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Star Signs + Strains: July 2018 Horoscopes

The theme for July is “check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Eclipses at both the New (solar) and Full (lunar) moons this month will mess with our best-laid plans and ask us to take a look at some of the less beloved aspects of our personalities. Mercury stations retrograde at month’s end, so use the first part of July to get your biz together—even if you’d rather be soaking up vitamin D and ignoring your work emails al fresco.

The good news is that if we can remember to be kind to ourselves (and those around us), slow down, take time to breathe, and remind ourselves that we can roll with the ever-changing landscape that is life, some pretty spectacular opportunities for growth and transformation can come our way this month.


The solar eclipse on July 12 coinciding with the new moon—both in your sign—will land like a cannonball in your deep, emotional waters. Let this month be an opportunity for you to cleanse, purify, and release old habits, patterns, and perceptions. Remember that the past is just that, the past, and what matters is who you are in the here and now. If you’ve got feels, feel them. And then let them go. A salt water swim could do wonders for you if you’re feeling some type of way this month.

July Strain: This month isn’t as much about what you’ll smoke as how you’ll smoke it. It’s time for you to invest in yourself and a healthier smoking device. Purify your canna-intake with the Herbalizer Desktop Vape. This modern smartvape rates five stars from reviewers and boasts a precision design even the most particular Cancer will embrace.


Buckle up, kitty cat! The eclipse of your ruling planet, the Sun, on July 10 could knock your trademark swagger down a notch or two, and the lunar eclipse on July 27 will definitely illuminate the dark and more uncomfortable parts of your inner self. It will be easy to feel frustrated, confused, and even a little burnt out this month. Netflix and chill will be your best friend. Don’t waste all your fire on petty things before the Sun moves into your sign on the 24th! Leo season is right around the corner and we expect you to bring it.

July Strain: To navigate this month of inner turmoil, we recommend something with superhero strength like Bruce Banner. This potent, sweet, and earthy strain, whose main effects are euphoria, creativity, and an uplifting buzz, will assist you keeping it all under control this month.  Remember, Bruce uses precision and control when frustrated vs. a potential “Hulk Smash!” scenario, which is exactly how you need to proceed the next 31 days.

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Mercury going retrograde on July 26 could create unexpected challenges around your ideas of security and stability, both financially and physically. Take a little extra time at the beginning of the month to zoom in on your self-care game and maybe update your resume in case you find yourself wanting (or needing) to explore a work shakeup. The good news is that Venus will be moving into your sign on July 10, and a steamy summer romance could show up when you least expect it.

July Strain: CBD is a great way to take care of both the body and the mind. Old Skool CBD Flower with its high-CBD ratio and very little THC is a great product for those who prefer the social aspect of smoking as opposed to ingesting via capsules or edibles. This strain is holistically conceived and produced organically, making it perfect for earth- and health-conscious Virgos.

Old Skool CBD Flower by Old Skool Remedies can legally ship to all 50 states.


The solar eclipse on July 12 could upset your usually expertly-balanced scales by forcing you to take a long, hard look in the mirror to see if you’re really living your best life, or if you’ve just gotten really good at faking it. Add to that the movement of your ruling planet Venus into earthy Virgo on July 10 and you could find yourself having to attend to things you’ve been putting off or avoiding, especially in relationships. Make an extra effort to be kind to yourself in the process, and remember that nothing lasts forever and everything changes, even you.

July Strain: Balanced strains are built for Libras and their neverending need for balance. Bubbleberry, a mix of Bubble Gum and Blueberry with effects including happiness, relaxation, and chattiness, creates a perfect mindset for working out conflict internally and externally. This is a “heavily fragrant” strain with a candy-like sweetness indicative of its content and quality, always important to lux-loving Libras.

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The lunar eclipse on July 27 combined with Pluto retrograde could really kick up some feelings of paranoia around your finances, as well as your personal and professional relationships. Be careful not to give in to anxiety or projections this month. Focus your energy on your own personal worth. When you know your value you will attract exactly what you need, even if at first it doesn’t feel like what you want. Trust in the process, and work on taming your impulse to react, before having all the info you need to do so with integrity.

July Strain: Vanilla Kush is a strong anti-anxiety strain providing a relaxed euphoria with a few puffs, or a fast-acting sleep aid with heavy consumption. Its lush flavor family of vanilla, sweetness, and a floral finish appeal to Scorpios’ sensual side, and is a proven hard-hitter perfect for maintaining your cool during retrograde.

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While you manage to escape the more intense eclipse energies this month, you may have been feeling stuck, restless, or even a bit lost lately thanks to the retrograde motion of your ruling planet Jupiter that began back in March. It’s going to station direct on July 10, so expect the haze to clear—it’s time to shake the dust off and emerge from your cocoon! Plan a road trip, book a last-minute flight, or simply visit new places in town that you’ve been wanting to explore but haven’t had the energy … until now.

