Watch This: Kirsten Dunst Accidentally Smoked a Blunt on the Set of Her New Movie

Kirsten Dunst, whose diverse career includes Interview With a VampireBring It On, and the Fargo TV series, got candid during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel about her upcoming role in the film Woodshock.

Woodshock is a classic dreamlike descent-into-madness film noir that features cannabis and cannabis-derived tinctures prominently throughout the film. Dunst’s character works for a medical marijuana dispensary, and the entire film was shot in Humboldt County, California, otherwise known as the Emerald Triangle, a mecca for cannabis connoisseurs.

What’s So Special About Humboldt County Cannabis?

Given the film’s setup and location, it seems fitting that there would be some of the dankest cannabis available on the set, right? Not so, Dunst explained. While filming any scene that requires smoking, rather than using actual bud, sets are stocked with “movie pot,” as she put it–smokable herbs or tobacco in lieu of cannabis. “Like, herb, I mean not herb, but–basil and stuff,” she said to Kimmel.

After a particularly grueling scene with many takes featuring a fat blunt, however, Dunst left the set feeling a bit more fuzzy than usual.

“I started to feel like I was losing my mind, I went to the bathroom, I’m like, pacing…There’s something wrong with me, I think I need to go to the hospital,” she said. Dunst described the textbook signs of a cannabis-induced panic attack.

8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

One of the producers checked on the prop joints and blunts and discovered, lo and behold, Dunst had smoked a full blunt. By herself. Unknowingly. On an empty stomach. And not just any cannabis, either.

“We’re talking about Humboldt weed, okay?” Dunst emphasized. “I don’t smoke full joints. This is like,” she paused. “Strong shit.”

Apparently, the prop masters enlisted Humboldt county locals to roll up the joints and blunts used on set. Let this be a reminder to all the readers out there: Kirsten Dunst was able to laugh this incident off, but getting your friends way too high without letting them know what’s happening can put them in a seriously bad headspace. Consume with consent or you’re gonna have a bad time.