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The Leafly Canna-Calendar: Here Are All the Reasons to Try a New Strain in September

For most cannabis lovers, there’s never any need for an excuse to consume. But let’s be honest – it never hurts to have one more motive to stop into your local dispensary and pick up a new strain to sample. From International Bacon Day to National One-Hit Wonder Day, here are the reasons to smoke and celebrate this September.

 Excuses to try a new cannabis strain in September 2016

September 3

Occasion: International Bacon Day

What you’re eating: Cannabis-infused bacon (yes, we’re serious)

September 5

Occasion: National Cheese Pizza Day

What you’re doing: Free from work thanks to fact that it’s also Labor Day, you’re vaping X-tra Chz and placing an order for pizza delivery

September 6

Occasion: Fight Procrastination Day

What you’re smoking: One of these productive strains

September 9

Occasion: California joins the Union [1850]

What you’re smoking: Cali Gold

September 10

Occasion: National Swap Ideas Day

What you’re doing: Sharing a pre-roll of chatty, creative Lemon Thai with your best friends

September 12

Occasion: National Video Games Day

What you’re doing: Using our handy gaming graph to pair your favorite game with the perfect strain

September 13

Occasion: Defy Superstition Day

What you’re smoking: A Lucky Charms joint (with a white lighter)

September 14

Occasion: National Live Creative Day

What you’re dabbing: A creative strain in concentrate form

September 16

Occasion: National Guacamole Day

What you’re snacking on: Cannabis-infused guac, of course!

September 17

Occasion: Oktoberfest Begins (Germany)

What you’re doing: Pairing your suds with buds

September 18

Occasion: National Cheeseburger Day

What you’re doing: Pairing Cheeseburger with your favorite ‘burg

September 20

Occasion: National Punch Day

What you’re smoking: Hawaiian Punch, Sugar Punch, Fruit Punch, Pineapple Punch, Panama Punch…take your pick

September 22

Occasion: Hobbit Day

What you’re smoking: Critical Bilbo

September 24

Occasion: National Cherries Jubilee Day

What you’re vaping: Cherries Jubilee

September 25

Occasion: National One-Hit Wonder Day

What you’re doing: Jamming to the likes of MMMBop, Tubthumpin’, Whip It, and American Pie – and taking a hit for every one

September 26

Occasion: National Pancake Day

What you’re vaping: Blueberry Pancakes

September 30

Occasion: National Chewing Gum Day

What you’re smoking: Bubblicious