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Enter the Leafly Halloween Costume Contest and Get Some Awesome Prizes!

Prizes! There are prizes! And you can win them!

We are more than pleased to announce the inaugural Leafly Halloween Costume Contest! Here's how to participate:

1. Dress Up 

Got a fun Halloween costume? We want to see it! You can dress up as whatever you like. We may award bonus points if your costume doubles as a strain name, but we'll take any and all submissions. 

2. Be Appropriate

No scarring crude depictions that should never see the light of day, let alone a second pair of eyes (like nudity, expletives, etc.). Also, nothing offensive, please. If we can't pitch to broadcast your costume on the Disney channel, don't waste your time.

Wait, what?

3. Be Creative 

Have you ever played Apples to Apples or the meaner, totally inappropriate (but incredibly fun) Cards Against Humanity? Well that's kind of how this works. The Leafly crew is your audience and our amusement is your criteria. If you know us even a little, you know that means cool cards lose, effort wins, and originality is gold. Stay weird, friends.

4. Prove It (aka "How to Enter")

Entering the Leafly Halloween Costume Contest is easy. Go to our Facebook page and like Leafly if you haven't already. Upload a photo or video of your costume to our wall before November 4th, 2013. The Leafly team will take a look at all of the entries and vote for our favorites. We'll announce the winners on Friday, November 8th and award some seriously sweet prizes. 

5. Win Prizes

In addition to bragging rights, Leafly is offering some fantastic Costume Contest prizes. All entries will receive a prize (we've got shirts, stickers, beanies, sunglasses, magnets — great Leafly gear is dying to make its way into your hands!). Staff favorites will get an extra-special prize: 

3rd Place | Hey, You Got Onto the Podium

Leafly Strain Table T-Shirt
$50 Amazon Gift Card (Get your Amaz-on!)

2nd Place | Almost the Best

Leafly Strain Table T-Shirt
$100 Amazon Gift Card
Your Pick of Leafly Sunglasses (Not yet for sale! You trendsetter you.)

1st Place | You Owned That Strain

Leafly Strain Table T-Shirt
$200 Amazon Gift Card
Your Pick of Leafly Sunglasses
Leafly Beanie Hat (To keep that clever brain of yours nice and warm.)

Worried you don't have the best costume? Don't fret! LIke we said, even if you're not in the Top 3, you'll still win some really cool stuff! 

Need some inspiration to get your creative costume juices flowing? Here are some costume examples:

Black Mamba

Points if you can prove some related hidden talent that impresses us, like a Kobe-caliber basketball performance (a one-handed slam qualifies).

GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)

There are so many couple costume-applicable strains, it's almost a no-brainer if you have a significant other. Single and loving it? Best friend costumes might even be valued higher.

Black Widow

Homemade masterpieces show effort and thought, and we like them.

God's Gift

Endearing self-promotion is always impressive.

Silver Surfer

Half-naked pictures are only appreciated when you go to full-body-paint lengths.

Zombie OG

Going along with the typical 'scary' theme of the holiday requires an added element to get a nod from us, like acting the part in packed public places where no one else is sharing in your holiday spirit and/or in the workplace.

Medicine Man

While undoubtedly impressive, we're hoping your idea of medicine might be a little different.

Obama Kush

The mask, the political dimension (especially given the current US government debacle), the positive pose — there's a lot going on here. 

Green Hornet

Strength in numbers we always say.

Darth Vader

What can we say, we're a sucker for dogs. 

This is going to be franken-tastic. Happy Halloween, and good luck!

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