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Watch This: The ‘Sinister Reason’ Cannabis Is Illegal

October 2, 2017
Watch This: The 'Sinister' Reason Cannabis Is Illegal
Adam Ruins Everything is a show that started as video clips on College Humor before moving to the truTV network. The host, Adam Conover, examines popular myths and misconceptions and “ruins” them for the audience by presenting facts and citing references that refute a particular claim.

In one segment, Conover explores “The Sinister Reason Weed Is Illegal.” Addressing multiple issues, he starts by reminding viewers how long ago we started growing cannabis crops, covers how widely it was used in the past (even in over-the-counter-medications), and explains why the government eventually decided it should be banned. (I’ll give you a hint: racism.)

Watch the video. It’s one of those things you laugh at while watching it, then you sit back and realize all of those jokes were real facts.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is a Content Associate for Leafly, where he specializes in creating topics pertaining to cannabis products, strains, and dispensaries. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • Fun Please

    Everything is Racism to a RACIST –
    Of course, only whites can be racist. This is seen throughout history. Only whites. And only men can hate women. Only men can be sexist. So clearly white men are the worst of the worst.
    Brilliant article here. Astounding.

    • max’s pad

      How interesting that you are the only person that thinks ‘only whites’ are racist and only men can hate women. What is astounding is that you post this and you are the only one that says such nonsense. Normally sarcasm works when it is focused on a real attitude held by many, not just you.

      • Fun Please

        Clearly you are ignorant to popular college and university propaganda.
        And to marginalize my point by claiming nonsense yourself. I guess you didn’t read the article, as it is proof.
        Normally correcting a person involves being correct. But then we get back to my first point. And that is:
        You are ignorant.

        • Cartesian Phantom

          Can you please share with us the first recorded usage of the word racism? Then, please do share how this word is similar to the word classism. Oh, and please don’t BS, because I already know the answers to the questions. Pick a seat, Frak, you’re about to get schooled.

          • Fun Please

            Can you please define Macht Nichts?
            Classism? Sounds like a leftist made up word. Again Macht Nichts to my points.
            I don’t BS. You watch yourself. To be schooled, would require someone of greater intilligence. Yer gonna have to fill a lot more seats, to begin to school me. As a matter of fact, there isn’t enough intelligence in the entire RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST left wing to get that done.
            Pick your favorites, they are all hypocrites.
            Fasten your seatbelt, you are about to be judged by the same standards.
            You hypocrites never pass that test.
            Classism? Like a caste system. Do tell…

          • Cartesian Phantom

            You: Classism sounds like a made-up word.

            Me: Well, all words are essentially made up. That’s linguistics 101. Where’s your greater intelligence? Why can’t you figure this out? Are you not smart enough to Google the words ‘racism’ or ‘classism’? How is it that you cannot automatically look at the two words and intuit similar meanings?

            You: Do tell…

            Me: Okay, fine, my stupid, little student. I’m going to provide you a link to an NPR article entitled ‘The Ugly, Fascinating History of the word ‘Racism”


            Now it’s up to you to read it, to analyze it, and to come back and respond with FACTS, because thus far you haven’t said anything factual.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Frak: Classism sounds like a made up word.

            Me: All words are essentially “made up.” That’s linguistics 101. Where’s this greater intelligence that you claim to have?

            Frak: Do Tell…

            Me: Well, I’m not surprised you can’t do a Google search (“racism” and “classism” and “history”) and find credible sources. You don’t seem to bright, to be honest. My message keeps getting deleted, because I am providing a link, so this time I will only type the name of the article.

            NPR. ‘The Ugly, Fascinating History of the Word Racism.

            Read. Then respond. With FACTS!!!

          • Fun Please

            C: all words are essentially made up, so I can make up my own ignorant words, and that proves my point.
            Uh, no and no.
            NPR = National Propaganda Radio

          • Fun Please

            Frankly, if I don’t seem to bright to you, it is one of two things:
            1. You clearly know you are outclassed, and are resulting to ad hominem attacks.
            2. You are so far to the left on the Bell Curve you don’t realize how ignorant you are, as compared to me.
            West Point material used to put nuclear devices together. I have been an adult longer than you have been alive.
            You are an idiot.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            1. Don’t just talk about how I am outclassed, outclass me then. Bring your facts; use real arguments.

            2. This whole time you have been using ad hominem attacks. I have not complained once, because I don’t care. I am bright; I am a critical thinker; most importantly, and most germane, I am not sensitive. You won’t get any emotive arguments from me. I will just bring the facts.

            3. Again, you are attacking people. Moreover, I am addressing your arguments. An ad hominem is when you attack a person and ignore the argument. I’m clearly not doing that.

            4. How long you have been alive is completely irrelevant to the argument. You could be younger, the same age or older, as well you could be either correct or incorrect. Your age is a non-sequitur.

