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Leafly Staff Picks: The Funniest Subreddits to Browse While High

Zoning out in front of a favorite TV show (It’s Always Sunny, I’m looking at you) or surfing the web has become a usual occurrence to many after puffing on a bowl or eating a flavorful edible. Around the Leafly office, many of us have taken to the Internet and found a plethora of Reddit’s sub-communities to watch, click, and read for pure elevated enjoyment. From pages dedicated to dads with lightning fast reflexes to pictures of ’90s kids dressed in their most ’90s attire, there’s a bit of everything for each particular type of humor.

We rounded up a list of our favorite picks, and hopefully you’ll get just as much enjoyment as we have when you light up and browse these suggested subreddits.

Mad Lads

We’ve all been through that time in adolescence when even the slightest rule-breaking made us think of ourselves as the most hardcore badasses in the world. Thankfully, most of us have locked away those memories behind years of suppression, and (again thankfully) most of us didn’t have the Internet to show off our – ahem – “extreme” teenage shenanigans of yesteryear. But, if you’re missing those days, enter r/madlads, where the edginess of suburbanites lives in immortality. Playing along in the comments is all part of the fun.

Sample r/madlads submission by KeedaEnt – “The answer obviously is a madlad”:

r/madlads submission
Made Me Smile

It’s not particularly hilarious, but this feel good subreddit will bring a smile to your face anyway. Users of r/mademesmile post pictures and stories of everyday happenings that are just plain sweet. From joyful news stories to pictures of playful animals, browsing this sub while high is sure to skyrocket your mood.

Sample r/mademesmile submission by Nevuary – “I Bite Everything”:

r/mademesmile submission

Dad Reflexes

Ahh yes, the legendary cat-like reflexes of the everyday father is finally being celebrated. You have dads catching falling kids, dads clutching onto surfing babies, dads rescuing kids from other kids – you name it, and r/dadreflexes probably has a dad saving it. If you’re a dad (or anybody, really) and are reading this, you can toke up a bit of bud and check out this subreddit dedicated to the death-defying antics of yourself or your neighborhood dad.

Special presidential r/dadreflexes submission by Nokia_Bricks – “Obama has some serious dad senses”:

Birds With Arms

Sparrows and ducks got a little more dangerous thanks to r/birdswitharms. This subreddit, with its mean-eyed snaps of juiced up birds, can only get more hilarious with the introduction of cannabis. Flip through posts brandished with intimidating owls and fist-fighting penguins and you’ll have yourself a night of uncontrollable laughter.

Sample r/birdswitharms submission by Pancake_Pelican – “The [name’s] Bird, James Bird”:

/birdswitharms submission
Blunder Years

Remember what I was saying earlier about ridiculous teenage antics and not having the Internet at the time (well, not like how it is now) to show off those ‘badass’ days? Well, if you’re dying to relive those old button-up flame t-shirts, puka shell necklaces, and camouflage cargo shorts, fear not, for r/blunderyears is here to deliver all your past self’s cringey needs! Users of this subreddit post their most cringe-worthy childhood pictures detailing ratty mullets and early-2000 Charlie’s Angels poses for the amusement of the community. So, dig up that box of old Polaroids and get to posting.

Sample r/blunderyears submission by Predawncarpet:

/blunderyears submission
Animals Being Jerks

Though we like to think of our beloved pets as sweet innocent gumdrops, they usually have their own agenda in mind. Click through r/animalsbeingjerks to see for yourself the moments when our lovable furry friends snap with annoyance (like cats) or just bumble through life not realizing they are inconveniencing their surroundings (like dogs). Either way, it’s a pretty entertaining lot.

Sample r/animalsbeingjerks submission by all_around_project – “They can’t all be graceful”:

/animalsbeingjerks submission
Wholesome Memes

Just like r/mademesmile, r/wholesomememes is more charming than gut-busting. This darling subreddit has recently exploded in popularity and it isn’t difficult to see why – everyone needs a little pick me up sometimes. Even the page’s welcome is endearing: “Welcome to our community! Please remember to always express good wishes to your fellow user and to have a great day. Thank you for your interest and for being you!”

Sample r/wholesomememes submission by Why_The_Flame – “Sea friends” (comic created by Liz Climo):

/wholesomememes submission
Where Did the Soda Go

Do you ever find yourself haphazardly pouring a gallon of soda, losing track of time, then accidentally dumping the entire bottle over the kitchen counter, your children, and the floor? No? Well, some people struggle on the daily and these people can be found in r/wheredidthesodago. It’s a subreddit dedicated to all things infomercial and the hilariously ridiculous “accidents” that can come about in everyday living. Pop on over and check out all types of people cartoonishly handling bland objects with unnecessary fervor, all in the name of home goods.

Sample r/wheredidthesodago submission by pencer – “Are you thirsty?”

Better Every Loop

Sometimes it takes a rewind or two to really grasp the hilarity of things happening around us. Enter r/bettereveryloop – a subreddit dedicated to when you need just a few more looks to fully soak in the strange or entertaining. See a dog nab the top of an ice-cream cone from some unsuspecting kid? Well, now you can watch that on an eternal loop, forever basking in that one laughable moment.

Sample r/bettereveryloop submission by Superbreakfast – “Busting a move on the dance floor”:

/bettereveryloop submission
The Cat Dimension

I believe every cat owner has had that moment of, “Now how the hell did you get in there?” in regards to their resident cat. In fact, it apparently happens so often that an entire community has formed to contemplate that one familiar question. When browsing r/thecatdimension, you’ll see felines appear in a number of physics-defying stunts sure to blow your mind. It’s also the funniest when you stumble upon posts where a cat ends up somewhere strange with the same look of pure confusion on its face as all the humans watching him.

Sample r/thecatdimension submission by ShaneH7646 – “Cat out of nowhere”:

Don’t forget to check out our staff picks of the most mind-blowing subreddits to browse while high:

What are some of your favorite subreddit? Let us know in the comments below!

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