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Entertaining With Cannabis: How to Throw the Perfect Smokeless 4/20 Party

The biggest holiday in the cannabis community is just around the corner — 4/20 is here! In the lead-up to the big day, you’re likely considering different plans and invitations — perhaps you’ll spend time with friends, chill on your own, or attend a cannabis-centric event (check out the Leafly Events Calendar to find out what’s going on in your area).

One of the best ways to celebrate the fact that cannabis acceptance is at an all-time high is by throwing a 4/20 party of your own — and this year, we suggest making it a smokeless party. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about skipping the cannabis consumption: rather, we suggest switching in an array of awesome vaporizers in place of standard joints, bongs, bowls, and blunts. It’s a fun way to get out of the smoke and switch things up, and trust us, your lungs will thank you at the end of the day.

The meaning and origin of 4/20, the biggest cannabis holiday of the year

The Perfect 4/20 Party Guest List

Friends hanging out on rooftop patio

It goes without saying that you’ll want to spend the day with people you love to be around. Invite laid-back, fun-loving, positive friends, and keep in mind that you don’t have to stick just to people who you know are gung-ho about all things cannabis. Many infrequent cannabis consumers make an exception and indulge on 4/20, and some people may even choose to try cannabis for the first time. Perhaps your new coworker likes cannabis more than you thought, or maybe your brother’s girlfriend will want to hang out and celebrate even if she doesn’t consume.

The Best Vapes for a 4/20 Party

Teal PAX 2 Vaporizer on patio

There’s a lot to love about vaporizers taking center stage for 4/20. Vapes are easier on the lungs than smoking; they let you enjoy both flower and concentrates; they preserve strain flavor more effectively than smoking; they allow you more control over your experience; and vapor is less likely than smoke to elicit complaints from neighbors. Great party vapes include:

Herbalizer: It’s great to have a tabletop vape on hand as a party centerpiece. We love the Herbalizer for its precise temperature controls and its whip attachment, which functions much like the hose on a hookah, making it easy to pass around the circle.

The Mighty: This German-engineered vape from the makers of the Volcano combines convection and conduction technology, letting you enjoy flower and concentrates alike. Its battery life is solid, so don’t worry about running out of juice in the middle of a sesh.

Pax 3: The new-and-improved iteration of the wildly popular Pax is already a favorite in the cannabis community. Its anodized aluminum exterior in four color options makes it just plain gorgeous for any party theme.

Dr. Dabber Boost: The Boost looks and functions as much like a dab rig as a vaporizer, and is tailored for use with solid concentrates. It includes a glass water attachment to help moisturize your vapor.

QuickDraw 500 DLX: The QuickDraw simplifies the process of switching between waxes, oils, and flower: Simply load your preferred strain or concentrate cartridge, and the unit will recognize what you’re vaporizing and automatically heat to the proper temperature.

How to Choose Cannabis for Your 4/20 Party

Dried cannabis flower held in a woman's hand

Choose a wide selection of cannabis strains to appeal to all of your guests — we recommend including at least one sativa, one hybrid and one indica in your lineup. That said, sativas tend to be more social, so it’s nice to have at least a couple sativa-dominant strains on hand. Pick up a mix of flower and concentrates; with vapes, you can enjoy both, frequently in the same vaporizer. Vary your flavor profiles, too — since you’ll be vaping rather than smoking, the unique character imparted by each strain’s terpenes will shine through. Furthermore, if you’ll be providing beverages, check out our guide to pairing cannabis with beer, wine, and even coffee.

The Best Munchies for a 4/20 Party

Friends eating at large table of food

No 4/20 party is complete without plentiful munchies. If you’re planning to consume cannabis yourself, choose items that are easy to prep ahead of time so you can chill during the party itself. Finger foods are great: think mini-quiches, bacon-wrapped dates, fruit and cheese plates, chips and salsa, spinach-artichoke dip, and so on. If you’re planning to provide edibles (like this amazing infused guacamole), just be sure they’re clearly labeled and set apart from the rest of the snacks. Whatever you do, don’t let the food prep stress you out — your guests are definitely going to be happy with anything you put in front of them.

Cannabis Décor and Ambiance

String lights hung outdoors

Decorating for a cannabis party is extra-fun, because you can count on guests’ senses being heightened for the event. For visuals, give your space a vapor-inspired makeover by draping gauzy white fabric over white Christmas lights on the walls and ceiling; the combination is festive as well as fun to look at when you’re high as a kite. If you have a projector, put on a visually appealing film — old black and white movies can be as enticing as colorful ones, and will play well with the vapor theme and backlit curtain décor. So will a fog machine, or dry ice: whether you include the latter in a punch bowl or place a few of the former strategically around the room, it’s great fun to watch the fog swirl around your space and mix with cannabis vapor.

Music is key — build or find a playlist that will last throughout the event so you don’t have to worry about DJing on the spot. You’ll also want to provide plenty of comfortable seating. And to mix aromatics into the equation, use a desktop vaporizer like the Herbalizer for aromatherapy in between vape sessions.

Cannabis-Fueled Fun and Games

Friends playing cards

Set out a selection of card games and yard games that are quick and easy to learn and play in a social environment. As attendees will all be over 21, this is a great time to break out Cards Against Humanity and other games to make you laugh; if you’ll be outdoors, think Frisbees, cornhole, volleyball, and the like. These activities can easily be converted to incorporate vape hits here and there, just as you might convert something to a drinking game (and as you would with a drinking game, never pressure your peers, and always consume responsibly).

Keep track of time over the course of the party ­— not only is it fun to count down to your own 4:20 p.m., you can celebrate 4:20 with the rest of the country and the world by taking a hit every hour at the 20-minute mark. Ring a bell and call out the place it’s currently 4:20 as you approach your own official 4:20.

General Tips for 4/20 Entertaining

Woman holding Herbalizer table-top vaporizer tube

Celebrate all week. When 4/20 falls on a weekday, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate on a Saturday or Sunday that’s more convenient for you.

Pace yourself. Don’t try to out-vape everyone in the room, and don’t encourage guests to take a hit off every last vape that goes around. Cannabis tolerances vary widely, and everyone should consume at a rate they’re comfortable with.

Be safe. Responsible transportation to and from your party is a must for every guest. As a host, it’s your responsibility to remind friends who have consumed cannabis that they’ll need to call a taxi or rideshare, rather than drive while intoxicated.

Be happy. We live in one of the most exciting times in cannabis history. Relish the fact that you get to celebrate this de facto holiday — few days of the year are as guaranteed to put a smile on your face and keep it there.

Image Sources: Sara Dilley, Vape World via Facebook, and Ben Rosett via Unsplash

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