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5 Reasons Why Jeff Sessions’ Drug War Reboot Will Fail

May 12, 2017
Attorney General Jeff Sessions addresses the crowd with opening remarks during a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) 360 Heroin and Opioid Response Summit at the University of Charleston, Thursday, May 11, 2017, in Charleston, W.Va. The event, which was sponsored by the DEA, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America and the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy, was held to provide solutions and strategies for combating the heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic. (AP Photo/Sam Owens)
On the day he issued a two-page bid to revive the federal government’s failing war on drugs franchise, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepped up to a lectern in West Virginia to address a conference on America’s opioid crisis.

Sessions sees a nation keening with 52,000 overdose deaths and scolds us for our 'complacency.'

“We’re on a bad trend right now,” Sessions told the audience at the University of Charleston  on Thursday. “We’ve got too much complacency about drugs. Too much talking about ‘recreational drugs.’ That’s the same thing you used to hear in the 80s. That’s what the pro-drug crowd argued then. But we realized from reality—empirical fact, neighbors, friends, crime, that this was not a legitimate thing.”


Sessions Task Force Will Review DOJ Cannabis Enforcement

It was an extraordinary moment. Sessions spoke to West Virginians living in the heart of heroin country, where 864 people were killed by opioid overdoses last year. The conference was all about the opioid crisis. And yet he chose to bang his shoe against…cannabis? (Nobody talks about heroin as a ‘recreational drug.’) This in a state where—only three weeks ago—legislators and the governor proudly legalized medical marijuana under West Virginia law.

Protestors hold up signs awaiting the arrival of Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the DEA’s 360 Heroin and Opioid Response Summit at the University of Charleston on Thursday. (AP Photo/Sam Owens)

After Sessions’ speech, federal prosecutors received fresh marching orders from the new boss. The Sessions sentencing memo, as it will surely be known, orders US attorneys and their subordinates to “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense” in nearly all cases, “including mandatory minimum sentences.”

Those are the sentences that gave America the dubious honor of being the nation with the world’s highest incarceration rate, and did nothing to stanch illegal drug use or prevent the opioid death spiral so many communities are now experiencing. Sessions sees a nation keening with 52,000 overdose deaths every year and scolds us for our “complacency.” His answer? Bring back the days of D.A.R.E., “Just Say No,” and hard prison time for two joints.

This franchise reboot will fail.

  • It will fail because the American people have learned from “reality—empirical fact” that medical cannabis is not a hippie’s delusion. “Neighbors, friends” have confided to other neighbors and friends that, Well, actually, medical marijuana worked for me when I was suffering from (insert here): cancer, intractable seizures, PTSD, chronic pain. Those neighbors and friends are conservative and liberal, old and young, rich and poor, religious and agnostic. They are responsible parents, smart entrepreneurs, hard workers, and morally righteous. They are us.
  • It will fail because science and the federal government are increasingly acknowledging that cannabis offers a rational way out of the opioid crisis. Studies are showing that states with legal medical marijuana programs suffer fewer opioid addiction rates and overdose deaths than states upholding strict cannabis prohibition. We hear daily from patients who have weaned themselves from catatonic doses of prescribed opioids by using moderate, stable, and functional amounts of medical cannabis. Just last month the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the most hardline anti-cannabis agency outside the DEA, posted an acknowledgment that “data suggests that medical marijuana treatment may reduce the opioid dose prescribed for pain patients,” and that “medical marijuana legalization might be associated with decreased prescription opioid use and overdose deaths.” That’s on a website called
  • It will fail because Republican conservatives have turned against it. Medical marijuana and cannabis legalization are no longer liberal-Democrat issues. Data from last November’s election showed conservative voters in deep red districts in states like Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota voting overwhelmingly in favor of medical marijuana. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a red-meat-loving, Trump-backing Orange County (California) conservative, has zero in common with Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a bow-tied, bicycle-riding Portland (Oregon) liberal—except cannabis. Their shared bond over legalization is so strong that the recent budget rider that protects medical marijuana patients from Jeff Sessions is named the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, forever conjoining their names in history.

