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Quick Hits: A 2-Minute Q&A with Slightly Stoopid Guitarist Kyle McDonald

September 16, 2015

Leafly soaked up the summer with artist group Slightly Stoopid for the 2015 Everything Is Awesome summer tour. After multiple shows and a summer-long dispensary scavenger hunt, Leafly’s Nick Elam got the chance to interview the band’s guitarist, Kyle McDonald, to discuss his views on cannabis. Here’s what he had to say.

Nick: Why do you use cannabis?

Kyle: I use cannabis to meditate and to calm my nerves.

N: What is your preferred consumption method?

K: Fat spliffs. Rollin’ them is fun and it’s always nice to have a spliff anywhere, anytime.

N: How does cannabis inspire your music?

K: The herb and music go hand-in-hand. When you’re playing music, or even just listening to music, it’s nice to relax and have something to puff on. It also helps with creativity when you’re writing music.

N: What’s your take on cannabis in the U.S. today?

K: It’s good to see how far it’s come in the last few years. People are starting to see it more as a good thing than a bad thing. It has the power to help people that are suffering from physical ailments as well as stimulate economies that support it – just take a look at what it’s done in Colorado.

N: How do you think legalization will affect cannabis culture?

K: Well I’ve always smoked it, no matter the laws. But it does help when states decriminalize it, because there are a lot of things out there that are more harmful than cannabis.

N: What is your favorite strain to chill out with?

K: Cactus Cooler.

N: What strains do you use to spark creativity?

K: All of them.

N: Besides cannabis, what are your biggest creative influences?

K: Family, health, exercise, the ocean, and music.

N: Final question: which do you prefer: Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa?

K: Sativa is nice because there are some really good flavors and it doesn’t hit you quite as hard as Indica. But when you wanna sleep good, it’s nice to have some OG Kush on hand.

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  • Canna Queen

    I LOVE Slightly Stoopid!! Thank you!! xoxoxo