for large flat rigid surfaces like boxes.

“When you need to print onto something that’s curved, small, or slightly concave, like many of the CBD bottles are, you don’t have space to roll a machine over that surface,” says Stephanie Mear, COO at Automated Marking. “The self-traversing printhead moves right and left inside the printer and actually sprays the ink on the surface without moving the machine at all. This provides precise, consistent placement and crisp imprints not possible with a stamp or label.”

The jetStamp is perfect for printing on the round, amber, tincture bottles ubiquitous in the cannabis industry. Hold the jetStamp in place and the self-traversing printhead does the rest. You can switch between black and yellow ink cartridges in seconds within the same unit, which enables legible printing onto both light and dark surfaces. It’s “Mobile Printing Magic” at its best.

“We know how much time, money, and energy is spent on branding,” says Stephanie. “Our printers provide results that are more professional than any smudge-prone stamp or peeling label. The prints will accommodate and blend into your packaging rather than look like an afterthought.”

Products hand-picked for cannabis

AMI/Reiner doesn’t only serve cannabis companies–they have 40+ years of experience serving diverse markets from food to pharma and can help with all types of applications. In addition, with their advisors in the hemp and cannabis industries they can easily assist growers, processors, medical and recreational dispensaries, and any vertically integrated companies with a customized solution. Depending on your specific needs, Stephanie has a few ideas.

“Our star printers for simple lot and expiration are the 790MP and 792MP,” she says. “They print one or two lines of alphanumeric text with black or yellow ink fast and efficiently.” The difference between the two: the 790MP has rechargeable batteries and is completely mobile while the 792MP is a plugin version perfect for larger runs and working from a fixed station.

“The model somebody chooses would depend on their volume and whether they need complete mobility,” says Stephanie.

For more adjustable and comprehensive printing, she recommends the jetStamp graphic 970 (black ink only) or jetStamp 1025 (black and yellow ink available). Both options give the flexibility of adjustable font and text size, larger imprint areas, and can print 1D and 2D barcodes, graphics, as well as logos.

jetStamp graphic 970 printer
(Courtesy of AMI/Reiner)

Infinitely scalable – they grow with your company

These ultra-high quality, German engineered products can keep up with the growth of your business–even as your packaging, product portfolio, and throughput evolves and expands.

Go from handheld to high speed inline as your daily volume increases. They also have German engineered, low to no maintenance, automated inkjet systems that are perfect for high speed inline production.

“Our machines are used in the following industries: food,  beverage, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, supply chain, health and beauty, parts manufacturing, lumber and more,” says Julian. “These industries are very well established with strict regulations that must be followed to a T.”

“AMI/Reiner’s inkjet printers are meeting and exceeding the needs of some of the largest corporations in the world,” he notes. “They have reputations to uphold and are depending on our equipment.”

But for even the smallest companies, a handheld inkjet makes the whole process a little easier.

“I’ve seen people at the beginning of their businesses using rubber stamps, grocery store label guns, or even writing dates on with sharpies,” says Julian. “Our devices make packaging look professional and can fill in gaps when you have a lot of SKUs and varying sizes of packaging.”

AMI is a third-generation company dating back to 1903 which founded its roots in the rubber stamping industry. The family’s years in the field has given them a wealth of knowledge unlike any other.

You can contact Automated Marking anytime for a free consultation with their experienced and personable specialists to find out which of their products best suits your needs. “We can help you as a startup or an already established company,” says Julian Mear. “Either way our solutions will grow with you and your business.”

“We look forward to being an integral part in the success of your branding.”

AMI Reiner
Presented ByAMI Reiner
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