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Watch This: John Oliver Breaks Down the Problem With Federal vs. State Cannabis Laws

May 28, 2017
Watch This: John Oliver Breaks Down the Problem With Federal vs. State Cannabis Laws
For this week’s “Watch This,” catch up on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight segment from April 2017, which focuses on cannabis (or, as he refers to it, “basically catnip for people”). In a condensed under-17 minute segment, he navigates through marijuana’s original ban that arose from racial stereotypes, Nixon’s disdain for the substance (and, bizarrely, for Jewish people), how federal law clashes with state laws, and the restrictions behind researching its benefits or effects, all while freaking the eff out of any stoned viewers named Greg.

If you’re unfamiliar with the struggles legal cannabis businesses face from a banking and taxation standpoint, or the horrible consequences that can befall legal medical marijuana patients (getting fired from their jobs, having their children taken away, problems accessing their medicine), this segment offers a fantastic summary that will have you laughing between bouts of outrage (especially you, Greg).

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Rebecca Kelley

Rebecca is the Content Director at Leafly, where she oversees Leafly News production and other content projects.

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  • Alan479 Martin

    Another Catch 22 is that if your state requires a doctor’s recommendation for your use, the doctor can possibly have his license to practice revoked by the AMA.

    • lovingc

      Since when. It is a prescription they can’t write. A recommendation is a suggestion,so two different things.

    • massvocals

      that is not true there is case law that allow a doctor to give a recommendation , which is a suggestion

      • Alan479 Martin

        Since when has the AMA been influenced by any law. The AMA can take away any doctor’s license at any time and state laws have nothing to do with AMA licensing which they totally control. The AMA allows a doctor to practice medicine not the state.

        • massvocals

          nope your wrong there is case law to this effect , however I will not shear this with you as you seem to be a prohibitionist never the less , reasonably you can see > the doctor is only making a suggestion not a prescription , first point , 2ed point is to restrict that would be 1st amen issue , 3rd the laws for medical allow the doctor to give a recommendation , simple put the doctor agrees that marijuana would help , now if you think your opinion like the law is more valued then the facts I have a finger for you , however ; LovingC said it also The federal law is wrong so Cannabis was place there by thugs in government , my personal feeling is if its a war the government wants over liberty and right to used what god places here so be it ,, I hate pig types anyhow , MassVocals