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Watch This: Jordan Peele Enjoys a Joint as ‘Montel Chilliams’

Watch This: Jordan Peele Enjoys a Joint as

My first introduction to Jordan Peele was Key & Peele, but here’s a sketch from his Mad TV days that I found while descending into a wicked cannabis YouTube wormhole. In it, he plays a character he created named “Montel Chilliams,” who’s a spoof of Montel Williams, famous talk show host and cannabis advocate.

“Chilliams” is interviewing a guest about spousal abuse while simultaneously rolling/smoking a joint. He ultimately starts laughing uncontrollably at her sad life. It’s one of those sketches that you laugh at while watching it, then think about it again later and bust out laughing again.

Load a bowl, watch this video, and crack up at Montel Chilliams.