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Savvy Redditors ‘CSI’ the Health of a Seattle Bus Commuter’s Cannabis Plant

June 28, 2016

Public transportation is often a gold mine for people-watching, and Monday in Seattle proved no exception. A metro bus commuter snapped a photo of a man hauling a trash bag filled with an uprooted cannabis plant.

Someone transporting a cannabis plant on one of Seattle's metro buses

Although Mr. Johnny Appleweed’s fellow riders seemed more interested in their cell phones than the haul he was carrying, some savvy subscribers of reddit’s /r/seattle community took a CSI-type approach to examining his plant, deducing that it’s probably seen better days. After cracking a few jokes (“Weed is actually one of the better smells I encounter on the bus these days”), the crew went into “Enhance that image” mode, doling out their two cents:

  • “He needs to switch that plant over to flowering light cycle.”
  • “Who rips a plant up, goes on public transportation and expects to be able to replant it successfully? Maybe the plant just needed a walk, they can get so restless if you don’t exercise them regularly.”
  • “That is ‘weed’, in every definition. With all that broadleaf action going on, you’re not going to see any bud production. No cola = no THC concentration = no buzz. Basically, this dude is hauling around the remnants of a landscaping project.”
  • “He’s probably hauling around plants that have been on a bad grow cycle. Fully grown, strong plants can be easily switched over to a better light cycle and put in good nutrient rich soil. A little trimming and a better lighting setup and these plants could probably put out some good bud. In their current state, they can be transported on the bus hardily because they probably have thick stems and you’re not risking losing leaves.”
  • “Do u even trim bro?”


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So how on-the-nose were these armchair horticulturalists’ assessments? According to our in-house strain researcher and former budtender Jeremiah, it’s hard to say. “You have to be up near the plant to see these problems,” he explained. “Those stalks could be bulk trim. That still has THC and stuff, so maybe he’s going to break it down and try and make something out of it. It would be pretty weak, but there are people that will go pretty far for a little buzz. But this is all a guess. There isn’t much to go on in this picture. He could be doing an arts and crafts project with the plant for all we know.”


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It’s easy to speculate but hard to pin down exactly what this mystery commuter had planned for his mobile marijuana. All joking aside, one redditor named mixreality pointed out how awesome it is that nobody bats an eye to see someone hauling a huge cannabis plant through Seattle:

“LOL I love this city. Just the thought that someone would have no reservations bringing plants on the bus…elsewhere in this same country, he’d be incarcerated and have his freedom stolen.”

Indeed. Here’s hoping this sight will be as commonplace in other cities across the United States as it seemingly is in Seattle.