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Opinion: It’s OK that Blue Dream is your favorite cannabis strain

August 13, 2019
(AlexeyGorka, CSA Printstock/iStock)
Let’s talk about our beloved Blue Dream for a quick second. On paper, Blue Dream is the single-most searched cannabis strain in all of the lands. It currently has over 12,000 reviews on Leafly, most of them “Exceptional,” resulting in a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

And yet, if you say Blue Dream is your favorite cannabis strain, the true stoner bois of the cannabis community look at you like you’re some kind of poser n00b. As if your lungs haven’t put in the time to justify such an opinion.

Enough is enough.

No more will we let people disrespect us for loving something that is great, something that has such an influence on cannabis culture, something that is arguably the best strain in all of the game.


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It is completely OK that Blue Dream is your favorite strain, and if you run into someone that disagrees, this is what you tell the canna-snob that takes themselves so seriously they can’t enjoy that beautiful green-budded, orange-haired cross of Blueberry and Haze.

It Feels Fucking Great

For one, Blue Dream tastes and makes you feel fucking amazing. That sweet, sweet blueberry flavor with an almost citrus kickback delivers on the euphoric feeling that people associate most with being high.

True to its namesake, this strain really does feel like you’re getting lost in the happiest daydream possible. You get a full body relaxation and creative stimulation, and overall, your mind, body, and soul feel stupendous. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s not okay to feel stupendous.


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The Availability Is Unmatched

Second of all, you can literally get Blue Dream at any time, in any place, so your favorite cannabis strain doesn’t have to be a local. Some cannabis consumers like to hop around and try every flavor or new batch of genetics, some like to find one favorite strain and smoke that endlessly.

Wiz Khalifa and Khalifa Kush—the only strain he smokes—is a perfect example of this. If that’s the case, wouldn’t you want to be able to get your needs wherever you go? Uh-huh.

It’s Perfect for Any Time of Day

You can smoke it any time of day and it’ll pair with whatever activity you want. Daytime? Fuck it. Roll up some Bluey, and then bam—15 minutes later you’re ready to run up a mountain barefoot. Nighttime? Roll up some Bluey and 15 minutes later you’re in a shark kigurumi watching the series finale of Euphoria. Straight cozy mode activated.


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No matter when, that perfect balance of up and down effects produced by those sweet and sticky buds is the perfect treat.

Jhene Aiko Made A Whole Song About It

Lastly, and probably most importantly: JHENE AIKO MADE A WHOLE SONG ABOUT IT. And it’s a bop! Do you know how inspired by something you have to be to write a song about it? Bruh. Blue Dream had her feeling so good that she took time out of her busy schedule to write:

Don’t wake me up ’cause I’m in love with all that you are
You make me see the truth in things, I think that you are
The remedy for everything it seems that you are
The truth itself because nothing else can take me so far

Now go type “Granddaddy Purple” into Spotify and tell me what you find. Exactly. Nada damn thing.

So the next time someone gives you grief about Blue Dream being your favorite strain, just look them right in the face and say: Stop that.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is an Associate Subject Matter Expert for Leafly, where he specializes in informational and lifestyle content pertaining to cannabis strains and products. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • Hustla

    Blue Dream is one if my current favorites, but the strain for me I’ve already smoked, but i don’t have a name, so I’ve been chasing strains ever since trying to find her again..

  • Serge

    This article reminded me how I love and miss some BD. Too bad its impossible to find Purple Haze anywhere these days. These two strains are on par. you don’t need anything else with them.

  • jontomas

    For most of my cannabis years, the choice was ‘some’ or ‘none.’ – You were just glad to get any that wasn’t ditch-weed. – So I have heartily enjoyed the vibrant choices legalization has brought us!

    It’s luxuriant to have a good variety of strains on-hand, for different moods, activities and time of day. Plus, frequent switching of strains seems to diminish the tolerance effect. That makes a little pot go a long way.

    But none of this diminishes Blue Dream. In fact, my constant sampling and changing just makes a heavier confirmation that Blue Dream is one of my two favorite strains. It is consistently highly euphoric and creativity inspiring. Whenever I am in a new town, If I can find Blue Dream, I know I’ve got it made. 8^)

    • Highway 69

      I hear you. For me, whatever I grew is what I’ll be smoking…
      Right now I’m alternating between Blue Dream and Tangie. After this season, I’ll be adding Forbidden Fruit to the rotation!

      And yes — Blue Dream is exceptional!

      • jontomas

        Nice. I hope to grow one of these days.

  • Valerie Mola

    Love Blue Dream! Been smokin for 52 years and not stoppin now!! Blueberry Kush is also good for my aching arthritic bones!

  • Anon Amos

    Yes, Blue Dream is wonderful, but please don’t knock Granddaddy Purple. It is one of my favorites for treating insomnia. Blue Dream won’t do that.

  • Ivan van Ogre

    Blue Dream is the first strain I ever consumed legally. It was a free gift when I joined up with the Bloom Room dispensary in SF, CA. I liked it but I don’t recall anything exceptional about it. It was easy on my lungs and kind to my brain.


    blue dream stands for blue dot aka industry talk for lowest passing grade for shelf product sold in dispensaries. otherwise known as the strain that is never genetically two of the same. the blue dream you smoked is not the same blue dream other people have smoked.


    once again, some overpaid journal columnist writer who knows nothing about what they write about.

  • Bob Khan

    Recently (past 6 months) I’ve tried Obama Kush, Purple Punch, Sherbet Cookies, Bubba Kush, and Green Crack. In some years past I smoked plenty of that nasty schwag that came from south of the border. Blue Dream is the one strain that eludes me that I most want to try.