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5 Concert Etiquette Tips for Cannabis Enthusiasts


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5 Concert Etiquette Tips for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner, and for many cannabis enthusiasts, that means your favorite outdoor concerts and shows are starting to pop up. Part of enjoying the spirit of legalization means owning your role in breaking down stigmas and creating safe spaces for everyone around you. So, before you slather on your sunscreen and bust out your favorite concert tee in anticipation of upcoming shows like ILoveMakonnen in Boulder, Colorado, on May 12th
, keep the following tips in mind so you can support the cannabis movement instead of perpetuating negative stigmas surrounding marijuana:


1. Be Nice to Event Staff

Event staff works hard to make sure you’re having a good time. Give them the respect and patience they deserve. Thank them for their contributions and follow their instructions with a reasonable attitude (don’t get belligerent or rude).


2. Follow Venue Smoking Policies

It’s simple: if you’re not supposed to smoke inside or on the venue’s premises, don’t. Most venues have dedicated smoking areas, so help out fellow fans who choose not to partake and care for their air.


3. Know the Local Area’s Cannabis Laws

Cover your bases and make sure you’re not putting yourself and others in jeopardy by illegally consuming in the wrong place at the wrong time. Brush up on your state’s cannabis laws
to make sure you’re complying with legal guidelines.


4. Don’t Drive Under the Influence

The night doesn’t end when the music stops — you still have to get home! Make sure that you’re consuming responsibly and staying within your limits if you choose to drive; otherwise, find alternate modes of transportation
to ensure you get home safely.


5. Follow the Golden Rule: Respect

When you arrive, soak up the good vibes and pay it forward. Everyone chooses to go to a show to have fun and enjoy music as a group. Share the love with your fellow concert goers, be decent towards each other, and respect one another’s boundaries.

Now go forth and enjoy the rockin’ good vibes!