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The Trouble With Tribble: Inside the Mind of a Unique Glass Artist and Cannabis Advocate

March 15, 2017
Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Glass on three separate occasions, Scott Tribble (AKA Scoz of Scoz Glass) lives and breathes functional glass art. Since 2000, Scoz has been creating unique glass sculptures, pipes, bongs, and marbles. Most well-known for his sparkling dragon creations and mammoth “Skulliosis” piece, his fans can’t get enough of his talent and vivid imagination.

Now living in Issaquah, WA (a stone’s throw away from Seattle), Scoz set up shop in his own garage in order to stay closer to home and look after Musket and Ned, his two trail running coon hounds. We got a chance to speak to Scoz about his glassblowing work, inspirations, and life as a successful glass artist.

Be sure to follow Scott’s work on Instagram, Facebook, and his website.

(Instagram: @scozglass)

Leafly: When were you first introduced to glass blowing?

Scoz: I was always into sculpting with clay and was also intrigued by glass blowing. After high school, I began researching glass blowing and discovered lamp working. I liked that you could have a home studio, so I decided to go that route. I met a guy who was a pipe maker and he showed me a few things and I taught myself from there. Not too long after that I met J-Red (J-Red Glass) while snowboarding at Stevens Pass and learned he was a glass blower too, so we started working together and it just advanced from there

What’s the biggest challenge in designing and creating pieces meant for cannabis consumption? 

My pieces are mostly sculptural, so the hardest part is making sure it functions well while still looking how I want it to look.

(Instagram: @scozglass)

Who are your top glass art inspirations?

Nature, movies, and art in other media are my main inspirations.

Who, if anyone, have you collaborated with recently?

I collaborate with Doc (Doc Glass) regularly as he is my shop mate. Also, JDZ recently came over and we made “The Forest Spirit Dragon”.

(Instagram: @scozglass)

If you consume, how has cannabis contributed to your creativity when developing designs and ideas?

I’ve always felt that it enhances my creativity, so I do get stoned sometimes when designing a piece.

What has been your proudest moment since you started creating up until now?

Honestly I think my proudest moment was Skulliosis–it’s massive!! It was seven years ago now, but still a big highlight of my career.

Skulliosis (Instagram: @scozglass)

Where do you see glass art going within the cannabis industry now that more states are beginning to legalize and there has been a greater positive movement?

Just hoping it continues to grow and expand!

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