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‘There Is a Massive Injustice Being Done’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

‘There Is a Massive Injustice Being Done’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

Lisa Rough
October 20, 2017
(Seth Wenig/AP)
This week has brought some surprising revelations from Orrin Hatch and Jeff Sessions. Canada mourned the loss of the inimitable unofficial poet laureate of Canada and lead singer of The Tragically Hip, Gord Downie, as well as another Canadian cannabis icon, John Dunsworth, more affectionately known as Mr. Lahey
on the TV show Trailer Park Boys. Sen. Cory Booker explains why although he’s never touched the stuff, he continues to make cannabis legalization a signature issue in his career, while MassRoots sees a shakeup in leadership.


MassRoots Board Ousts CEO

“It’s been this experience of seeing the hypocrisy within marijuana prohibition, and how it’s destroyed so many lives and communities who get caught up in the war on drugs, while other communities are more easily able to have their breaking of the law exonerated or overlooked. There is a massive injustice being done in a nation that believes in equal justice under the law; marijuana enforcement makes a mockery of that ideal.”

 – Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) on why cannabis is his signature issue


Booker Debuts ‘Marijuana Justice Act’ to Legalize Cannabis

“I’m very concerned about recent reports that DOJ and DEA are at odds on marijuana research, particularly when it comes to granting licenses to grow marijuana for further research. Can you clarify the position of the Justice Department regarding these applications?”

 – Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) discussing the expansion of medical marijuana research


Senate Stunner: Orrin Hatch Passionately Defends Medical Marijuana

“We have a marijuana research system working now, but there is one supplier of the marijuana for that research. People have asked that there be multiple sources of the marijuana for medicinal research and have asked that it be approved… Each one of those has to be supervised by the DEA and I have raised questions about how many and let’s be sure we’re doing this in the right way because it costs a lot of money to supervise these events. I think it’d be healthy to have some more competition in the supply.”

 – Attorney General Jeff Sessions on expanding the medicinal cannabis supply chain


Is Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department Actively Blocking Cannabis Research?

“I am so blown away by the marijuana culture that’s out here. Seems to me and it’s seemed to me for years that the government has been so ridiculous—ever since 1923 in Canada. Hemp is so beneficial in so many ways…I mean, to make marijuana legal would cost them billions of dollars, for sure. So there’s a lot of people standing in line to make it impossible to make this a legal substance, but out here in
, you’d never know. Out here there seems to be another kind of intelligence to me. I tell ya, wouldn’t it be nice, if Canada could learn from BC?”

 – John Dunsworth, actor known as Mr. Lahey on Trailer Park Boys, on cannabis culture in British Columbia


Tragically Hip Enter Canadian Industry as Investors, Not Just Endorsers

“Medicinal cannabis is legal in Canada, and it already greatly benefits the health and well-being of many of our fellow Canadians. There is a commitment from the Federal Government to legalize recreational use in just over a year, and with good reason. The harm wrought by the prohibition of marijuana has been thoroughly researched and documented. This is a common-sense-policy and, in our opinion, is a change for the best.”

 – Statement released by The Tragically Hip in May 2017, announcing their partnership with a medical marijuana licensed producer in Canada


Thanks for Making Canada a Little More Strong and Free, Gord

“That is the reason we want to legalize marijuana—not because we can make money off of it. That’s the last reason. If it doesn’t pass the social justice test, you can’t talk about revenue implications, and the fact of the matter is that we have the widest white-nonwhite gap of persons incarcerated in New Jersey.”

 – Phil Murphy, New Jersey gubernatorial candidate on the future of marijuana in New Jersey


New Jersey Pols Ready to End Prohibition When Christie Exits

“He refuses to meet with me and Governor Inslee, despite repeated requests. If we can’t agree on what we can disagree on, where are we? We think we have good legal arguments
we would defend Washington’s interests.”

 – Bob Ferguson, Washington State Attorney General, when asked about the letter Jeff Sessions sent to the state claiming failures of the Washington state legal cannabis system


State Leaders Respond to Sessions’ Criticism of Legal Cannabis

 “By far one of the toughest days of my life.”

 – Isaac Dietrich, former CEO of Massroots after being ousted from the company

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