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Star Signs + Strains: September 2018 Horoscopes

The challenge this month is to stay grounded and dream big at the same time.

The theme for September is “the unbearable lightness of being.” With eclipse season and Mercury retrograde firmly in the rearview mirror, we are getting a fresh start. Saturn stations direct at the beginning of the month, and with it go the heavy karmic vibes of the past few months. It’s officially Virgo season, and the stars are asking us to get into our bodies and see what’s next! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we suddenly have options and possibilities that weren’t there a few weeks ago. What is it we want to create in the world, and how can we most effectively do that? Reach out to community, don’t try to do everything on your own. It takes a village!


Happy Birthday, earth angel! With your ruling planet of Mercury shifting into your sign on September 5 and a new moon also in your sign early in the month on September 9, you are going to feel squeaky clean and ultra shiny heading into fall. Use this time to reinvent yourself and transform any areas of your life that are feeling old and stagnant following the massive shift of this summer’s eclipse season. Your powers of clear-headedness and logic will be especially appreciated by those in your inner circle and your advice-giving will be on point! Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind — chances are someone needs to hear it.

Star strain: Staying even keeled and communicative with those closest to you will ensure Virgos the very best birthday bounty. Purple Diesel, a hybrid of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel with its energizing, creative, and euphoric properties are the best party favor for the month’s upcoming festivities. This bud and its noteably deep sapphire hued hairs make it especially amiable to your sign.

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Communication and decision-making will feel charmingly smooth for you this month, thanks to those earthy, grounding Virgo season vibes and the movement of Mercury (which stationed direct in August) into your sign on the 21st. September is a great time for you to chat up that cutie at the coffee shop or ask for a raise at work, as your powers of persuasion — err, I mean conversation — will be all the more enchanting. Harness this momentum to put your birthday wishlist together early for once, and then circulate it to your peeps ASAP so they can spend less time guessing.

Star strain: Become the charmingly chic catalyst October asks you to be with a sativa-heavy hybrid like Snowcap. Lemony leaning citrus and candy notes will appeal to that famous Libra sweet tooth, while your focused, euphoric energy accompanied with giggly optimism will see you in your favorite place, your social circle’s center stage, for the next 30 days.

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Get ready to be devastatingly alluring this month as Venus enters your sign on September 9 and the weather shifts from bright and cheery to the moody gloom your sensitive (and dare I say “emo”) disposition so prefers. If anyone knows how to tempt and tantalize, ensorcell and seduce, it’s you. Expect things to ramp up in your lust life! Be mindful your passion for a paramour doesn’t slide into possessive territory, however. Lucky for you, your ruling planet Pluto stations direct on September 30 so the intensity of your feelings and your desire to control the feelings of others (pro tip: you can’t) should settle down by month’s end.

Star strain: With your passion level already teetering near eleven, the Scorpio challenge this month is to keep any extreme emotions in check. Hybrid Flo and its combo of pine, wood, and tea provide an immediate sense of calm on intake and the physically unique combo of uplifted relaxation. Don’t poison the potentially great things the universe is trying to send you by letting anxiety and inner demons overreact with that near deadly sting of yours.

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September is going to feel a little “all work and no play” for you. But where other signs might view that as a drag, you can’t wait to bear the fruits of your labor! The direct stationing of Saturn and the full moon in fiery Aries will both have positive impacts on you this month. Feelings of destiny or fate, especially in the areas of career and partnership, may be present. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to put the work in to get it. There’s no one better to set an example than you, and the world is more than ready to receive it!

Star strain: “Archers. Arch!” This month is meant to be one of focused productivity. You may find yourself challenged as you’re also required to be hypersensitive to the cosmic messages coming your way, which requires a delicate balance of both the head and the heart. Cannatonic, a tasty hybrid of MK Ultra and G13 Haze provides focus and relaxation due to its heavier than average CBD content.

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Your ruling planet Saturn goes direct in your sign on September 6, and as a result you might experience a little more luck, fortune, and synchronicity than usual. Expect some clarity to arrive around next steps, and don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning with a totally new idea about how you want to live your life! Trust your gut this month; it knows what’s best for you. Now is the time to manifest what your heart most desires, but in order to successfully do so you have to believe that the Universe supports you. Spoiler alert — it does, so go get yours!

Star strain: Clarity, creativity, and concentration are the three Cs to keep in mind this month, Capricorn. Recognize all the good things coming your way and find a special way to make them distinctly your own. XJ-13 is a refreshinly pine heavy, stress relieving, artistically inspiring, focused strain that can help you create that beautiful new life path the cosmos is nudging you towards.

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Mars enters your sign on September 10 and as a result you could be feeling a bit more motivated, inspired, and in control of your destiny. Use those Virgo vibes to your advantage and organize your closets, trim the fat in your social circles, and make a five year plan. Where are you bleeding energy? Where are you not exerting enough? September is the time to evaluate, adjust, and begin again. Treat your life like an episode of Chopped. There can only be one winner, so find the one thing that’s most important to you and then go after it with all the gusto Mars is throwing your way.

Star strain: You are being presented the challenging task of finding the stream that leads you to the ocean of your dreams. Though you’ve been known to dip your toes in on several occasions, water bearer, now is the time to reflect and make a path towards the one that has brought you the most joy. The stream and strain you seek is one of happy uplifted focus, and Chocolope with its coffee, earthiness, and sweet flavor will make getting there a pleasant experience.

