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Watch This: A Republican, a Democrat, and an Independent Smoke Together

August 25, 2017
A Republican, a Democrat, and an Independent voter walk into a room and sit down to smoke a bowl. Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it?
Instead, it’s the premise for this intriguing new video. Cannabis is one of the few truly universal topics among those of varying political ideologies. The first question, “Have you ever smoked weed?” is met with a resounding “yes” from all parties.

Before the joints are lit, the Democrat and Republican almost immediately start butting heads, while the Independent voter shakes his head, smiles, and starts lighting the joint, evidently anticipating the need for a little herbal relief amidst the tension.


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Within minutes, they each begin to find common ground, agreeing that social media is exacerbating the divide between parties and that the media itself may be also presenting a biased approach. They traverse topics like immigration and voting, but in the end, despite their differences, they can all agree on at least one thing: “We still all are Americans.”

Check it out and see if these three can challenge your viewpoint:

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Lisa Rough

Lisa is a former associate editor at Leafly, where she specialized in legislative cannabis policy and industry topics.

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  • Kraig

    I hope that Leafly stays away from party politics from all sides. Cannabis is the one thing that has support from Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans and the other parties. The Jeff Sessions and hard core prohibitionist are such a very small percentage and are dying out. Even life long Republican’s like my parents are for full legalization and my mom uses cannabis salve I make on her arthritis. There is enough manufactured divisiveness by the big “news” agencies for ad dollars and I come to leafly where the focus isn’t on partisan politics. Cannabis brings us together because no matter the side you are on we are not as different as the “news” sites want us to believe.