Watch This: Guess Which Two Celebs Get ‘Special’ Trailers When Visiting Conan?

Watch This: Guess Which Two Celebs Get

If you thought we were done talking about Conan, then I’m sorry, you were sadly mistaken. I promise we will never stop going in. Here’s a clip from a recent interview Snoop Dogg did with Conan where they talk about, yup, you guessed it, Snoop and how much he loves getting high.

Most shows have a green room for their guests to hang out in before they come on, but apparently that room isn’t big enough to house and support the pre-show antics of one Mr. Doggy Dogg. Learning from his mistakes, Conan gets Snoop his own trailer when he visits to prevent Snoop from smoking out the entire building. (And he also discloses the only other guest to receive that special treatment. I’m sure you can guess who it is.)

I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to smoke with Snoop even more than I already did. I mean, seriously, do you know how much cannabis it takes to smoke out an entire building?! All of it, that’s how much. #goals