            5. If I am an idiot, but I am clearly outsmarting you this whole time, then that makes you….?

          • Fun Please

            1.I did outclass you.
            2.The whole time I debated. You are ad hominem attacks personified.
            3. Clearly you are not debating my points, and deflecting to others, with the ignorant insults.
            4. The only people that say experience doesn’t matter are the ignorant and inexperienced. That’s you*
            5. You’d have to actually outsmart me just once for me to consider it. But that hasn’t happened yet child. So there’s that.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Frak, you’re funny. Seriously, name one point that I am ignoring. Then, let’s discuss it.

            Bring it!

          • Fun Please

            The point of experience. Start there child.
            Or we can go directly to the racist sexist slaving nature of Native Americans, blacks, Muslims, or your anti white RACISM.
            Take your pick to start.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            The point of experience? You mean how you went to West Point? I addressed that; it’s a non-sequitur. Dude, you could have invented solar panels, and it still wouldn’t make you correct. The facts are the facts, and that’s what matters, not your silly appeal to age/authority.

            I’m open to discussing whatever. But you don’t, to be honest, capable of having an adult conversation, and your stupidity is not as humorous as it once was, so I am growing a bit bored.

          • Fun Please

            Dude, the fact that you are young, dumb, and inexperienced doesn’t make you right.!.
            And the ad homien attack of stupidity. Really, a stupid West Point graduate.
            Clearly you are a moron. That’s not ad homien, that’s just fact.
            Like you said, facts are facts. Yer an idiot.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            I’m glad that you didn’t use another “ad homien” attack. I was really tired of the ad hominem attacks, but those “ad homien” attacks were really getting under my skin. I am sooooooooooooo relieved now.

            Again, you have no sources to cite, nothing substantive to say. Stfu already.

          • Fun Please

            Let’s go.!.

          • Fun Please

            Do you know Indian tribes in the US practiced RACIST warfare, slavery, and misogyny right?
            Same with black tribes in Africa?
            This is gonna be fun. You are gonna school me…,ah hahaha sure.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Although people always no doubt recognized difference and treated people based on these differences, racism is a specific system created by a specific group of people with specific aims.

            Other than that, please do share your sources about “racist” Indian tribe warfare, etc.

          • Fun Please

            No, it’s not. First definition of racism includes a superiority aspect.
            Your definition of racism is also correct, and also fits Jim Crow laws. Like Affirmative Action. Those incorporate misandry as well.
            You are starting to become first grade-ish with your knowledge.
            However: stay out of all Women’s Studies, and all other hypocritical instruction, if you want to grow as a person.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            The definition of racism that I provided is a lot like the word classism. The NPR article I cited quotes the Oxford English Dictionary, to which most people don’t have full access. So I cited NPR.

            Who has the power to separate themselves based on class, poor or rich people? Rich people.

            Which race has the power to separate themselves based on race, black or white people? White people.

            The correct usage of the word racism has little to do with personal feelings. The word was and should be used to analyze power, the powerful individuals, groups or institutions that can enact policies that affect others.

            Affirmative Action is not racist, because it is an attempt to correct inequality, not perpetuate or augment inequality.

            Don’t talk about my knowledge! You come across as the dumb person who dreams to one day achieve to become a dilettante.

          • Fun Please

            The NPR article is Macht Nichts to the greater conversation.
            You clearly don’t have the wisdom to be determining all that’s important or not.
            Affirmative Action is RACIST SEXIST MISANDRY. The fact that it attempts to fix perceived injustices doesn’t change those facts.!. Adding Racism to Racism doesn’t solve Racism, you ignorant twit. It just causes more Racism.!.
            You are a waste of time.
            It is clear what your knowledge is. Lacking.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            The NPR article cites the Oxford English Dictionary. The only purpose of citing the article is to show certain things:

            1. How the word racism was first used.

            2. How the word is similar to classism.

            3. Why these words are used, and in what context (power analyses).

            4. What the words actually mean, versus how they are used in the general lexicon.

            You haven’t proved that Affirmative Action is racism. You cite zero studies.

            I never said that you should fight racism with racism. Way to build up a straw man!

            If my knowledge is lacking, well then cite your sources. I have asked you to cite sources like 10 times (not literally) now. Everyone who comes to this thread can see that. There is a reason you have cited a book, an article, a documentary yet: YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT FACTS; YOU PRETEND TO BE ‘OBJECTIVE’; YOU PRIVILEGE YOUR FEELINGS BY CALLING THEM FACTS!!!

          • Fun Please

            Affirmative Action hires less qualified protected classes over white men (the largest minority)
            Affirmative Action is like Jim Crow, some people get to drink at the fountain, some do not.
            The NPR article is still Macht Nichts, as it proves nothing. As you have proved nothing.
            Other than you are an useful idiot for the RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST left wing.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Okay, cite your studies. Prove that Affirmative Action is so damaging and racist. I’ve studied the issue in terms of education, and I know that, when it comes to education, e.g. admission policies, you probably don’t know what you are talking about. Not that not knowing jack sh*t would be something new for you and this conversation we’re having here.

