The Leafly Staff Discusses How We’d Outfit the Ultimate Cannabis Clubhouse

Published on June 26, 2016 · Last updated September 30, 2022

Just as the journey is more important than the destination, sometimes the discussion is more important that the conclusion. As such, we’re kicking off a series of informal Leafly chats published largely unabridged. Viewpoints expressed are participants’ own.

As a cannabis consumer, you probably have a certain place that you love to spend time in while high. Maybe you’ve outfitted a spare room with art, lights, pillows, speakers and snacks, or perhaps you love to hang out at a certain cozy café or friend’s house with all those same comforts.

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Of course, there’s always more you could do to make it the perfect place to chill with cannabis. In this fourth Leafly SlackChat, we let our imaginations run wild as we brainstormed and dreamed up what the ultimate cannabis clubhouse would entail. (A cannabis jungle? Slow lorises? An edibles pantry? The sky’s the limit.)

What’s in your ultimate cannabis clubhouse?

Outfitting the Ultimate Cannabis Clubhouse - Leafly SlackChats

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Brett Konen
Brett Konen
Brett is a former editor at Leafly who loves travel, craft cocktails, and shining a spotlight on unique lifestyle trends.
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