Off to New England we go, this time to Vermont, land of luscious landscapes and cultural staples like Ben & Jerry’s, Phish, great cheese, and delicious maple sugar.

Vermont is home to bustling cities like Burlington and Battleboro, which take on the historic charm of New England combined with the best of hipster trends, such as farmers markets, organic and meat-free restaurants, and lots of stellar breweries.

The state has a history of being progressive, they were the first to abolish slavery in 1777. Combined with mountains, state parks, and breathtaking autumn foliage, there’s plenty to love about the Green Mountain State. Did I mention they’re number one for having cats in the country? Just another perk for those who adore feline friends.

Lucky Vermonters! Lizzie Post Can Freshen Up Your (Legal!) Cannabis Etiquette

Keeping with the trend of doing things their own way, Vermont’s cannabis laws are pretty unique. After legalization was passed through a legislative initiative—the first state to do so—cannabis was legalized for adults 21+. Possession of up to an ounce is legal, and up to six plants may be grown per household.

What about dispensaries? This is where Vermont stands out. There are none, and what’s more, there really aren’t any plans to open any at this time. It is still illegal to sell cannabis, which means the only legal recourse for acquiring weed is from growing your own—or the kindness of those who grow.

What’s more, public consumption, like most states, remains illegal, and landlords and employers can still ban cannabis consumption. The bill is by no means perfect, even the Governor has said so, but it was seen as the best option for getting legalization passed as soon as possible. Future bills will seek to rectify these issues, as well as push for high quality, chemical-free cannabis that is free of pesticides and herbicides.

Waiting for legalization?
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Vermont may have some challenges ahead in developing a recreational cannabis market, but the presence of legalization, and Vermont’s spirit of friendliness, makes it a solid choice for anyone moving from a prohibition state.

There may not be the convenience of dispensaries yet, but there is the peace of mind of legalization, the freedom to grow your own, and the sweetness of life amongst the maple trees.