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Navigating the Leafly App

Navigating the Leafly App

Rebecca Kelley
January 14, 2014

The Leafly app is a must-have resource for looking up cannabis strains
, locating dispensaries and retail stores
, and reading the latest cannabis lifestyle news and legalization updates
while you're on the go. If you've just downloaded the app and want to know what's under the hood, here's a brief walkthrough to familiarize yourself with everything the Leafly app has to offer. (The below screenshots are from iOS, but the Leafly app
is available for Android devices as well.)


The Home Screen

The Leafly app home screen (which can be accessed by clicking on the bar icon at the top left of the app) includes the following:

  • A search bar where you can search for strains, products, dispensaries or retail stores, and articles (click the looking glass icon in the upper right hand corner)
  • A link to write a review for a dispensary you visited (click the green "plus" sign in the lower right hand corner, and select the storefront icon)
  • A link to write a review for a strain you tried (click the green "plus" sign in the lower right hand corner and select the strain tile icon)
  • A live feed of trending strains, recommended locations, news and information, and reviews (scroll through multiple by swiping left and right; swipe down to refresh feed)
  • A link to Explore Strains
    , which allows you to search cannabis strains (use the filter in the upper right hand corner to search by Effects or Medical Symptoms and Conditions)
  • A link to Find Nearby
    , which allows you to search access points near you (GPS Location Services will need to be enabled on your phone for maximum accuracy)
  • A link to Stay Informed
    , which allows you to read recent articles from Leafly News & Culture (Click the bar icon in the upper left corner and select News & Culture)
  • A link to Locate a C
    , which allows you to find specialized medical practitioners nearby (Click the bar icon in upper left corner and select "Find a Clinic")
  • A link to create or login to your Leafly account
  • A link to About Leafly


The About Leafly Page

Clicking on the bar icon at the upper-left of the home screen will take you to a menu. Select Leafly's About section, and here you'll find links to the following:

  • View guides to using Leafly
  • Provide us with feedback and ask support questions
  • Sign up for our marketing and advertising services
    if you're a dispensary/retail store owner or manager
  • Rate our app in the App Store
  • Follow our various social media accounts
  • Peruse the Leafly Store
    for merchandise


Strain Filters

In order to find the best strains for your symptoms, conditions or desired effects, click "Explore Strains," where you'll have the following options:

  • Open the "Most Popular" list of strains
  • Click on the "Filter" symbol in the upper right hand corner
  • You can select "Include Effects" (such as "Creative" and "Energetic")
  • You can also select "Symptoms" (such as "Insomnia") or "Conditions" (such as "PTSD" or "Anxiety")
  • Click the word "Apply" in the upper right hand corner

And voila! The resulting list will be the best strains for your symptoms. You can even click "Find Nearby" on your desired strain page to find the nearest dispensary carrying this strain


Strain/Product Details Page

Clicking on a strain or product tile brings up its details. In the above example, you're looking at information for the sativa strain Sour Diesel
, which includes the following:

  • Click the green "plus" sign in the lower right hand corner – this will expand your options:
    • The pencil icon will allow you to write a strain review
    • The heart icon will add this strain to your list of Favorites (available in your user Profile)
    • The camera icon will allow you to upload a photo of this strain
  • A share icon in the upper right corner allows you to share the strain via text message, email, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Side-scrolling images of the strain
  • The Leafly user rating for the strain (from one to five stars) and the total number of reviews
  • The strain's description
  • The strain's availability nearby
  • The strain's attributes, including its most commonly chosen effects, medical uses, and negative characteristics
  • The strain's most commonly chosen flavors
  • The strain's genetic lineage, cannabinoid
    and terpene
    contents, and growing details
  • The option to add your photo of the strain or view other user-uploaded photos
  • Reviews of the strain
  • A list of strains similar to the one you're looking at
  • A list of articles related to the strain you're looking at
  • A link to add a review of the strain


Adding a Strain Review


To add your review of a particular strain, click on "Add Strain Review" via the home screen (under the triple dot icon) or the "Add Review" button via any strain detail's page. You can then add the following information:

  • Your rating of the strain from zero to five stars
  • Your write-up of the strain
  • Whether you want your review to be Private (meaning only you will see your review in your personal journal) or Public (meaning other Leafly visitors can read your review) –
  • The form you tried (flower, concentrate, edible, or topical)
  • The consumption method (either smoke or vaporize)
  • Effects, flavors, and the dispensary at which you found the strain


Nearby Dispensaries

  • Use the filters in the upper right hand corner to find the best dispensaries for you
  • Select "Recreational" or "Medical"
  • You can also filter by "Distance," "Menu" and "Price"
  • Click the word "Apply" in the upper right hand corner and the resulting dispensaries will be exactly what you are looking for!




Click the bar icon in the upper-left corner of the app and select "Find Nearby" to browse a list of locations near you.

You can view the nearby dispensaries in List View or in Map View


Adding a Dispensary Review


You can add a location review via the location's profile page. When you review a store from your device, you can include the following:

  • The location's selection of products
  • Its service
  • Its atmosphere
  • Your review of the place
  • Whether this was your first-time visit
  • Whether you would shop here again
  • Whether you would recommend this location to your friends


Leafly News & Culture


Click the bar icon in the upper-left corner of the app and select "Stay Informed" to navigate to the Leafly News & Culture
section, where you can read the latest cannabis stories and articles from the Leafly crew.

Click the word "Sections" in the upper right hand corner to view the different categories of Leafly's News & Culture:

  • Cannabis 101
  • Headlines
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Strains
  • Industry


The Login Screen


Create an account or login to your existing account via the Leafly home screen (just click the bar icon in the upper-left corner of the app). Why would you want to create an account with Leafly? We're glad you asked, friend! When you have a Leafly account, you can do the following:

  • Keep track of your favorite strains
  • Write strain reviews
  • Write location reviews
  • Follow your favorite dispensaries and stores
  • Help grow the Leafly community of amazing, passionate cannabis consumers


Have any questions or feedback about the Leafly app? Contact us at support@leafly.com
and we'll be happy to assist you!