    Govs Urge Sessions to Keep Cannabis Legal

  • It will fail because state and city officials, local police agencies, and local juries will not go along for the ride this time. State legislators in California, Washington, Colorado and Oregon have already taken steps to make it more difficult for state and local officials to cooperate with federal raids on local residents who abide by state laws and regulations. Cities like Los Angeles and Seattle are preparing to protect law-abiding business owners and their employees from federal intrusion on a number of fronts.
  • It will fail because Sessions may not be in office 12 months from now. There are several ways this could happen. The Russia investigation that continues to bedevil the Trump administration may catch the AG in its ever-widening net. His role in this week’s firing of FBI Director James Comey may cause Sessions as yet unforeseen troubles. And then there’s the strange way in which Trump’s subordinates tend to serve abruptly short terms. See under: Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, and James Comey. Today Jeff Sessions enjoys a position in the President’s inner trust circle just outside the sphere of Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon. But that could change in a heartbeat. It could be something as small as an ill-considered remark that irks the President’s fragile pride. Or it may come in a moment where Sessions must choose between carrying out his oath to uphold the Constitution and his loyalty to President Trump. Ask James Comey what happens when a subordinate chooses conscience and country over boss. Today the Sessions sentencing memo has the power of Justice Department policy. But tomorrow is a different day.

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Bruce Barcott

Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott oversees news, investigations, and feature projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.

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  • wayzupusc

    All due respect to Mr. Barcott as I fully understand Sessions’ anti-drug beliefs on all drugs (including cannabis), but I think it’s a pretty big stretch to label what the AG is talking about as ‘a reboot of the War on Drugs.’ He’s merely stressing that they are going to enforce drug trafficking laws that are already on the books – a 180 to what his predecessor did when Holder literally told them to not go after drug traffickers.

    And let’s not pretend that Sessions & Trump are waging a war against the legalization of cannabis movements. The amounts and types of drugs that call for mandatory minimums are the big-pharma produced opioids, hard drugs like heroin, meth, coke & crack, and the huge amounts thereof. Even with cannabis, no one person in a non-legal state has any need to be carrying thousands of kilos of bud around…if he/she wants that kind of ‘freedom’, let he/she move to a state that is fully legal so he/she has a case to make against the outdated federal laws.

    I am all in, 100% and totally behind the legalization of cannabis. But I also fully support Trump & Sessions in their push to get oxycontin, fentanyl, percocet, dilaudid, heroin, methamphetamine, percodan, ketamine, cocaine, crack and all the other drugs that are actually harmful in serious ways and are truly at epidemic proportions in many areas in this country.

    Trump himself has stated on several occasions that the legal cannabis issue should be left to the states to decide. He and Sessions have larger issues to deal with and the opioid epidemic (and it is an epidemic in MANY areas) is their main focus from everything I’ve read and by their actions.

    Has there been a large increase in enforcement of federal law against cannabis in legal & medical states since Sessions was confirmed? Has he stated unequivocally that cannabis is on their list of drugs they want to “reboot the War on Drugs” for? I haven’t seen it if so….the whole legalization movement seems overly paranoid on all of this from what I can tell.

    • Austin

      Then it’s time to get those laws off the books.

  • Adam431

    I don’t understand why marijuana is still an issue? Don’t we have better things to worry about?
    Fact is if you want to smoke you’re going to smoke. It’s easy to get, cheap and in most places possession of small amounts is really no different than a speeding ticket.
    I live in rural MN and spent high school and the years following smoking dope and booze cruising. I will take meeting a stoned driver over a drunk driver on the road any day of the week. And if I had kids I would without a doubt prefer my kids to smoke weed over drink.

    We need to stop letting these old dipshit politicians demonize weed when they know nothing about it. We elect them to pass laws in our favor and the latest surveys show overwhelming nationwide support for legalization.

    Its time to take our power back and put our foot down to dinosaurs like sessions. Enough is enough and we don’t need our hard earned tax dollars spent on firing up a new war on drugs that’s been proven to be expensive and not work in the past!

    Oh and this all comes from a hardcore redneck conservative. So the article is correct in saying there really isn’t much division on this topic between the classes.

    • Michael Bradbury

      You’re right about most of it, but conservative versus liberal has zero to do with class. the majority of drumpfs backers are poor white rednecks. 😉

      • Adam431

        Didn’t mean class just couldn’t think of the right word.

