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Which Cannabis Consumption Method Did You Try First?

Which Cannabis Consumption Method Did You Try First?

Nick Elam
October 16, 2015

Blunt? Spliff?
Apple bong? Brownies
? Which of the wide array of cannabis consumption methods
did you try first?

As technology has advanced and legalization has spread, the array of ways to consume cannabis has exploded, flooding beginners with a plethora of options when it comes to their first experience.

And like other modes and methods of relaxation, you always remember your first time! So we asked our Facebook community which consumption method they’d tried first.

The results were fascinating. For those who started consuming pre-legalization, first-time consumption methods were simple: use whatever you can get your hands on.

“Back in the day we would buy a ‘matchbox’ and 4 papers for $5. Shit weed but we thought we were cool.” – Allen Burns

“In the 60s it was big fat joints.” – Omar Bear

“1983 took my first hit of a joint. 2015 still takin’ hits off joints.” – Gram Crackr Scoyone

“My first time was out of a coke can in 1982.” – Dwayne Bratcher

“It was 1972. It was a joint of stems, seeds and some shake.” – Richard Sweeney

Today though, people’s first experiences are starting to look a little different. Glass is readily available and prevalent, and remains a definite go-to for beginners. Joints aren’t going anywhere, either, but vape pens
, topicals
, edibles, and concentrates
are all starting to become an option for first-timers.

New technologies provide the canna-curioius consumer with an opportunity to control effects in ways never possible before.

“Yeah, hard to beat a good old gram size preroll of some good quality bud for taking nice walks in nature. Love my water bong and dab rig for when I smoke indoors.” – Kevin Susnar

“Smoked joints, blunts, cigarillos; now I smoke joints, pipes, bongs and vape pens.” – Steven Mitchell

A few years forward, what will these experiences look like? Could “I tried a banana flavored vape pen for my first experience” become a common phrase? Will first-time consumption methods continue to evolve with technology, or will people new to cannabis try to seek out a more traditional way of lighting up?

Tell us more about your first time with cannabis in the comments below, and be sure to brush up on the different cannabis consumption and delivery methods