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4 Ways to Stay Balanced During the Hectic Holiday Season

December 17, 2014

The holidays are here, a time of the year filled with a crazy mix of family, food, stress, drama, warmth, and love. In the midst of this commotion, you may ask yourself, "How can I keep myself in balance?" These four tips can help you stay grounded as you navigate your way through holiday parties, shopping frenzies, family stress, and everything else that comes to a head at the end of the year. 

1. Set an Intention

Use the holidays as a platform to be mindful. Instead of jumping into the season with old habits and behaviors, take a moment to explore what you would like to gain and contribute to your surroundings. For instance, be more generous, mend a familiar relationship, or get more involved in food preparation. Your intention can be as creative as you want, but make sure to set the intention with a positive declaration! 

2. Be the Cause You Want to See

Cannabis can empower you just as much as it can bring you down. Pick a strain that supports the action and intention you want. Whether you're looking to get more creative, have the energy to check the things off your To Do list, or wish to get into the holiday spirit with some seasonal flavors, try a strain that can complement your intent.

3. Practice Self Care

Be mindful how your emotions get triggered and fluctuate. Grow awareness of what you need to stay in balance. Cannabis might heighten your awareness or give a new perspective on what’s arising in the mind and body, but it’s up to you to take notice. Pay attention to how you feel and what emotions and thoughts are present. Use this data as personal feedback. Make informed choices this holiday season as you take care of yourself.

4. Keep Your Body in Balance

Just because we hit the holiday season does not mean we need to overindulge. Let cannabis fine-tune what your body is craving and eat with intention. Be aware of when and why you might want to grab that bag of chips or load up on an extra serving of ice cream. Allow cannabis to heighten the taste and awareness of what you are eating so it becomes more savory and three-dimentional than a mindless motor-skill.

Try these four tips and notice how this holiday season will feel more empowered and intentional. Shift your perspective to realize you have control of your life and the actions you take. If you choose to consume cannabis, allow it to support you as you make intentional choices that strengthen your mind, body, and soul.

photo credit: Andreas-photography, asenat29, Bright Vibes, Francois D via photopin cc