        I’ll also say this, I’m a truck driver and I run back and forth between Minnesota and Denver not saying every Colorado driver is high but it’s incredible how much of a difference there is between drivers in say the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area and the Denver area. Click your signal on to try and merge 80ft of truck and trailer in traffic, in MN you’ll wait until you force your way over. In Colorado a gap in traffic just magically appears. I don’t know if it’s 100% related to the fact that I see almost as many people with a bowl in their hand as a cell phone but I like to think so. People in less of a hurry and not just thinking about themselves.

        I just really hope our government can open up their eyes and at least remain neutral on the medical and the recreational cannabis. Whether you followed the Democrat or Republican party this last election they pretty much both said they’d leave it be and see what happens and leave it to a states rights issue. But right out of the gate we got to hear sessions compare weed to heroin addiction.

        I don’t currently use and haven’t in awhile but I’ve kept a close eye on the states that have legalized recreational. So far I like what I’ve seen. Not to mention the additional tax revenue it’s creating which can go to law enforcement and education.

        Where’s the bad? I smoked heavily from around 13-14 till I was 24-25. I’m 30 now and I own a house, and my own semi working for myself. Guess all those years of getting high and enjoying being young really screwed my life up.

        • psi2u2

          Fascinating anecdote.

      • hyjyljyj

        Factually incorrect, but if that helps you feel better about having backed a traitorous loser, then go for it. I have four college degrees and am not a redneck, so I’m balancing out a few such as yourself.

    • psi2u2

      It is still an issue because Session’s employer, big pharma, is afraid of it. You can’t patent a plant, and cannabis (among many other applications) threatens opioid manufacturer’s bottom line. Trying to blame cannabis for the opioid epidemic is one of the most cynical lies of the corporate state Session’s represents. This includes the for profit prison industry he supports and, no doubt, profits, from. He belongs in jail.

    • Marnie Culotta

      Marijuana is cheap huh?
      Try shopping in a Nevada dispensary.
      You won’t be saying it is “cheap” anymore.
      The days of the $10 dime bags are long gone.

      • Adam431

        It’ll come around, there’s a few chain dispensaries in Colorado that offer $100/oz specials daily. In MN if you know someone so you’re not paying full retail an oz will run you in the $275 ballpark and if you’re paying full retail more like $400/oz. And remember MN is not recreational and our medical is a joke.

        When I quite smoking 5 years or so ago I was already out of the full blown pothead stage of my life and just smoked to self medicate. I run at a high level of stress and cannabis was an instant way to unwind from the stress of the day and generally made me a better person also did wonders for my anxiety. That being said when I was self medicating an oz would last me a month plus. So even at full retail I consider that cheap medication.

        I know people who drop $50+ in the bar almost every night and I myself spend anywhere between 50-100 on cigarettes weekly.

        I’m sure Nevada will come around. The more shops that open the more competition there will be that the prices will settle out. But I the days of $50/oz Mexican brick weed are long gone. Probably a good thing.

        • hyjyljyj

          A HUNDRED DOLLARS A WEEK ON CIGARETTES??!?!!?!?!?!!??!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??

          Adam muh man. Think of all the WEED that would buy.

          When I was in “high” school, “Mexican” was $15 an oz, “Jamaican” 20, and “Colombian” $40. Of course no one knew where it actually came from, nor did we care. For $15 an OUNCE, it was a far better bargain than beer, made you feel far better, and was far easier to get than beer. Dealers don’t check IDs. (Maybe Congress should rent a clue here and legalize it already.)

      • SeattleJeff

        In Seattle, healthy competition and “Free Market” principles (gag) have dropped the price of good bud down to five-or-six-dollars a gram. Eighths for fifteen. Even the concentrates are coming down in price. Gone are the days of being ripped off paying 40-dollars for an eighth of unknown quality from the street dealer.

    • Gary Craig

      In many areas it IS a big deal getting busted with so much as a seed!

      • Jackson Shredder

        Yeah, Like Texas.

    • Gary Craig

      Easy to get? That depends! It’s not “easy” for me to get. At my age, 59, I have no connections, know no one that has any and can’t find any. So I must continue using my pain meds for chronic pain. By the way I do live in a mmj state, an mmj state not yet, after close to four years, up and running. Now a company not granted a license to grow cannabis wants to gum up the works. Only in Maryland!!

