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20 Comments Cannabis Consumers Hate

December 18, 2013

We’ve all been there — someone finds out we consume cannabis and peppers us with eye-rolling, stereotypical, or just plain dumb questions. Below is a list of 20 common questions or comments we hear all the time and our oh-so appropriate reactions. Enjoy.

1. “Don’t you get the munchies all the time?”

2. “So do you have a job?”

3. “Aren’t your parents disappointed in you?”

4. “You work out? Aren’t stoners lazy?”

5. “But you’re not a deadbeat!”

6. “So what other drugs do you do?”

7. “How much money do you spend on that stuff?”

8. “But you don’t smell! I thought stoners smelled!”

9. “So do you sell drugs?”

10. “Are you high right now?”

11. “Fast food restaurants must love you.”

12. “Did you hear about the new Taco Bell burrito?”

13. “So you’re like into Bob Marley and rasta stuff?”

14. “You should totally grow dreads.”

15. “Why?!”

16. “Isn’t marijuana a gateway drug?”

17. “But you seem so responsible!”

18. “Oh, so you’re a ‘pothead.'”

19. “I thought you were smarter than that.”

20. “Well I don’t do drugs, but I got SO drunk last weekend!”