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How to Be a Successful Cannabis Dispensary on Leafly

August 8, 2013

Welcome to Leafly! Now that you’ve set up your business account profile, here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your Leafly experience and keep your profile maximally optimized for Leafly visitors.


1. Stay Up to Date

Leafly is the only cannabis database where visitors can look for specific strains and where to find them. Link your menu’s strains to your Leafly profile menu and make sure to hide or remove strains when you’re out of stock. If you have specials, list them on the website. Keeping your Leafly menu up to date not only prevents disappointed visitors, but also helps your ranking since Leafly results favor active businesses over those that rarely update. Need a refresher on how to update your management portal and your inventory or how to add specials or update photos? Check out our helpful How To videos for a handy visual reference.


2. Be Responsive

Your visitors want to know you’re listening. If you have the ability to respond to reviews in your marketing package, take advantage of it! Thank visitors for their positive feedback, clear up any confusion they may have about your services or products, or offer a response to negative feedback. Your clients will come away knowing that you care and be more likely to leave you positive feedback in the future.


3. Be Professional

One of our major goals at Leafly is to rise above the unprofessional stigma that is often associated with the cannabis industry. Your page is yours to update, but keep in mind that all sorts of people come to Leafly for advice and guidance. One visitor may really like all the pictures of bongs on your page, but an elderly consumer who is looking for medication might not. Try to keep photos, descriptions, and specials appropriate for a wide audience. Your Leafly page is a great opportunity for exposure, but don’t risk alienating potential visitors.


Do’s and Don’ts

DO use your Specials to let visitors know about deals you have.
DON’T change your store's display name to highlight current specials. It confuses visitors and makes your page look messy.

DO respond to negative reviews professionally and with patience.
DON’T name-call or threaten visitors, even if they did so to you. You are the business here, so don’t sink to their level. The same goes for your competitors — fighting helps no one win visitors!

DO use your Overview, Update, and Photo pages to tell people about yourself.
DON’T leave reviews for your own business. Visitors can identify blatant self-promotion and don't like it.

photo credit: seeveeaar via photopin cc