  • rwscid

    Heroin is a recreational drug.

    The correct argument, although not the politically correct one, is the Drug War should end. The Drug War against heroin, meth, cocaine, and every other ‘scary’ drug you can name, including the ones that have not yet been invented.

    Not a single drug, including the worst of the worst, alcohol, causes its users more harm than the harm caused by the Drug War. There are no ‘safe’ drugs or ‘unsafe’ drugs. If we were to allow heroin gumballs to be dispensed in vending machines in elementary schools and cocaine to be put back in Coca-Cola our society would still be infinitely better off than if we choose to continue the Drug War.

    We know this because we have tried it. Babies were given heroin by their mothers. Doctors recommended cocaine. Soldiers were given methamphetamines by the handful to perk them up and keep them driving their tanks/flying their planes safely. The world did not end.

    Regardless of the drug, most people eventually learn how not to kill themselves enjoying it. And the ones that don’t number far fewer than the ones whose lives are intentionally destroyed by Drug War Criminals like Jeff Sessions.

    • Adam431

      Damn right!

    • Boogie

      Seems to me using the term war is defeating the purpose. After several decades of our enterprise of creativity at the Pentagon war is not a popular term or endeavor. They have worn it out to a point where it only has meaning and purpose to those who manufacture and sell all the toys to have war with. No one else thinks it’s all that cool anymore. In fact, it’s the same argument sessions makes and it is not real. It comes from way back in the day when we didn’t realize how dishonest government is and how they go out of their way to get into ours. Without all the details, Heroin saved my life even though it cost me 52 years of it.

    • lovingc

      The only hope to control drugs is to legalize them and regulate and tax them and treat addiction as a health concern and not something to jail a person over. This is working for cannabis the other drugs still have the stigma of killing the users. But a legal market would not allow things like Fentanyl to be added to potentiate and make more lethal. The changes will come but there are a lot of hard heads out their that cant see past the end of their noses.

      • Chuck Elkins

        They don’t want to hear this. Our government the main cause of the implication of any drug use in this country. Come on George Washington himself smoked weed. The heroin epidemic across this nation is absurd. But those like Sessions would rather bang marijuana. Why, it’s us there fighting. U.S. citizens that don’t stand a chance against Big Brother. Why don’t those tyrannical tags go after the Cartels. I’ll tell you why. Because they are cowards. Yep run with your tail between your legs. Be a bully to Americans instead. Alcohol, much worst than marijuana. So try and think clear all you alcoholics in power. The booze has got your heads all forked up. Stupid, stupid politician’s. Pull your heads out of that dark spot it’s in. Treat all drug addicts. You started all this. Gonna tell us you didn’t. I call BULLSHIT!

        • Filet54

          I am a chronic pain sufferer, two failed back surgeries, and took opiates daily for 15 years, worked full time, made good money. After my workers comp insurance company cut off all “medications” and caused a trip to the ER due to dehydration, nausea, diarrhea and withdrawal from all of the assorted medications I was prescribed. The ER doc had the “idea” I might be doctor shopping, but did the right thing and called my doctor and found out that I had NEVER taken more “meds” than were prescribed and NEVER had failed a drug test to see if I had been getting more than what was prescribed. The ER doctor came to me and helped with getting back on track to a level where I could function in my daily activities.
          For me it was a wake-up that the need was to get off the drugs (opiates) and replace the opiates with cannabis. I have, after 3 years of decreasing the opiates myself with the help of my doctor, stopped ALL opiates and have NO DESIRE to use them again. I do have the luxury of living in a state that has had medicinal cannabis for years, and have been a medicinal cannabis consumer since.

          There are bigger issues involved with drugs such as pharmaceutical opiates, heroin, methamphetamine, and cartels growing contaminated cannabis in national forests or public lands and doing substantial damage to the environment, never mind to the unsuspecting user of non-medicinal pot. Unfortunately there was a cannabis cup competition last year that had pesticide residue in the samples for consideration, and after the competition the WINNER was disqualified due to contamination… ( )

          The government, Sessions in particular, needs to get his head out of his butt and smell the herb, as it is coming and will not be stopped.