          • Fun Please

            I have researched Affirmative Action for over 20 years. In terms of education, I know exactly what I am talking about. From the hiring of the staff, to the admissions. RACIST SEXIST MISANDRY. Quotas, set asides, preference, etc. All funded by my tax dollars and socioeconomic opportunity.
            It’s not hard to figure out.
            But by the conversation we are having here, it is for you.

          • Fun Please

            If RACIST SEXIST programs damage some races, and one sex….they can and do damage all races, and sexes. It really is very simple.
            What is the current College enrollment? 65% female? What is driving men away?
            Privileged preference in education and employment for everyone else?
            Nah, it never works the other way, right?
            Come on man.

          • Fun Please

            Left wing studies aren’t proof of anything –

          • Cartesian Phantom

            I didn’t cite “left wing studies.” I cited NPR, which cited the OED. Do you think that the OED has some sort of etymological liberal bias?

          • Fun Please

            NPR. OED, no, not especially. Unless you think the bias is RACIST SEXIST because it is the OED. But I digress.
            Your rhetoric is most certainly left wing study driven.
            Thus the emphasis on the first time the word was used. Macht nichts.
            The point is RACISM has been practiced thru the history of time, by many different races. It still is today.
            That is ***not*** to apologise, or concur, or authorize Racism. No, not at all. Just the opposite.
            If you look at my very first post, that’s the whole point.
            Not ok by anyone anytime. Even against white men.
            Are you getting a clue?

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Am I getting a clue? You’re the dumb person who doesn’t get that a person in power engages in classism; you’re the dumb person who doesn’t get that the powerful racial group engages in racism. No, that doesn’t mean a person of color or people of color are perfect. I am not engaging in what Napoleon Chagnon would call, creating the ‘noble savage’, or what other theorists would denounce as infantilizing people of color, i.e. making it sound as if they are completely innocent, always non-violent, never incorrect, never mean or hateful, etc.

            People of color, i.e. minorities, lack institutional power, and cannot pass laws that subordinate white people, i.e. the majority. This is just a fact, and the one thing you repeatedly point to, you offer no explanations, and trust me, I am waiting, because I know more than you.

            Can a person of color be xenophobic? Yes.

            Can a person of color be bigoted? Yes.

            Can a person of color exhibit in-group biases? Yes.

            Can a poor person with no institutional power create segregationist policies, in order to keep rich people from living around them? No, and the idea of that is especially absurd.

            Can a person or people of color with no institutional power be racist? No, they do not hold institutional power, you dolt. Words have meanings, and those meanings are important. That isn’t left-wing or right-wing; it’s called FACTS!

            I mean, you’re on a cannabis website, and if you know anything about the history of cannabis or the current employment of the laws, then you must surely understand that racism exists, and it’s against the relatively powerless members of our society. People have always exhibited in-group biases or subordinated other groups whom they feared or hated, but that is not really racism. Again, racism is a specific ideology created by a specific group of people during a specific period of time for specific purposes.

            Simply read about the era after the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and you’ll find that the laws in this country detailed who can and cannot be enslaved. Simply read about race science, and these artificial and abstract hierarchical constructions, which never before existed.

            Pull your head out of your a$$

            “Reality has well-known liberal bias.”

            -Stephen Colbert

            “We will never have the elite, smart people on our side…”

            -Rick Santorum

          • Fun Please
          • Cartesian Phantom

            Wow, a Wikipedia link, talking about how dumb people perceive affirmative action to be reverse discrimination, not evidence that affirmative action policies are discriminatory or damaging. Now, how did you go to West Point and not learn that Wikipedia is not a good source? (At best, go to Wiki, review the sources, follow the links.) This proves you never read anything about the subject, otherwise you would be citing really credible data and summarizing the data.

            You’re a joke.

          • Fun Please

            Wow, a dumb comment that supports RACIST SEXIST MISANDRY known as Affirmative Action.
            I’m evidence Affirmative Action is damaging, all the job opportunities lost.
            You really are quite phucking stupid not to understand RACISM damages all races.
            That proves no matter how much you read, you will never have an opinion that has any worth.
            You could research it yourself, or simply use the same standards.
            But that gets in the way of your RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST goals.
            I have lived the subject. I am evidence.
            You are a phucking joke of a person.
            You ignorant phuk.!.

          • Fun Please

            What was your link? A PBS special on the first recorded use of racism?
            And a made up word classism? For phuk sakes child, hold yourself to the same standards, you ignorant phuk.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            No, my source, if you remember, is the Oxford English Dictionary. If you remember, I did not directly cite this source, because most people do not have complete, full access to the OED. It’s not free. However, the NPR is a free article, and it springboards into more complicated info.

