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Introducing Leafly Product Tiles!

Leafly’s welcoming a new tile to the club! Our signature strain tiles now have an adopted sibling: the product tile. These new, light gray additions can be found intermixed with our signature strain tiles on our Explorer page.

The addition of infused product tiles means that Leafly visitors can now review edibles and topicals along with flowers and concentrates. You can also search for specific brands to find products that will fulfill your unique personal needs.

For example, Dixie Elixirs of Colorado can now be searched for and reviewed on Leafly. Want to try Dixie’s Sparkling Pomegranate Elixir? Just type “Dixie” into the search bar on the Explorer page. Gray product tiles will pop up, linking you to each product's individual details page. The details page lets you know how other Leafly fans liked that particular item.

If you’ve tried a Dixie product, review it! Your reviews will now be linked to the new Product Page, so just click on the “Leave a Review” button to let others know what you think!

We’ll continue to add more awesome products to the Explorer so check back for new additions. Happy exploring!