      • Robert Smith

        That is because their heads are up their asses

      • Portugal didn’t even do this they just stopped prosecuting people and now have one of the lowest drug related death counts in the world. The sad thing about the war on drugs is that the people on drugs are winning.

    • Merlin

      Not only the “War on Drugs”, but the entire Reagan 8 years need to be rolled back.

      • hyjyljyj

        Nixon started it in 1970.

        • etowah

          Well Nixon created the DEA after the CIA pushed LSD into the mainstream. They looked into weaponizing LSD for about 10 years. They wanted to see what the effects would be on a community and pushed it into San Francisco. They had apartments set up to study what went on but it got completely out of hand when Nick Sand and the BEL got involved and pushed it out into the whole country… our government was behind the problem and of course then offered a solution to the problem they created… time after time they create a problem then offer a bad solution! They destroy lives and don’t care. You know that Grace Slick got invited to the White House by one of Nixon’s daughters. She had massive doses of LSD on her fingernail and was going to get it into the punch bowl but someone recognized her at the gate and she didn’t get in… might have changed things, lol!

    • Shoreline1

      Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’m against heroin gumball machines. Would drugs like heroin without the negative consequences be interesting to humanity? And what’s wrong with the psychedelics? Regarding the other issues, well, should I consider the government’s actions in this regard as an act of war? An act of war against myself and my fellow Americans? Saddam never pulled this shit on us. The land of the free has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and we see this as favorable to the citizenry? This is in line with the fundamental principles that our country was founded upon, or this is a line similar to the one Americans revolted against? Can Jeff Sessions be regarded as being “on our side” or an enemy of the the American people?

      • Austin

        Sessions is and always has been a true enemy to the American people.

      • HappySmoke Hancho

        gee, isn’t that obvious?

    • F Michael Addams

      …harm reduction..if only cops had a Hippocratic Oath..

      • HappySmoke Hancho

        but that would require them to be able to read!

  • Michael Coleman

    Sessions looks like he is on drugs. Before we go any further buddy, you are delusional. Pee in the cup please.

    • Jacintho Leite Aquino Rego

      sipping a scotch, cowboy, while planning his war.

      • hyjyljyj

        That’s what gets me. He is not calling for alcohol or tobacco to be illegal. They are both addictive and lethal, yet in some places are still sold in vending machines. Sugar diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US, yet Coca-Cola and Twinkies are still sold in vending machines–even to children.

        Cannabis has never killed a consumer in 10,000 years of human history. And even if it ever does, it’ll still be several million per year behind alcohol and tobacco.

        • maxwood

          $igarettes have killed close to 200,000,000 since 1853, 6,000,000 a year as of 2011 (WHO Douglas Bettcher estimate for tobacco $moking of which at least 94% is $igarettes). Check out Dr. Scott Olson, author of “Sugarettes”, who estimates $ugar may now be killing 15,000,000 a year.

    • HappySmoke Hancho

      Don’t forget to pay $11first.

    • Robert Simms

      Looks more like he’s had a few too many martini’s…all the time.

  • Michael Coleman

    The term Marijuana can be curbed too. It is Cannabis.
    Slang and racist actions need to adjusted, from the top down.

  • Boogie

    The so called war on drugs is just another way to be at war with the population, it just sounds a little nicer. Jeff Sessions is probably a sincere guy, for a politician anyway, he just needs to be reeducated about all the new information that science has uncovered about all the uses for Cannabis. He’s just stuck in a time warp where they misunderstood it and assumed it must be like all other drugs and is at least a gateway to them. That happened when they lumped everything together. It became a so called gateway drug because a person who wanted it had to go to where they sold the real bad stuff. So it wasn’t the drug that influenced people to try different things it was the association of all the other people looking for harder stuff. Sessions needs to get he is in the 21st century and a lot of what was always true in the past turns out not to be so much anymore.

    • lovingc

      I disagree Sessionss is an evil man and wants to spread suffering and destruction on america. He is ignorant and distrusts science. So he is also a troglodyte that has no idea what he is wanting to do. He is determined to go to war with 60% of the country over cannabis. So also not smart.

      • Gary Craig

        The pushback will be something to behold!

      • Jackson Shredder

        I also think that he really thinks he will get away with this !! His time is definitively numbered !