            You’re a joke, Frak. You lost. I bet most people reading this insane, stupid thread would come to that conclusion, as well. You cite nothing but make extraordinary claims and peacock about West Point.


            Thanks for the laughs, stupid.

          • Fun Please

            The OED doesn’t have the keys to your victory. Logic and facts do. They are not on your side.
            The source is quality, however claiming a debate victory on a point not contested is sans simple logic. Ffs the point was Racism is a personal belief that one race is superior to the other is spot on. Citing a source that you need to subscribe to (as you apparently do) is not in the commons, and thus not in the meaning of definition.
            Anyone with any logic can see you are an ignorant spoiled left wing RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST hypocrite destroyed completely I’m this debate.
            Hire an Oxford debate professor to tell you so.
            Or ask your mum, you tart.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            “Citing a source that you need to subscribe to . . is not in the commons, and thus not in the meaning of the definition…”

            How stupid are you? Another non-sequitur; the veracity of a source has nothing to do with being subscription based or not. I thought you went to West Point, right? You realize that most of those peer-reviewed academic journals require subscriptions, right?

            Probably not, because you did not actually get the education you claim, or work in the fields you claim.

            You’re clearly stupid, but thanks for the laughs.

          • Fun Please

            I mean seriously.
            You are a true phucking moron.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            You: “The OED doesn’t have the keys to your victory. Logic and facts do.”

            ME: A conclusion is only valid if the premises are true. I cited a correct source that results in a valid conclusion.

            You don’t understand reasoning and logic or evidence.

            Classism has nothing to do with personal feelings. A rich person hate poor people; poor people can hate rich people. But only rich people have institutional power.

            Likewise, personal feelings don’t have much to do with racism, except the fact that the race with institutional power may harbor negative feelings toward the other group.

            I struggle to understand how you don’t get this. Because I’m smart. Not stupid like you.

          • Fun Please

            You clearly are a person who cannot acknowledge RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST Affirmative Action is just that, modern day Jim Crow law.
            You don’t have the morals to admit like affects of these systemic institutional socio economic paradigms.
            Clearly you possess no real maturity.
            What source did you cite that reached a valid conclusion? OED? That’s not a conclusion, that’s a definition. The PBS special? You mean the leftist propaganda? That’s hardly impartial.
            You don’t understand the logic of Equal Affect. It’s like you have no logic. Are you truly that obtuse? I think not, you prefer to play stupid. You do it well.
            The your personally twisted definition of racism proves your RACIST bias. Racism is a personal feeling that one race is superior to another. <—- Definition number one.
            With your rhetoric you are clearly RACIST against whites. And a MISANDRIST.
            "Only rich people have institutional power." Uh no. The voting majority has power. People in those elected positions have power. The local post master (NOT RICH moron) has institutional power. Institutional power is wieled by the person in the position, you ignorant idiot.
            It's clear you are the result of leftist propaganda, and are the classic definition of useful idiot. Enough knowledge to be dangerous.
            It's clear you struggle with simple logic, ethics, honor, or anything truly positive. You probably never even have had a job.
            This is an adult conversation. You don't have any business in it.

          • Fun Please

            Hey dummy, the leftist propaganda used to be institutional power could only be wieled by the dominant race. Now you say just the rich. Those are mutually exclusive in life. Thus non sequitur.
            Of course that is completely wrong, the power is wielded by the person filling the job.
            Example moron: Bammy. Not particularly rich. Black. POTUS 8 years.
            Ffs man you are truly ignorant.

          • Fun Please

            And yes dummy, you got one thing right:
            Rich people have means.
            Freaking brilliant. You truly are a genius.

          • Fun Please

            Something can’t be RACIST, because it attempts to fix a perceived injustice – CP
            Non sequitur. Those two things are not mutually exclusive, as a matter of fact, they are often seen together. Like Affirmative Action.
            You need a class in basic logic.
            Not one in Women’s Studies or sociology. Too many of those classes already attended….

          • Fun Please

            1847 blacks left America to form their own country, Liberia. Average working income, $900.
            Can you fix that disparity, you friggin genius?
            Still waiting for my education….

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Why would you say that the country of Liberia is not as economically successful as other countries, then? I mean, all you have provided us with a decontextualized fact. (I’m being kind calling it a fact so far, since I have not fact checked you.) We need history, sociology, economics, etc. in order to understand the issue. Bring data and analyses. Otherwise, all I can assume is that you think that black people are biologically and/or psychologically inferior (an assumption for which there is no evidence), ignoring all sociological data that can contextualize what you are saying.

            I mean, I don’t know what you want me to say. Do you want to discuss why Eastern European, predominantly white and racist countries, tend not to have successful economies either? Am I supposed to conclude that they failed because they are white? Not pure white? Not the good kind of white? What? I mean it, because I am struggling to understand your non-point.