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Venus in fellow water sign Scorpio may amp up your tendency towards daydreams and fantasy this month, which could throw you off balance in your interpersonal relationships. Harness the Virgo virtues of common sense and practicality to stay grounded in what’s real versus what you imagine is happening. Check in with your loved ones often throughout the month of September to make sure everyone is on the same page. It’s imperative to your energetic and physical health that you stay present as much as possible this month, not drifting away in the clouds as you’d prefer to be.

Star strain: Keeping your feet on the ground and staying mindful is a rough task when the open sky and all its possibilities seem a lot more fun. This is no easy task for heart driven Pisces. Listening with openness, and taking time to process without judgement is your key to staying centered and taking advantage of the month’s full potential. Practical without an extreme potency, Canna-Tsu is a CBD heavy alternative that will aid you emotional stability this challenging month.

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After a mostly bummer summer, your ruling planet of Mars stationed direct at the very end of August. That’s great news for your groove, as it’s coming back! Your fiery nature gets some extra fuel on September 10 when Mars moves into airy Aquarius, so fan those flames straight into your social life for an exciting adventure that everyone will be talking about for years to come, and that you can take all the credit for planning. The full moon on September 24 falls in your sign and to say you’ll be ready for your close up is a gross understatement. Welcome back, firestarter!

Star strain: Congrats, Aries! Your groove is officially back. You’re sexy, you’re social, and you’re ready to shine. A rare uplifting sativa, Purple Dragon is the fiery fuel you’ll require to fulfill October’s destiny while enjoying quite the ride. It’s smooth (grape, floral, and berry makeup its pleasant taste) with a delightfully compelling aroma, and creates a one-of-a-kind, subtle body buzz. Just like you this month, Ram child.

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While you undoubtedly radiate the more sensual and embodied energies of the earth element, Virgo season still has a certain unctuousness that you just luxuriate in. And after a very fiery, very watery, very airy eclipse season you definitely need it! September is a great month for you to restore, relax, and rejuvenate. The earthy new moon on September 9 is the perfect time for you to splurge on self-care in the form of a decadent meal or spa adventure. Treat yo self to a new fall wardrobe, because who doesn’t feel cute (or like they can take on Scorpio season) in a new look?

Star strain: The universe is giving you permission to indulge in your lust for life and love of the finer things, so enjoy! Find a fine strain like Strawberry Lemonade whose taste is as superior as its effects that include uplifted, happy, and focused relaxation. If ever there was a mindset for an indulgent shopping spree or luxe spa day, this would be it. Treat yo self.

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Hooray! Your ruling planet Mercury finally stationed direct last month, which for you probably felt like winning the lottery.  Mercury begins September in grounded Virgo and moves into fair-minded Libra on the 21st, so enjoy a mini-break from the vacillating thought patterns, nervous anxiety, and flip-flopping that usually dominates your life this month. Use this focus — and dare I say sense of calm — to make some important decisions you’ve been procrastinating. You might find that whatever direction you decide to take actually brings you joy, and at the very least, a bit of forward momentum.

Star strain: It’s Kush time kids! Both of you need to chill the F out this month, to experience your full Gemini potential. OG Kush, that spectacular hybrid capable of chilling you out, keeping you present, and lifting you up, will help you make clear, rational decisions. Also, take enjoyment in delicious flavors this month as you will be munchie ready and you deserve something especially delicious  for making those changes you’ve been putting off.

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This month’s watery Venus in Scorpio overfloweth, and that’s good news for you! Get ready to dive into greater depths of emotional intimacy with your bae. Your ease at making interpersonal connections and your desire to nurture others will seem extra attractive now. Instead of coming off as too sensitive or delicate, you will be looked to with inspiration and wonder. Embody those Joan of Arc vibes to express the beauty in power that’s tender and receptive, and show the world what it’s missing by being so dang yang all the time!

Star strain: Enjoy the sweetness life’s handing you this month, Crabby one. You will see it will manifest in many forms including physical, emotional and romantic well being. You’ll require a strain to enhance these cosmic gifts. With decent notes of rose and ruby red grapefruit, this is a smoke meant to please all your senses with outstanding physical effects including tingly euphoria and happy relaxation — all while keeping you focused enough to appreciate the experience. Green Goddess is the strain to look to for manifesting your best destiny.

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I hate to break it to you, lion, but Leo season is over. I think it’s safe to say those Virgo season earthly energies might be just what the doctor ordered for the exhaustion you’re feeling after living your best life all August. Use the new moon in Virgo on September 9 to take stock of the resolutions you made back in January for 2018, and see what could use more of your focus going into this last quarter of the year. The full moon in fellow fire sign Aries on September 24 will give your batteries the (re)charge they need to support you in accomplishing your fall goals, be they of the couple, work, or travel variety.

Star strain: We’re here to support you, Leo. Nothing makes you happier than your month in sun, but its seasonal passing can make you run off to sulk. It’s time to process and purrrr, to restore your roar with a sweet, berry forward strain like Bubbleberry. A pleasurable inhale will lead to luxurious feeling of giggly, relaxed, happiness that, when combined with its creative euphoria, will have you feeling like a sun king and waaayyyy more approachable to the rest of your pack.

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