Watch This: Three Former Cops Smoke Cannabis Together

Here’s a Strange Buds episode of three former cops having a little smoke session. Before indulging, they do a field sobriety test to show that they’re fully functional and then BAM, BONG IN THE FACE. After a few hits off the glass, the interviewer asks a couple of questions:

  • Have they arrested someone for marijuana?
  • Is it a gateway drug?

Once the questions start rolling, you really get to see who’s who. I’m not saying buddy in the red shirt is an undercover narc who probably arrested everyone once the cameras stop rolling, but I am saying he makes me uncomfortable and I don’t trust him. But on the other end of the table, it feels like the old dude in the sweater was a former hippie and now that’s he’s old and dusty, he’s ready to return home to the commune. Then the guy in the middle, well, he was just way too high for the whole situation. I respect that.