          • Fun Please

            You are* struggling to understand.
            I don’t fail to struggle to understand you are an anti white RACIST. That’s clear.
            Oh, and your ignorance is clear. Repeating failed fuzzy leftist ramblings has no counter, other than the loss of time.
            For me to educate you, you will have to ask more specific questions.
            At this point I’m guessing a drop to your head at a young age?

          • Cartesian Phantom

            By stating that I am “struggling” to understand your point. i am clearly pointing to how your arguments lack logic. Liberia does not fail or succeed due to the population’s melanin levels. There’s no scientific evidence for this. Zero. It’s a complete non-sequitur to argue otherwise.

            Again, you fail to cite sources and and bring real data.

          • Fun Please

            I didn’t say that’s why they failed, you idiot.
            You did, and blamed me.
            ***That’s a non sequitur***
            Do you understand that???
            Hypocrite: Bring facts yourself.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Frak, you’re barely literate. I said that since you don’t provide us with an explanation, then the only thing I can assume that your decontextualized “fact” means that you don’t care about history, sociology, economics, etc.

            You brought the issue of LIberia up. Now you refuse to bring facts. Then you say that I “blamed [you[?”

            Blame you for what exactly? I didn’t blame you for anything; I simply pointed out what you are doing.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            You cite no sources, bring no facts, so stfu already.

            I did bring facts, moron. It’s called the OED. Remember?

            Did you smoke yourself stupid?

          • Fun Please

            Point out one lack of logic, numb nutz. Just once*

          • Fun Please

            And, of course being the anti white RACIST, you accuse me of being a racist.
            Why did the black slave traders sell the blacks into slavery?
            Did they think they had some biological or psychological inferiority that made them ripe for sale? And to whites of all people. Didn’t they know about the whites?

          • Fun Please

            Affirmative Action = Modern day Jim Crow Misandry
            Did you know that mate?
            Where you at? Missing my education….

          • Cartesian Phantom

            All I see is a stupid cheerleader slogan “Affirmative Action = Modern Day Jim Crow Misandry. I don’t see anything substantive here. Why don’t you share your data concerning Affirmative Action, and then explain to us what your problem with AA is?

          • Fun Please

            “Stupid cheerleader slogan” – ad homien attack.
            Of course a RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST doesn’t see anything substantive with systemic institutional Jim Crow law against the largest minority. Why would you?
            Affirmative Action discriminates in education and employment. Are you really ignorant to those basic facts?
            I don’t like Racism or Sexism against anyone, even white men.
            But I’m more progressive than you.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Where are you facts that AA discriminates? You cite no studies, provide no data. Same stupid and arrogant bluster; your appraisal of your intelligence and honesty and courage is completely unwarranted.

          • Fun Please

            Listen dummy:
            Hiring based on race is RACIST
            Affirmative Action is RACISM and MISANDRY in an institutional and systemic manner in education/employment. Modern day Jim Crow law.
            What makes you think white men don’t suffer from RACIST SEXIST MISANDRY? Do you think they have some biological or psychological difference in them that gives them a magic shield from the same abuses?
            Clearly your bluster comes from yer mum. No original thought in you.
            Thus: you are ignorant to your RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST self.
            Or: You realize it, and don’t have the basic honor to admit it.
            Which is it , you pos?

          • Fun Please

            Hey dummy, when you hire a far less qualified candidate, because of their race, over a better qualified candidate, that’s RACIST. And that’s exactly how set asides work. And quotas. And etc.
            It is not my fault you are ignorant how Affirmative Action works. That’s another failing of yours. But I digress.
            Either you are too ignorant (I’m actually believing that now, no original thought shown by you) to realize your hypocrisy, or you don’t have the intellectual honesty/ethics to admit it.
            Again, your failings as a human.

          • Fun Please

            And you will never see anything substantive that goes against your RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST world view.
            By any means necessary, even if it means total dishosonsty for the cause.
            Human trash.

          • Cartesian Phantom

            Cite sources, provide facts, or stfu already.

          • Fun Please

            You do the same position RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST.
            Do a little research on the modern day Jim Crow laws known as Affirmative Action, set asides, etc.
            All at the socioeconomic opportunity of the largest minority, funded by their tax dollars.
            You could research it yourself, but you are too lazy.
            Not that you would recognize the work. Too stupid, lacking any integrity.
            Get real with your RACIST SEXIST MISANDRIST hypocritical self.
            Growing up indoctrinated left wing. Racism and Sexism very wrong. Then I realized thru education and experience their very solutions were more of the same.
            That’s you. And you can no longer claim ignorance as an excuse.

      • Fun Please

        Hey genius, read Ben’s post on this page.

  • calvet11

    I am trying my best to find something wrong with this video. And can’t find a false fact anywhere. If I can make sense of this why can’t our law makers? I’m trying to find the disconnect between my understanding and their understanding of the same information. I am Baffled!

