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Leafly’s Got a New Strain Explorer: Here’s the Scoop on Our New Features!

The Leafly Explore page has gotten a facelift! We've gotten many website user suggestions on how to improve the strain-exploring experience. After collecting your feedback, the Leafly development team has revamped the page to make finding the right strain easier and more accurate than ever.

Here's the breakdown of some of our new features:


Large Tiles

Large tiles are used to signify the most popular and highest rated strains of any search. Looking for the strains Crohn's patients like the most? What about the best lavender-scented strains? Just look for the giant tiles.


Blue Tiles

Blue tiles (coming soon!) signify products. On Leafly, products are cannabis-infused goods such as edibles, tinctures, or topicals. These have different effects on the body than other forms of cannabis consumption, and now Leafly gives visitors a way to compare and review these products. The left-hand corner of the tile will tell you exactly what type of product the tile represents.



Website users can now do more than search for indicas, sativas, or hybrids. Under the Attributes tab, you can choose from 42 different flavors. Flavors range from “butter” to “tropical” to “sage”. As more Leafly visitors continue to specify different flavors in their reviews, more flavors will be added to the list. Bonus: You can now pick and choose for fun flavor combinations like "Earthy cheese chemical."


Including and Excluding Effects

Want pain relief but don’t want to be hungry? Our new Explorer allows you to pick and choose which effects you'd like to experience and which ones you want to avoid. Leafly visitors, for example, can now find strains that make them feel happy but won’t make them feel anxious.


More Conditions

Were you diagnosed with asthma, fibromyalgia, or phantom limb pain? We've included a wider list of ailments for medical patients to choose from, meaning patients can find the strains that are more specific to their conditions.


Search by Highest Rated, Most Popular, or Newest Strain

Before, all 500+ of our strains were listed in alphabetical order. Now, by popular demand, you can find the most popular and highest rated strains overall as well as in your specific region. The strains listed in the default page are also now ordered based on popularity, making it easy to find effective medication.

If you'd like to give us feedback on our new page, please click on the orange question mark at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen:

Happy searching!