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The Leafly Canna-Calendar: Here Are All the Reasons to Try a New Strain in August

For most cannabis lovers, there’s never any need for an excuse to consume. Countless individuals medicate daily for specific conditions; others may use cannabis as part of their creative process or stress mitigation; and many of us simply love to kick back and roll up a joint with friends after a long day’s work. But let’s be honest — it never hurts to have one more excuse to stop into your local dispensary and pick up a new strain to sample.

Hence our calendar featuring just a few of the perfectly suitable reasons to consume cannabis this August. From National Coloring Book Day to the anniversary of Woodstock, there are plenty of dates that merit smoking, vaping, edibles, and more. We recommend printing out the calendar, getting your friends in on the plans, taking advantage of these pseudo-holidays, and adding your own ideas. Have fun this August!

The Leafly Canna-Calendar: Excuses to Try a New Cannabis Strain August 2016

August 1

Occasion: Colorado joins the Union (1876)

What you’re smoking: Rocky Mountain High

August 2

Occasion: National Coloring Book Day

What you’re doing: Vaping something artistic and hopping on the adult coloring book bandwagon.

August 4

Occasion: Obama’s birthday

What you’re smoking: Obama Kush

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August 5

Occasion: Summer Olympics begin

What you’re doing: Putting the higher in “higher, faster, stronger” (and watching the opening ceremonies).

August 7

Occasion: International Friendship Day

What you’re doing: Blazing with your best buds.

August 8

Occasion: International Cat Day

What you’re doing: Watching cat videos.

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August 9

Occasion: National Book Lover’s Day

What you’re smoking: Moby Dick

August 13

Occasion: National Bowling Day

What you’re smoking: A bowl of anything.

August 14

Occasion: National Creamsicle Day

What you’re doing: Pairing Orange Creamsicle with its namesake dessert.

August 15

Occasion: Anniversary of Woodstock (1969)

What you’re smoking: Jimi Hendrix, in honor of the festival’s headliner.

August 18

Occasion: National Bad Poetry Day

What you’re doing: Writing it? Reading it? Either way, pick up a creative strain.

August 19

Occasion: National Potato Day

What you’re eating: “Herb”-roasted potatoes.

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August 21

Occasion: Hawaii becomes the 50th state (1959)

What you’re smoking: Maui Waui

August 24

Occasion: Anniversary of Pluto’s demotion (2006)

What you’re smoking: Pluto Kush, in loving memory of everyone’s favorite ex-planet.

August 26

Occasion: National Dog Day

What you’re smoking: Skydog (just don’t let the pups get to it)

August 29

Occasion: More Herbs Less Salt Day

What you’re smoking: More herbs!


Which occasions will you be celebrating this month? Share your answers in the comments!

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