    • Li

      Law maker can’t make sense of this because of MONEY . Keeping cannabis illegal keeps the big bucks rolling in for law enforcement , for prosecutors , for judges , and for the prison wardens . They will not kill off the goose that lays golden eggs for them .There is lots of money putting your fellow citizens in prison for possessing a plant .

  • BenSamizdat

    In the Emperor Wears No Clothes, Jack Herer points out that the first autos ran solely on Hemp ethanol. Cost 5 cents a gallon. The break even point for Petrol fuel was 25 cents a gallon. The 13 Petrol companies got together and conspired to make Hemp illegal in the 1920’s. Anslinger is an easy patsy but there was a LOT more going on than “racism”, especially considering that most of the first people arrested for possession were white. In fact, the first Reefer Madness films were about white people growing it. But it’s so easy to demonize male whitey for everything wrong with everything. There never was a misandrist in human history, and none of the 20 or so female Pharaohs ever owned slaves or committed genoicide, because that would be inconvenient for the modern narrative. One of the things we should note about the move to make Cannabis illegal is that in the 1850s when there were around 20 different world-Brands selling cigarette packs of Cannabis (Bombay, Grimaults etc), Cannabis was THE major ingredient in Snake Oil medicines, and all of those concoctions had really dangerous drugs like Mandrake, Hensbane, Opium, Morning Glory etc added in. Reefer Madness wasn’t a fabricated meme – there were people going nuts from these medicines, but doctors weren’t sophisticated enough to deduce that it wasn’t the Cannabis that was doing this, it was the witchy drugs. The drive to make Cannabis illegal began in the late 1850s and for the next several decades slowly spread to different nations. As for the facts of the video, where did they get that only “88,000” die from alcohol every year? According to the World Health Organization, between 30 MILLION to 33 MILLION people worldwide die from alcohol every year, and those are just the reported deaths.

    • Fun Please

      Beautiful in it’s unfortunate facts.

    • randolini

      I watched this yesterday on 420 info. It should be shown in every school in America.The illegal hemp part was a gift to William Randolph Hearst, who ran anti-cannabis editorials on the front page of his paper. As the owner of hundreds of thousands of acres of trees, he was afraid that he would have to use hemp for his paper instead of those trees. One acre of hemp will produce as much pulp for paper as 4.1 acres of trees and will do it annually, not every 25 years. The 88,000 is for America only. The first person arrested was Moses Baca, a Mexican. Mr. Caldwell was arrested 2 hours later and was white. They were arrested in Denver,Co, the first state to re-legalize. Talk about irony.

      • BenSamizdat

        It was the Surfers Guild that was bringing in all of the seeds from everywhere during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Nobody talks about them anymore and I wonder why? They were all blond-haired germans for the most part, the “Nature Boys” as the Jazz musicians and newspapers called them. Wiki the “Hippie Trail” and you can see that it basically leads from Germany to Goa India and other eastern stops (like KUSH). This pipeline was precisely how India became loaded with so many VW buses – the many-colored Kombi Bus coverered in flowers for “Flower Power”. Wiki Nature Boys while your at it and get up to speed on just who started the modern counter-culture movement. The Ashrams were called Hivas from which the participants were called Hivvies or Hippies. Most of the Reefer Madness movies focused on blond-haired growers because that was a real meme. Basically all of those Jazz musicians were getting their supplies from blondie and the Nature Boys were the focus of the first dozens of waves of arrests. As for your story about Hearst, I’m not surprised, but at least let’s get the timeline right. Hearst for his part was a member of the Progressive Party supporting the working man. He was famous for hiring “”prima donnas, eccentrics, bohemians, drunks, or reprobates so long as they had useful talents”. Hearst didn’t inherit the timberland from his father until 1891 and the Spanish American War was when President McKinley was bringing lbs of ganja to the troops on the front lines and smoking it with them, so Hearst must have gotton “oozy” as his detractors said after 1932 when he broke from supporting FDR (who was a coke head btw) and joined the far right. I’m pretty sure that American paper mills continued making paper from cotton and hemp until after 1930, and it seems that Hearst was pre-positioning himself for dominance by supporting the Canna-ban ONLY after he had taken precautions with daddies inheritance. Which officially makes him a sleazeball. It’s probably also important to note that he was flying around in Zeppelins with the proto-Nazis, and refused to ever say a bad word about Hitler, and FDR’s New Deal ruined his fortunes (he said) so that he went bancrupt around 1938. After getting humiliated by the vultures picking apart his estate he threw himself into the negative editorials. Potheads probably made an easy target for the bitter old man that became the focus of Citizen Kane.

  • BenSamizdat

    There seems to be a retelling of the Cannabis narrative lately, mostly by the Democrats who adamantly insist that white man was specifically targeting African Americans and Mexicans. They are almost furvid and foaming at the mouth about it. Do any of you know that what Anslinger said has been in dispute for all of this time? He certainly targeted Jazz Musicians, and in specifically said “Swing” Jazz in a few tirades. I want all of you to start doing your own research from now on and stop relying on a condensed narrative that may be steeped in a modern political agenda.

