One of the first East Coast states to legalize cannabis, you may expect Maine to have a robust and unique recreational market. But the last two years have been wrought with political negotiations that have kept dispensaries from opening.

At long last, it looks like Maine has found common ground with the 49% of voters who were anti-legalization, but legal sales are still a long time coming (projected for a launch in late 2019).

So, without current dispensary access, why should a cannabis consumer consider making Maine their new home? There are plenty of great reasons.

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For starters, the cost of living in Maine is low while the quality of life is consistently rated high. Quaint, historic towns offer charm, and cities like Portland display unique festivals and thriving art scenes. Vast stretches of country, ocean, and diverse wildlife provide an escape from hurried life and a chance to embrace a more peaceful existence.

While the winters may be harsh, the vibrant autumns that precede them make up for it with their stunning, colorful displays across the mountains.

As for the weed? While waiting for the market to launch, Maine residents 21+ can still legally enjoy growing up to six plants, possessing 2.5 ounces of cannabis, and making personal edibles. It is also legal to gift cannabis to others.

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In addition, Maine is officially the first state that passed a law making it illegal for employers to fire workers for using cannabis while off the clock. Residents can also look to medical dispensaries to get an idea of what to expect for when recreational ones open—and the prospects look great, with tons of variety in edibles, oils, and flower.

Combined with the low cost of living, high quality of life, and beautiful scenery, Maine is a top choice for cannabis lovers to call home.

Lead image by EJJohnsonPhotography/iStock