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The Spark: 8 Tricked-Out Airstreams That Inspired Our Cross-Country Cannabis Voyage


The Airstream has been a classic camping staple for decades, with the first Airstream ever built by Wally Byam in 1929. His design was an instant hit, and now people are transforming these tiny quarters into road trip havens, flourishing businesses, dab bars, and beautifully decorated homes. Cannabis consumers in particular love them, and they have cemented a place in the psyche of hippies-at-heart especially; what’s better than pulling up to a beach or overlook for a beautiful sunset, smoking a joint, and camping out effortlessly under the stars?

In addition to Airstreams becoming a noted fixture in the tiny-house movement, their convenience and portability make them the perfect sight-seeing companions. Even Leafly is getting in on the fun—this summer, we’re traveling the West and hitting dozens of dispensaries in our very own stylized Airstream on the Leafly HighWay Tour!

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When designing our own Airstream, we drew inspiration from myriad Airstreams that came before us, from miniature museums to international hotel rooms. There’s an Airstream for every taste and adventure—check out just a few of our favorites below and get inspired to hit the road like we did!

Argosy Odyssey

(Courtesy of Chad and Cate Battles)

An adventure-seeking couple has found the perfect accommodations for their breezy lifestyle. Chad and Cate Battles refurbished an old ’76 Airstream and have road-tripped their eccentric creation across the U.S.—and they’re not stopping any time soon. The funky design on the outside of their ride leaves passersby intrigued (many have asked to take pictures next to this artsy abode), and you’ll know it the second you see it. You can follow their adventures on their Facebook page or through their website.

Museum on the Move

(Courtesy of Museum on the Move)
(Courtesy of Museum on the Move)

The University of Louisiana Lafayette is bringing history to the masses with their Museum on the Move (MoM) crafted in a vintage Airstream. Outfitted by Public History students and designed by students from the School of Architecture and Design, this little museum aims to educate the public while reaching as much of that public as it possibly can. The brainchild of Professor John Troutman—Lafayette history instructor—has excited both students and the local community. Learn more about Museum on the Move and its ongoing exhibits here.


The aptly named WeedStreamer was built with the help of local veterans and has quickly become a Colorado favorite—this awesome ride celebrates cannabis and its ability to bring people together. Mike Henry, CEO of WeedStream, stated, “The WeedStreamer is now the collective property of the cannabis culture that we belong to and all the people who will enjoy it for years to come.” We’ll light one up for that! Check out the video above for additional info on this cool cannabismobile.

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

(Courtesy of Apollo 70)

If you’d like a wildly stylized bar to-go and happen to find yourself in the United Kingdom, look no further than the Apollo 70 Airstream Bar. This decked-out watering hole on wheels can be rented out for a variety of events and celebrations! Check out their website to book this unique Airstream. For those in the United States, check out the Road Soda Bar, which is similar in style with the same great appeal and is also owned by a couple bartenders from—you guessed it—the UK.

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(Courtesy of Story Corps)
(Courtesy of Story Corps)

To preserve the personal stories of people across the United States, an old Airstream was completely transformed to accommodate the spoken word of the people. Per their website, “StoryCorps’ mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.”

The stories collected by this unique Airstream may be preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress with an archive holding more than 50,000 personal interviews. If you want to share your story, check out their Facebook page or visit their website to see where they’re headed next.


(Courtesy of Chad and Jessica Schirmer)
(Courtesy of Chad and Jessica Schirmer)

A sweet family from Corpus Christi, Texas lives in one of the cutest abodes on wheels. Aptly named NUroost, this renovated prison bus was built (almost) from the ground up by Chad and Jessica Schirmer. They’re now free to travel the wide expanse of North America with their young child while bringing the comfort of their home along for the ride. Check out their Instagram here.


(Courtesy of Rick and Morty)
(Courtesy of Rick and Morty)

If you’re like anyone here at the Leafly office, then you harbor a deep love for Adult Swim’s popular show Rick and Morty. And what would make a true fan’s heart sing more than a tricked-out truck full of show paraphernalia? The RickMobile is a pop-up merchandise store ready to cater to all of your Rick and Morty needs. Check out their website or Instagram to pinpoint their next stops and see if they’ll be passing through your town.

Hotel Daniel

(Courtesy of Hotel Daniel)
(Courtesy of Hotel Daniel)

You don’t have go without that old Airstream nostalgia when in Europe—at least that’s what Vienna’s Hotel Daniel thought when they incorporated a fancily appointed Airstream into their room options. If you happen to be backpacking through Europe or just looking for a comfortable place to stay, book this Airstream hotel for a truly unique travel experience.