    First, why would the Democrats insist that it was blacks and hispanics that were targeted by the Feds? It is because Democrats were the party of the KKK and Slavery. Go Wiki “Klu Klux Klan Members In United States Politics” and see a long list of Democrat Senators, Governors, Mayors and even Presidents who KKK members. There are some Republicans, but not many. Google KKK bulletins and look under “Images” and see the buletins that they used to put up outside of public meetings to scare people away and control society “The KKK is Watching You”. What was the Anslinger slogan? “Big Brother is Watching You!” What was his other slogan? “Tell Your Children!” Because he was saying that older siblings should look out for younger siblings. Wiki “Reefer Madness” and look at Images and look at the hundreds and hundreds of posters of cartoons, books, movies and propaganda for the Federal Campaign – almost 100% of it is targeting WHITE USERS and WHITE SELLERS. The “Marijuana Cartel” appears in some of them, and Anslingers goons could easily use blackface to make them into blacks or mexicans, but they don’t, because the blacks and mexicans were NOT the ones growing all of this good grass! It was white people! I’m certain Anslinger was racist because he was a punk, but if he was specifically targeting people of color, then why in the hell do we not see this represented in the propaganda???

    The answer is…. because it wasn’t usually there. I mean you can find a Reefer Madness flick or book that occasionally slams black Jazz musicians, but it is rare. The Tax Act of 1937 is one of the cruxes of this discourse. I’m including a link if that is allowable to Anslingers statements to Congress. I can’t see where he ever once mentions blacks or mexicans, but he mentions a number of white criminals who tried to wiggle out of harsher sentances by saying they were hopped up on Marijuana. This is because Anslinger had instructed DA’s and through them the Police to interrogate the perps in a certain way to get those admissions so he could use his patsies Hearst etalia to print the stories so he could use those stories as evidence at these very Congressinal hearings. “Were you in fact using MARIJUANA when you murdered your parents?!?!? You can tell us!” It’s a common tactic. The narrative that Anslinger was trying to throw people of color under the bus is largely a bunch of bullkrap.

    The 1920s were when Jazz music became huge. It was mostly white Jazz players in Swing Bands but there was a growing number of African American musicians who switched over from the Blues to Jazz and started their own Jazz bands and clubs. The vast majority of Jazz clubs had white patrons and white musicians. Black musicians said the white players “honked” their horns instead of playing real music, from which we get the word Honky-Tonks for Jazz clubs. Where could your 4-man Jazz band get steady gigs? In the THOUSANDS of Opium “Joints”!!! Google Opium and Cannabis and see if you can see any of Anslingers propaganda aimed at BOTH Opium and Cannabis, because it was there. In the 1930s, the first racially mixed Jazz groups appear. Anslinger’s tirade lasted from 1930 through 1937. Wiki “1937 in Jazz”, when the Marijuana Tax Act was passed, and see how many black Jazz players were famous. It was mostly whites, right? This is why Anslinger was repeatedly targeting WHITE MARIJUANA USERS. Here is a link to his statements to Congress. Where is this racist tirade we keep hearing about? Because I’m not seeing it. What I’m seeing is a man who made a fortune off of Alcohol Prohibition and needed a new issue to throw his resources behind:

    I’m trying to include a picture or two of the Opium/Cannabis issue, it was inextricably linked. Anslinger’s propaganda had a lot of published “admissions” by Opium users that they were also using Cannabis. If my uploads won’t work, then Google images for yourself. Also, it is imperative that you Wiki “Legal History of Cannabis in the United States” and see for yourself the actual timelines and focuses of the prohibition movement. Wiki “History of United States Drug Prohibition in the United States” and see how many times Cannabis appears to be caught up in the focii on other drugs. Wiki “Prohibition of Drugs” and you can see how many other nations were focusing on Cannabis and when. What is going on here is a modern propaganda campaign by the Democrats to indoctrinate us. Google “The Racist Roots of Marijuana Prohibition” and see who published this: The Foundation for Economic Education or the FEE. Published April 11, 2017. This is a Libertarian Think Tank. What is going on here? Until recently, the Libertarians were pretty cool – they were definitely FOR legalization of Cannabis, but recently they suddenly did an about-face with Governor Butch Otter among the leading figures who CONSTANTLY link Cannabis with Opioid use. What is going on here?