July Strain: Transformation requires focus and summoning internal energy. Strawberry Cough will have you happy, uplifted, energetic, and most importantly this month, clear-headed and task-focused. The “Cough” in Strawberry Cough isn’t in name only, so try it with a Pax 2 or other flower-friendly vape for a smoother hit and a reduction of its deliciously skunky, unmistakable scent.

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The solar eclipse on July 12 in watery Cancer could make you a little more sensitive than usual this month. Combined with your ruling planet, Saturn, continuing its retrograde motion, you could definitely be feeling off balance and less on your A-game than your practical self prefers. Keep in mind that Venus, the planet of relationship and connection, will be in a different Earth sign this month, so reach out to your community for support and when in doubt, phone a friend.

July Strain: The herbal equivalent of the proverbial “chill pill,” God’s Gift is a sophisticated crossbreed known to help curb depression by providing a relaxed, euphoric smoking experience. A strain for seasoned smokers with a high THC count, cannabis-conscious Capricorn should go easy on grape-flavored God’s Gift until you adjust to the special feel of this nationally popular bud.

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The lunar eclipse in your sign on July 27 might blast you a little further into outer space than usual, and not in the fun way. Beware of going down too many rabbit holes and check your projections this month in your relationships, water babes. Your mind can become your own worst enemy if left to its own devices. If you are unsure of someone or their motives, your best bet is to be direct. Get ready to learn a lot about yourself and your ways of being in relationships this month!

July Strain: Getting out of your own head and judging your life from a new perspective is a challenge for this water sign. Green Dream provides clarity and energy, with happy and creative effects like productive self-assessment and encouraging conversation. It’s also an appetite builder with a common side effect of cottonmouth, making it a fantastic aperitif.

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Neptune continuing its retrograde motion that began last month is really going to pack a punch on your energetic resources this month. Self-care is going to be your best friend, so make sure you are staying hydrated, eating well, getting enough sleep, and surrounding yourself with positive influences. Get out into nature, learn how to say no, and maybe cut some toxic people out of your life so your summer doesn’t turn into a bummer.

July Strain: For all the emotional vigor you’ll need to swim upstream this month, Chocolope, a motivational strain that provides equal levels of energy and euphoria—plus a coffee-forward flavor—should give you the boost you need. As rest and eating well are also on your self-love agenda, we recommend Cannabis Tinctures by Siskiyou, which come in three varietals (CBD-rich, THC-rich, and 1:1 CBD/THC) and distribute via organic cane alcohol for a healthful boost.

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The solar eclipse on July 12 in watery Cancer is going to do its best to dampen your fiery spirit. Your ruling planet of Mars continuing its retrograde all month is not going to help, either. Watch your words and actions and don’t succumb to self-sabotage. How we behave shows who we are, so spend less time turning up this month and more time connecting with your integrity and values. There’s still plenty of summer ahead for you to dazzle in.

July Strain: To curb your worst Aries impulses, you’ll need kryptonite—literal Kryptonite. It’s okay; if you’re in danger of turning your powers against yourself—as your own ruler is in retrograde—using something to focus inward is the quickest path back to being “ram tough.” Some say this strain produces a “trippy” effect and heightens your inner consciousness. Others say it’s a pleasure enhancer. Either are perfect for this month’s mission: getting out of your own way.

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Your month starts with ruling planet Venus entering fellow earth sign Virgo on July 10, which could find you really feeling yourself (and wanting to flaunt that summer body)! But later on, especially around the lunar eclipse on July 27, lean on your trusted inner circle for love and support. That eclipse is in airy Aquarius, which could kick up some nasty self-criticism, uncertainty, and doubt. Radical self-love and people who accept you for who you are are priceless, just like you. Show us what you got!

July Strain: This month is dedicated to feeling love, and diminishing negativity. What could pair more perfectly than Empower 4Play, a topical, sensual oil that’s all about upping the self-love ante. Vegan, non-toxic, and paraben-free, 4Play is great for couples (**though like all oil-based lubricants, it’s not condom-friendly**), or enhancing solo sexual encounters. If there is anything that curtails self doubt or criticism, it’s frequent multiple Os—just one of this product’s pleasant side effects.


Mercury going retrograde at the end of the month will wreak havoc on your communication skills, Twin. If you’ve got something to get off your chest, do it the first half of the month and don’t procrastinate! You might find yourself feeling more overwhelmed and anxious than usual in July, especially around travel. Maybe get yourself to a yoga class or practice meditation. When in doubt, breathe it out.

July Strain: No matter which side of your twinning is winning Gemini, we’ve got your strain. To talk things out in a positive, productive manner, we recommend Dragon’s Breath. It’s a chatty, euphoric strain that makes those potentially tough conversations easy and more meaningful. To treat potential anxiety later in the month, try Early Girl, a peaceful, deliciously sweet strain that helps you take the edge off stress and approach life from a relaxed, giggly, positive place.

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Original zodiac illustrations by Kaela Graham for Leafly. IG: @kaelagraham

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