7 of the Most Vape-Worthy Places in the U.S.

Published on January 26, 2016 · Last updated September 26, 2022

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The United States contains an incredible range of awe-inspiring locations, landmarks and scenery, and there are countless among them that strike us as worthy of a vape session. Whether you’re looking out over a natural wonder, chowing down on exceptional grub, relishing a performance at a music venue, or simply executing everyday activities, a compact, unobtrusive vape is capable of elevating the experience.

So with the help of co-founders Joe and Greg, we picked out just seven great vape-worthy times and places, based on the natural beauty of the location or the circumstances that surround it. Trust us, narrowing them down wasn’t easy. Do you agree with our choices? Which ones would you add to the list?

Grabbing a slice in NYC

Hand holding cannabis vaporizer next to slice of pizza outside Joe's Pizza in NYC

Though Joe is unaffiliated with Joe’s Pizza, he’d put their pies up against any others in the city, at least in terms of the ‘regular slice’ – and since he and co-founder Greg are both from New York, they’ve tried their fair share of local pizza. “I believe [Joe’s] only makes regular and maybe pepperoni pies and slices,” says Joe. “It’s a small place, very fast-paced, and they can be rude but they get away with it…Everyone loves pizza, and they have the best.”

Looking out over the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona at sunset

The Grand Canyon is among the most visit-worthy and photo-worthy places in the nation, and there’s no question that it makes the list of most vape-worthy places, too. It’s especially beautiful at sunset, with golden rays bouncing off an already staggering range of canyon colors. Tote a vape pen along to heighten the experience (as if it needed heightening).

Outside the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver

Buckhorn Exchange restaurant in Denver

Says Joe of Denver’s oldest restaurant, whose walls have been gathering hunting trophies since 1893, “I’m an animal lover, but they have the heads of every animal you can think of, some killed over 80 years ago, and some even by Teddy Roosevelt. Check this place out – amazing food, and very nice people run it.”

Watching a home game in Seattle

Seattle Seahawks NFL game at Century Link Stadium in Seattle, Washingon

Whether you’re watching the home team at their open-air stadium or catching aerial coverage from the comfort of your own couch, seeing Seattle sports games play out in the Emerald City is a memorable experience. For the sake of team spirit, make your vape pen blue or green.

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On a glacier day cruise in Alaska

Cruise ships in Alaska

Alaska’s brand of untouched natural beauty is peerless nationwide, and few activities make that more apparent than glacier-centric sightseeing cruises. Prince William Sound, a short drive south of Anchorage, is a great place to go – hop on one of many boats offering this sort of day trip with a vape pen in your coat pocket (in a subtle Snow Camo color scheme, perhaps?) and settle in for a day of wildlife sightings and incomparable scenery.

Relishing the music at South by Southwest in Austin

Confetti at DJ Set at South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas

Few places offer more good music than Austin, Tex. – especially during its legendary annual festival, South by Southwest. We’re of the mind that standing in the crowd waiting for any of the festival headliners to come onstage would be a good time for a vape sesh. Amidst throngs of colorful people, a colorful vape pen promises to fit in perfectly.

Hailing a cab in New York

Hand holding cannabis vaporizer with New York City cabs on street in background

Bringing it back to’s hometown, from where Joe and Greg send vape pens to all fifty states and beyond via free shipping, Joe says that hailing a cab in New York is typically the point when you’re transitioning from one activity or bar to another, so it’s a perfect time to get a vape session in. “The process can be frustrating at times so a vape can help with the situation,” explains Joe, “plus after the session you won’t smell getting into the cab and heading to your next destination.”

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Image Sources: William Bigelis (cropped) and Anthony Quintano (curves, cropped) via Flickr Creative Commons

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