Music Video and Strain Pairing of the Week: “WTF” and Amnesia Haze

Published on November 4, 2016 · Last updated September 7, 2022
Music Video and Strain Pairing of the Week: “WTF” and Amnesia Haze

We’ve gone literal and we’ve gone spooky, but for this week’s trippy music video and strain pairing, I felt it was appropriate to highlight Tiffany Grunzel’s suggestion that parallels what most of America has muttered under their breaths as we gear up for Election Tuesday. Leafly’s digital account specialist picked OK Go’s “WTF” “because it’s a simple concept and they had a lot of fun, plus the patterns and colors just stick to the screen.”

Whether you lean Democrat, Republican, or third party, I’m pretty sure the title of this kaleidoscope-colored visual sensation resonates with you. Thankfully, the video is a treat for the eyes, bringing some bright colors and fun effects that deliver much-needed joy to this dreary, stressful election cycle.

For an appropriate strain pairing, our editor and strain expert Bailey Rahn recommends the happy sativa Amnesia Haze:

Leafly Amnesia Haze sativa cannabis strain
“A sativa that can border on psychedelic, Amnesia Haze heightens the senses, making colors a little brighter, visual patterns a little trippier, and music a little silkier. It’s an obvious pair for this OK GO song, and an even better option for those of us trying to forget about this godforsaken election with self-induced amnesia.”

Do you have a trippy music video that you love to watch? Drop a comment with your favorite and we may feature it in a future installment. Otherwise, stay tuned for more Leafly staff recommendations!

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