    • F Michael Addams

      ..not to mention that ‘Murcas supposed leader of OUR dept of justice is a small minded racist misognyist bigot..

      • Boogie

        Who is Murcas? Never heard the name before.

    • HappySmoke Hancho

      Hey Boogie, just had to respond to your comment. Jeff Sessions is a twisted demented personality who can never be educated or rehabilitated from his defective thinking. Further I think he’s in pockets of big Pharma. Either way, he has a “mind set” and that won’t change.

  • lovingc

    Sessionss already is in dutch he was recused on any thing to do with Trump’s campaign and the Russia investigation but he still signed the document that Trump first used as an excuse to fire Comey. That is a crime that Sessionss will eventually have to pay for with his job first and then maybe some maximum sentencing to see how he likes it.

  • Rainey

    As Sessions brought the topic to our attention, I’d like to know how many West Virginians died last year as a result of cancer caused by tobacco use? How many were killed by drunk drivers?
    And, how many of those opioid-related overdose deaths were intentional (suicide) as opposed to accidental? How many people will receive an end-stage cancer diagnosis and have to make the choice between dying in untreated agony because the President has taken away their ‘pre-existing condition’ health care coverage, or simply ending their suffering with an overdose?

    • hyjyljyj

      “the President has taken away their ‘pre-existing condition’ health care coverage”

      Ruh-roh. Somebody’s been watching fake news.

      Wise up, Rainey. You were fine until that sneaky lie crept in. If cancer patients are dying in untreated agony, it’s partially because of lack of access to cannabis. The government has known since 1974 that THC annihilates cancer cells. Blaming Trump makes you look foolish.

      Why bring disinformation? Pre-existing is in the bill.

      Chill out till you see the Senate bill.

  • Mr Green

    We know that mass incarceration is not the answer why, you may ask? They (the prisoners) have access to as many drugs if not more in C block. So they’ll continue to them in prison. How about educating them and teach them a trade so they gain some self worth. I realize politicians are unfamiliar with the term “self worth” since they have none. But it won’t happen but they’re all connected so when one falls it like dominos, they all go down. When it does happen I hope I’m eating lunch in my favorite water hole so I can celebrate and buy everyone a drink.

  • Chaddy Liquor Tits

    Jeff Sessions is a failure. Trump fails the U.S. everyday he wakes up and tweets something stupid. Neither one of those pathetic assholes are going to last in government. They’re just waste. The clock is ticking.

  • Robert Smith

    SEssions has his head up his ass on this one. He needs to concentrate on a war that is winable. There is no way in this world he can stop the use of Cannibus. I doubt that he can even stop the use of a single gram. Come on folks get real.This universal problem here in the US (trying to control our Cannibus) is a folly and impossible to do.

    • Jackson Shredder

      I agree Robert. I’m just waiting to see them learn their boundaries. That ought to be fun !!

  • etowah

    It will fail because the “people” will not support it.

  • etowah

    Law of supply and demand. People want it.. someone WILL supply it. Marijuana is out of the barn and they aren’t going to corral it. I am 65yo, live 250 miles from where I grew up and I know where to get pot and acid… I haven’t found any heroin though… and I live in a very conservative part of GA. Abusers are going to abuse, why punish citizens with legitimate needs to try and save abusers??? The government really sucks sometimes. BTW, I am NOT a democrat. I am a conservative but I’m also not stupid and I KNOW my God given rights. No one has the moral authority to tell me I cannot grow, possess, or use any plant of any kind. They are wrong!

  • Paul Sorensen

    The John Hopkins University study reported a 25% reduction in opioid fatalities in states with legal MMJ.
    And…the alternative to legal MJ is: Black Market crime fueled by demand pricing (and underage consumers), un-taxed revenue and unregulated quality issues (pesticides). Regardless of these actions by the fed, “this dog won’t hunt”.

  • nathan ellison

    What’s even more insane is that the DEA is pushing to make kratom illegal. Another plant that goes from leaf to ground powder and nothing else added that is saving thousands of opiate addict is trying to be banned. An herb that no one can overdose from and helps treat the opiate addiction epidemic.

    • hyjyljyj

      They should legalize and regulate kratom, so you could confidently buy products that actually CONTAIN some.

