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Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us at Leafly!

Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks. (Duh. It’s in the holiday’s name, for crying out loud.) It’s a day to spend time with your loved ones, chow down on some good food, and reflect on everything you’ve been thankful for this past year.

At Leafly, we’re thankful for many things. We’re thankful for our growing staff who work hard every day to make Leafly the best possible cannabis resource in the world. We’re thankful for our loyal fans and site visitors who support us by using our Explorer and Finder tools and reading our content.

We’re thankful that our great state of Washington voted to legalize recreational cannabis along with Colorado and hope the rest of the country follows suit soon. We’re thankful that these two states have started a domino effect and are inspiring other states to introduce legislation to decriminalize, legalize medical marijuana, or attempt to legalize cannabis recreationally. We’re thankful that United States citizens and the world at large is starting to think about cannabis in a more thoughtful and reasonable manner.

We’re thankful that cannabis has positively impacted so many people, from patients young and old who consume it to help manage their pain and medical disorders, to consumers who turn to it to help them unwind after a long day at work and get a solid night’s sleep, to the aficionados who feel that cannabis is a huge part of their life.

We’re thankful for diligent activists who work tirelessly to bring prisoners home and campaign for patients’ rights, who spend time and money to get the world to change their minds about this misunderstood plant. We’re thankful for dispensary employees and small business owners who took a chance on an exciting unknown because they wanted to help others and contribute towards a movement they truly believe in.

We’re thankful for all of these things and so much more. Thank you to all of our beloved clients and site visitors, our employees and their family members, for giving us the support and encouragement to continually strive to make this site fantastic. Leafly wouldn’t be Leafly without you, and we hope you all have a fantastic, safe, delicious, and loving holiday.