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The Leafly Canna-Calendar: Here Are All the Reasons to Try a New Strain in September

Young handsome bearded hipster man smoking cigarette (pot, marijuana, ganja) in the city

For most cannabis lovers, there’s never any need for an excuse to consume. But let’s be honest – it never hurts to have one more motive to stop into your local dispensary and pick up a new strain to sample. From International Bacon Day to National One-Hit Wonder Day, here are the reasons to smoke and celebrate this September.

 Excuses to try a new cannabis strain in September 2016

September 3

Occasion: International Bacon Day

What you’re eating: Cannabis-infused bacon (yes, we’re serious)

September 5

Occasion: National Cheese Pizza Day

What you’re doing: Free from work thanks to fact that it’s also Labor Day, you’re vaping X-tra Chz and placing an order for pizza delivery

September 6

Occasion: Fight Procrastination Day

What you’re smoking: One of these productive strains

September 9

Occasion: California joins the Union [1850]

What you’re smoking: Cali Gold

September 10

Occasion: National Swap Ideas Day

What you’re doing: Sharing a pre-roll of chatty, creative Lemon Thai with your best friends

September 12

Occasion: National Video Games Day

What you’re doing: Using our handy gaming graph to pair your favorite game with the perfect strain

September 13

Occasion: Defy Superstition Day

What you’re smoking: A Lucky Charms joint (with a white lighter)

September 14

Occasion: National Live Creative Day

What you’re dabbing: A creative strain in concentrate form

September 16

Occasion: National Guacamole Day

What you’re snacking on: Cannabis-infused guac, of course!

September 17

Occasion: Oktoberfest Begins (Germany)

What you’re doing: Pairing your suds with buds

September 18

Occasion: National Cheeseburger Day

What you’re doing: Pairing Cheeseburger with your favorite ‘burg

September 20

Occasion: National Punch Day

What you’re smoking: Hawaiian Punch, Sugar Punch, Fruit Punch, Pineapple Punch, Panama Punch…take your pick

September 22

Occasion: Hobbit Day

What you’re smoking: Critical Bilbo

September 24

Occasion: National Cherries Jubilee Day

What you’re vaping: Cherries Jubilee

September 25

Occasion: National One-Hit Wonder Day

What you’re doing: Jamming to the likes of MMMBop, Tubthumpin’, Whip It, and American Pie – and taking a hit for every one

September 26

Occasion: National Pancake Day

What you’re vaping: Blueberry Pancakes

September 30

Occasion: National Chewing Gum Day

What you’re smoking: Bubblicious