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Show Off Your Favorite Strain With These 8 Halloween Costume Ideas

Looking for a dream costume that shows off your strain love this Halloween? We pulled together eight costume ideas inspired by some of our most popular strains, with tips on how you can replicate these ideas yourself. From ol’ man Granddaddy Purp to the super creative Strawberry Cough, there’s a strain for every taste in the terpene wheel. Which leaves us with only one question: which strain will you be this year?

Agent Orange

Man dressed up in an orange suit pretending to be a secret agent

Worn by: Richard Maloney, Account Executive

How to Make It:

Agent Orange is one of the simpler costumes to assemble, but it does require tracking down an orange suit and tie, which can be tricky. Online shopping is certainly the easiest way (though expedited shipping can get expensive), but for those with a little time on their hands, thrift stores may have just what you need. Combine the suit and tie with black sunglasses, a white dress shirt, black dress shoes, and you’re ready to go!


Man wearing cheese block costume

Worn by: Matt Kittrell, Accounts Payable and Payroll

How to Make It:

Cheese is a great choice if you’re low on prep time. First, find a giant cheese costume (check the web or a local costume display house to find one of your own). After that, add black pants, a long-sleeved black shirt, black shoes and socks, and boom! You’ve got a pretty gouda costume on your hands!

Granddaddy Purple

Man wearing purple "grandpa" costume

Worn by: Sam Borgen, Account Executive

How to Make It:

Granddaddy Purple is all what you make it. Start with a base of purple pants and a purple plaid shirt, both of which can be found at local thrift shops, online, or department stores. From there, add purple suspenders, a purple hat, and if you’re lucky enough to find them, purple shoes. Find a little fake facial hair at your local costume shop and you’re there! And don’t forget that grimacing all night is a great way to stay in character.

Grape Ape

Person holding grapes and wearing a purple ape costume

Worn by: Nick Elam, Social Media Manager

How to Make It:

Believe it or not, purple ape suits are a thing! We found this awesome costume online for a reasonable price, but you can check out display houses near you too. Carry around a bag of grapes to nibble on (and pass out amongst your friends) to pull the Grape Ape look together.

Northern Lights

Woman wearing "Northern Lights" galaxy leggings and dress

Worn by: Lisa Rough, Legislative Specialist

How to Make It:

One of the most iconic strains is now available in costume form! This one can be a little trickier as it’s ideally made with “Northern Lights” printed leggings and a dress, but if you can’t track those down, galaxy prints work just fine! If you’re feeling extra festive, add a multi-colored wig for even more pizzazz.

Strawberry Cough

Man wearing strawberry costume coughing into tissue

Worn by: Will Hyde, Digital Marketing & Strain Specialist

How to Make It:

This poor strawberry has a nasty cough! To make your own, start with a strawberry costume (find online or at costume display house). Wear black pants, black shoes, and a black long-sleeved shirt underneath. Add a tissue box, thermometer, and your best fake cough and you’re ready to go as Strawberry Cough!

Super Lemon Haze

Man wearing orange and yellow superhero costume with "SLH" insignia on chest

Worn by: John Michael Daniel, Digital Analyst

How to Make It:

To craft your own Super Lemon Haze costume, start with an orange fitted bodysuit. Create a cape using 1-1.5 yards of yellow fabric, and affix that to the jumpsuit. We created our “SLH” using yellow, orange, and green felt plus a little hot glue, but you can get creative with fabric choice if you like! Attach the insignia to the jumpsuit and you’re good to go!

White Widow

Woman wearing white dress with white "spider legs" attached for costume

Worn by: Kelsey Howell, Operations Coordinator

How to Make It:

White Widow was our most “DIY” costume of the bunch. Start with a plain white dress, white fishnets, and white shoes for the base of the costume. There are a variety of ways to make the legs, but we recommend getting white cylindrical foam from a crafts store (enough to create six legs the length of your arms), cut them in half and cover with white nylons, then attach to the back of the dress.

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