      • nathan ellison

        The only places that have sold kratom that was containing anything else is smoke shops. And those are the places that should not be allowed to sell them and have given kratom a bad rap. Also getting rid of extracts and requiring vendors to have all there products tested like some vendors already are doing.
        I don’t know if you’ve ever purchased kratom but all the vendors I’ve bought from only contain kratom leaf. Now the only additive they were adding to kratom in Indonesia is mocha to make it look greener.

  • stevetdc

    To imply that AG Sessions is dirty and will not serve out his 4 years is disingenuous at best and hysterical Liberal Lunacy. I am a registered Republican and have mostly conservative economic and social views….for the most part. I’m also in my 60’s and have been smoking or consuming cannabis for almost 50 years and advocate legalization & regulation just like alcohol & tobacco. Conflating a discredited political witchhunt with the issue at hand is intellectually dishonest.

    • SeattleJeff

      Sessions, like the rest of the Trump Administration, is a serial liar, racist and bigot and should never be near the center of judicial power. What is it that you don’t get about this corrupt, little man?

      • Izzat So

        Sessions got his job after lying to the confirmation committee. Apparently they didn’t give a damn. Then he recused himself from the Russian investigations… for a little while, until he jumped in the ring to help fire Comey. Lies again. SeattleJeff has hit it on the head; Sessions is a serial liar, but with guidance and pat-on-the-back support from the liar-in-chief, who cares anymore? None of the spineless wonders (R or D) in congress dare upset the apple cart.

    • Starmaykr

      As an African American (with Libertarian leaning Political views) I am personally offended buy your “disingenuous” characterization of this man’s out and out dishonesty. Years ago when people like you and I were smoking Cannabis this same man,Jeff Sessions was an open and avowed Racist. As already noted, he lied at his confirmation for the job. He was forced, only under public pressure to recuse himself in the Russian Hacking Scandal and now in the FBI Director scandal. His involvements being obvious conflicts of interest. Jeff Sessions?! SQUEEKY CLEAN?! You never actually said you voted for Trump but I remember some serious hysterical Conservative Lunacy when Trump led the Racist Birther movement claiming President Obama was born in Kenya!. I have little sympathy for the Democrats or the Republicans. I am forced (kicking and screaming) to admit that so far the rest of Comrade/President Trump’s political appointments have surprised me by not being so bad after all. Haley,Tillerson,Gorsuch,Matis etc. have all managed to contradict most of what Comrade Trump has to say anyway. Jeff Sessions stands out as the one appointment that has managed to actually live up to all of the nightmares we may have already had about this administration.

    • Austin

      Are you also mentally challenged, Mr. Republican?… I’m a “registered republican” also because of the state that I am from, but to call Sessions “clean” would simply be hysterical. He is DEEPLY racist, which can no longer be argued. I.E. KKK-Joke.

  • justadbeer

    Sessions will NEVER change, no matter what evidence he is presented with. We have had a government that can’t/won’t even re-schedule cannabis, even when we had the people we wanted (kinda) in power. No, the best we can hope for is that Sessions gets shit canned just like everyone else in Trumps circle ultimately does.

  • Joe

    5 reasons! there is only one, fitting the same war with the same fail policies of the past last 30 years.

  • hyjyljyj

    Good article—if you can “weed” out the dim-witted drone of liberal talking points. Trump colluding with Russia is a debunked myth without a shred of evidence to support it, as even Democrats now admit. The “president’s fragile pride” remark is an ad hominem attack that contributes nothing and hints at projection of the writer’s own fragile pride. Calling Lewandowski a hasty firing by Trump while forgetting to mention he was hired to do a specific short-term job, which he did almost to perfection (Trump did easily win the nomination, remember?) is less than clever. The prize for loudest laugh is for referring to JAMES FUCKING COMEY as a “Trump subordinate” (he was installed by Fauxbama and tried like hell to hand the election to Trump’s opponent by letting her off the hook for treason, racketeering, human trafficking, perjury, and obstruction of justice…to name just a few of her felonies) and then whining about Comey’s firing, like everyone else on the left who was banging the drum for it until just last week.

    But left-wing liberal Bruce cannot bring himself to exercise any restraint in this regard—even in an article wherein he trumpets cooperation between liberal democrats and conservative republicans. