What Are You Smoking? Episode 42: Pax Talks Vaping as a Platform

What Are You Smoking? features Leafly experts Will Hyde and Bailey Rahn, as well as guests from all corners of the cannabis industry reviewing strains, test-firing products, offering up pro tips, and answering your toughest cannabis questions.

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What Are You Smoking?

Episode 42: Pax Talks Vaping as a Platform

In this episode: 

Pax makes some of our favorite vaporizer products, including their flagship oil vape, the Era.

For this week’s show, Will and Emily, Leafly’s Sr. Lifestyle Editor, sat down with Pax’s VP of strategy, JJ O’Brien, to talk about picking partners, the future of proprietary cannabis products, and the pros and cons of managing your cannabis consumption through an app.

Tune in to learn more about what how Pax is adding new features like Session Control to classic products, and what more you can expect from the company going forward.

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Strains & Products on This Episode:

AK-47 Pax Pods by Heylo

 Cherry Fizz Pax Pods by Blue River

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Bailey-2048-copy1-240x240Bailey Rahn is an editor at Leafly specializing in cannabis strains and health. When she’s not at Leafly, you’ll likely find her smoking her way up a mountain or playing dress-up with her cats.

10859f1a857586f9ef11419f1635e517Will Hyde is a subject matter expert, strain specialist, and digital producer at Leafly. He spends his free time traveling and exploring creative outlets as a DJ, digital artist, and film producer.

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