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How to Gourmet-ify Snacks to Satisfy Your Munchies

February 9, 2017
Gourmet Stoner Snack Recipes for Marijuana Munchies
You’ve just taken a pull from a well-packed bowl and now feel the sensations of THC coursing through you. One of those sensations, as we all know, comes in the form of the munchies.

Yet rather than gravitating toward the classic stoner staple snacks, perhaps you feel like something a touch fancier. Maybe you’re in the mood to lift your pinky finger, or you’re just itching to test out your best David Attenborough accent. Whatever the occasion, we put together a list of all your favorite go-to snacks embellished with a bit of gourmet flair.


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Hot Cheetos

Hot Cheetos macaroni and cheese: gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

Oh, Hot Cheetos. I can’t keep them in the house lest I eat them up in one sitting. If you’re like me, then perhaps switching up your favorite more-spicy-than-cheesy snack into something substantial would give you a better excuse (not that you need one) to keep these addictive chips in stock. For a savory dish you can sink your teeth into, look no further than Cheetos-encrusted macaroni and cheese – just be sure you’re reaching for the hot stuff.

Sour Patch Kids

Sour patch kids tartare: gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

This site may think its recipes are “for the kids,” but don’t let that sway you away from Sour Patch Kids Tartare – a unique twist on the classic candy that is just fancy (and colorful) enough for the Queen. Not only does it incorporate your favorite gummies, it’s chock-full of hydrating fresh fruit that could quell the worst cottonmouth in a pinch.

Top Ramen

Ramen noodle hacks: gourmet snack recipes for weed munchies

A staple in many twenty-somethings’ cabinets, this sodium bomb is cheap, fast, and convenient. But before punching in those microwave minutes, consider punching up this timeless noodle-on-the-go with a few nutritionally sound and sumptuous ingredients. These ramen noodle hacks are guaranteed to step up your instant-dinner game and impress friends and family alike.

Pizza Rolls/Bagel Bites

Pizza roll lasagne: gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

Pizza rolls are absolutely one of the best munchie options around: they’re bite-sized, easy-to-bake pockets of heavenly goodness that can make just about anyone’s taste buds perk up. Imagine my surprised delight when I stumbled upon this recipe for a zesty pizza roll lasagna! The colossal creation adheres to all rules of fantastic comfort food, and is at once cheesy, hot, salty, and savory. We recommend you make this on a chilly night in.


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Chocolate covered oreos: gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

If you regularly experience cravings for sweets and sugar, check out these incredible chocolate-covered Oreos. Lathered in the most delectable candy sauce on the planet, these nearly effortless dipped cookies will put all your hankerings for sugar at ease. You can even switch out regular chocolate for some gourmet squares in order to get the most elegance out of this classic snack.

Corn Dogs

Indian-inspired corn dogs: gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

Reminiscent of hot summer days spent wandering carnivals and fairs, the corn dog has as much of a rich history in American cuisine as the cheeseburger. But if you’re tired of frozen out-of-the-box dogs and carnival season has faded away, turn to this gourmet Indian-inspired corn dog – complete with mango dipping sauce.


Fancy popcorn: gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

Sure, you could reach for the boring, buttered version of this movie theater classic, but why do that when you can feel fancier kicking it up with a bit of Parisian glamour? Pop in your favorite film and get to mixing (you can even switch out the butter here with a bit of infused cannabutter, if you’re feeling up to it).


Nachos gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

There are plenty of nacho options available at any number of restaurants near you, but, nothing beats toking in the comfort of your own home and eating a plate of delicious gourmet nachos right on your couch, cooked up in your very own kitchen. You’ll be feeling positively satisfied with this nacho spread piled high with all the fixins’.

Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nugget sandwich: gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

Set down that ranch dressing and barbecue sauce, and reach for something a little more delectable to pair with your chicken nuggets. Warm biscuits, sweet honey, and tart pickles come together to give you one of the very best chicken sandwiches you can make. Though this recipe calls for homemade chicken nuggets, we won’t tell if you procure a ready-made batch before whipping up those buttery biscuits.

Grilled Cheese

Yammie's Noshery grilled cheese: gourmet snack recipe for weed munchies

We end this list with a dish securely entrenched in the stoner food hall of fame. Ditch those squares of plasticky American cheese and dive into a wedge of French brie to really indulge in the fancier side of life. This recipe by Yammie’s Noshery is topped off by sweet apricot preserves that meld perfectly with gooey cheese between two thick slices of bread.

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