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4/20 Plans: Leafly Staff Shares How We’ll Be Celebrating

April 20, 2016

Here at Leafly, today is our biggest day of the year. Between launching our Leafly Events Calendar earlier this month, putting on our own 4/20 events across North America, and publishing more stories than ever before, we’re exhilarated yet exhausted, and looking forward to relaxing and celebrating tomorrow afternoon with our fellow cannabis consumers around the world.

Below, a few members of the Leafly team share their plans for the biggest cannabis holiday of the year. Whether we’re traveling, celebrating in our hometown of Seattle at our Night of Higher Entertainment, or simply spending time with friends and family, we wish you all a very happy 4/20!

What are your 4/20 plans this year?

“I will be at home with my man, chilling, watching movies, eating a lot of pizza, [and smoking] some blunts. I’ve got some really nice Bay Dream right now – planning to finish that up.”

–Emi, Sales Support Specialist

“This year I am traveling to PDX to celebrate with Leafly and Talib Kweli at Refuge. I still need to re-up on oil for the holiday but I just got some great Ripped Bubba Kush and plan on rolling that up.”

–Will, Digital Content Producer

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“I’m going to be at A Night of Higher Entertainment with Leafly and SIFF at the Egyptian! It should be a wicked good time, Collide-O-Scope is going to be the BEST thing to happen to 4/20. Ever.”

–Zsanelle, Marketing Assistant

“Going to the SIFF event and getting into some Peppermint Cookies.”

–Ryan, Senior Account Executive

“For 4/20 I’ll be working on some new music and watching the premiere of Time Traveling Bong on Comedy Central (you can never have too much Ilana Glazer in your life). I’ll be smoking some Pineapple Express and vaping some Master Kush shatter.”

–Darren, Data Entry Specialist

“So on 4/20 I’m flying back to Seattle from [the Boston Marathon] so I plan to ‘celebrate’ by rubbing my sore legs with the Vita Verde sport topical and vaping some LA Confidential with my Pax 2 before face-planting into my bed.”

–Rebecca, Senior Content Marketing Manager

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“I’ll be smoking two spliffs and heading into Leafly’s Night of Higher Entertainment…I’ll probably do a strong-ish sativa-heavy hybrid mixed with a pinch of high-CBD ACDC by Raven Grass.”

–Ben, Associate Editor

“No big 4/20 plans…working during the day, heading home in the evening. Will likely be smoking Middlefork.”

–Sara, Photo Editor

“5:00am–6:00am: Wake up, drink coffee. 6:00am–7:00: Feed child, get ready for work. 8:30am: Arrive at work. 8:30am–4:19pm: PRODUCE, INNOVATE and CREATE. 4:20pm: Pull out Leafly vape pen for some consumption in the sun. 5:30pm: Arrive home, take dogs and child to the beach to barbecue. 8:00pm: Child asleep, out to the porch for a [nightcap] joint. That is pretty much the plan everyday that it’s sunny…and sometimes when it’s rainy, too.”

–Tim, Producer

“4/20 plans this year are to stay unmedicated and take my four-year-old daughter to the park to enjoy the sun.”

–Damian, Digital Publisher

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“For 4/20, I am planning to go home, relax for a bit, smoke some Berry Bomb, pop a milk chocolate and toffee 10-milligram edible from 420 Bar, meet up with some Leafly peeps for a quick smoke sesh and then head to A Night of Higher Entertainment at the Egyptian for some quality, trippy visuals courtesy of Collide-O-Scope.”

–Lisa, Associate Editor – Politics

“Waking up in the morning, working from nine to six at our wonderful Leafly HQ, getting home and rolling a healthy joint, smoking it and then going to hot yoga.”

–Richard, Account Executive


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Image Source: Sara Dilley

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