The Leafly Comedy Tour Hits the Road With the Gateway Show

The Leafly Comedy Tour Hits the Road With The Gateway Show

Created by comedian Billy Anderson in 2014 the format of The Gateway Show is simple: four up-and-coming standup comedians take to the stage in order to tell you their very best jokes, take an intermission to get a little high, and return to the stage to entertain the sold-out crowd with their best attempt to tell more jokes. The results are outright hilarious.

At This Comedy Club, Getting High Is in the Job Description

The Gateway Show has been growing a following here in the Pacific Northwest, and now Leafly has partnered up with the unique comedy experience to bring its irreverent combination of laughter and cannabis to several cities across the western United States. Leafly’s Comedy Tour has previously worked with big-name comedians like T.J Miller, Natasha Leggero, Mike Epps, and Jay Pharoah to attract a mainstream crowd into exploring a conversation about cannabis. The aim was to create a space for people to hang out with their friends, share some laughs, and learn something new about cannabis.

“We saw a partnership with The Gateway Show as an excellent opportunity to continue the cannabis conversation with communities from Bellingham, WA down to Las Vegas, NV. This time around we wanted to focus on supporting rising comedy stars who have an open mind to cannabis and don’t mind poking fun at the natural duo, getting high and laughing with your friends,” explains Kristin Kofmehl, Leafly’s Event Manager.

Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh?

To be a part of the conversation and jump on board the comedy train, check out the upcoming dates in your city.