    It is the old divide and conquor routine. Both of our major parties actively use third parties to delute the power-base of their foes. When Gore was running against Bush Jr, the Republicans threw their money behind Ralph Nader’s campaign and Gore repeatedly blamed this gambit for his loss. Lately we have seen the American “Green Party” which has been denounced by European Green Parties because the American group was (ahem, cough cough) FOUNDED BY REPUBLICANS. There are quotes by the Green Party founders who say at first they are died-in the red Republicans, but later when they are exposed they say “I’m an avocado on the inside” (i.e. Republican on the outside, Green on the inside) as if that makes any sense at all. It’s the old divide and conquor routine. Want proof? What was the Green Parties primary campaign platform? “MINIMUM WAGE LAWS ARE BAD”. What…. the…. HELL is that all about? That is a Republican platform masquerading as a liberal platform. But hey – some of you voted Green because it gave you the perception that you had a “choice” right? LOL? Wake up Sheeple! Recognize when you are being used by puppet masters.

    The American Libertarian Party was founded by a broad coalition of Classical Liberals, Minarchists and Anarcho-Capitalists and it is higly factionalized. What has occured recently is that the Liberals have realized they can infiltrate, divide and conquor and they are actively doing so to use the Libertarians as a way of deluting the Republican power base. Suddenly we see all of these Libertarians (a) coming out foaming at the mouth about how Cannabis is bad, which is antithetical to their long-stated platform, and also (b) coming out foaming at the mouth about how Cannabis is not bad and it was white man who targeted people of color in a “racist” pogrom. These are two diametically opposing stances proving once again that the Libertarians are now and always have been fractured and are susceptible to being used by the larger parties. At the same exact time, Democrats are using other media sources to lay out this racist history of how white man was targeting blacks and mexicans. Why is this so important to change history all of a sudden? Because political parties have to “Get Ahead” of breaking issues. Cannabis is slowly but surely becoming legal. Democrats are trying to say that it was the Republicans who always made it illegal in the first place, and Obama’s “white man is bad” meme is their blunt weapon. I volunteered for Obama by the way (I’m a political Moderate, aka “Swing Voter”).

    Why are Democrats desperately trying to retell history? Again – they were the party of the KKK and of Slavery. Recently Hillary Clinton lost and the Dems are realizing that Swing Voters voted for the Devil because Bill Clinton rubberstamped all of Bush Sr’s Free Trade Agreements that outsourced tens of millions of Middle Class jobs overseas. Why would we want another Clinton back in the White House? The last one outsourced up to 50 million American jobs paying an average of $25/hour all with benefits like health care, vacations, dental, sick leave and retirement. Those jobs were replaced by minimum wage jobs with no benefits at all. Clinton threw the Middle Class under the bus and backed over them a hundred times. Without that voting bloc, how in the hell are the Democrats ever going to win an election? Obama only won because 65% of his voters were white – they Swung Over to him because his #1 campaign promise was to fix the Free Trade Agreements and “bring our jobs back home”. If the GOP doesn’t run Mitt Rob-Me, the Great Job Outsourcer himself, Obama doesn’t even win a second term. Without that promise to the Middle Class Swing Voters, Obama doesn’t even make it past Hillary in the primaries in the first term. The Cannabis issue is becoming highly politicized is what is happening. The Democrats are desperate to replace their primary voting bloc with a new bloc and they think they can polarize this country so that the Republicans are the “Party of White Males” and the Democrats are the “Party of Women and People of Color”. That is why they are foaming at the mouth that the Mexican Wall is evil, that the Dream Act should be a permanent rubberstamp allowing 2 to 5 million illegals to cross our southern border. They NEED to rebuild their base and now they are using CANNABIS as a WEDGE ISSUE.

    It only works if you let them get away with it. Ask yourself why Obama, who we know was a pothead because we can see the YouTube videos of him smoking joints in his younger days, why didn’t he do a damn thing to help legalization other than the Cole Memo? The good news is that a faction of the Democrats are admitting that they are about to get behind the Canna-legalization movement. Why else would they be trying to set the table with all of this anti-white propaganda? The writing is on the wall folks. Get ready for the Theatre of the Absurd. If anyone wants to follow the actual chain of history and see who was growing all of the good ganja in America, follow this syllogistic trail: Counter Culture Movement > Hippy Movement > Beatnik Movement > Existentialist Movement > Nature Boy Movement > WanderVogle Movement > Bohemian Movement > American Revolution (was a War for Cannabis as a valued Commodity) > East India company and its many clones such as the Virginia colony > the Spanish/French Cannabis Embargo to ruin Englands Naval Empire and the response by Queen Elizabeth who, on the advice of John Dee, Arthur Dudley and Francis Bacon charged Sir Walter Raleigh to go to the New World looking for new Hemp sources… leading to the creation of the American colonies as a Cannabis growing venture. That’s the syllogistic chain. As a SOURCE of Cannabis, where are the Mexicans in this narrative? Where are the African Americans? This threat only exists in the minds of modern fabulists riding around their Unicorns and tilting political windmills like Don Quixote. There is a developing sophomoric understanding of Cannabis Prohibition and of the general history of Cannabis that is being encouraged by certain parties and it is up to those Elders who know the truths to speak out and set the record straight.

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