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High Comedy: Comedians Divulge Their Best Cannabis Tales

It’s hardly a secret that comedians tend to tell the best stories—they’re detailed, engaging, and hilarious. Even better than a run-of-the-mill funny tale? An amusing retelling of a time when cannabis consumption went a little overboard. Below, we tracked a few of our favorite comedians to reveal the the best-for-us but worst-for-them memories of consuming just a bit too much. To make it even better, try some giggle-inducing strains before diving in.

Note: Not all language will be SFW, so pop your headphones in if you’re in public before pressing play.

Bill Burr Eats 2.5 Pot Brownies on a Plane

Bill Burr is one of my favorite comedians, so of course his story about eating 2.5 pot brownies makes me laugh so hard I cry (whether I smoked beforehand or not). His retelling of airplane travel whilst high out of his mind is true comedy gold.

Louis C.K.: ‘This Is Stronger Than the 70s’

If Bill Burr is my number one, Louis CK would be a close second. Joking about the differences in 70s cannabis and the beefed-up strains of today, he recounts a memory of an after-show puff and pass that took him just a bit by surprise.

Dave Chappelle’s ‘White Friend Chip’

Dave Chappelle’s comedy is classic, and the voice he does for his friend “Chip” is spot on. In this piece, Chappelle tells a story of hanging out with his “white friend Chip” and what goes down when they partake together.

Katt Williams Smokes With Snoop

Katt Williams had the opportunity to do something most of us only dream about: smoke with Snoop. He talks to his audience about the time he hung out with Snoop Dogg and “hit some weed” with the cannabis master. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what happened.

Cheech and Chong Recall the Good Old Days

Of course, Cheech and Chong are the original cannabis comedians. In this video they reminisce on the pot of yesteryear and how it compares to today in their own inimitable Cheech and Chong way.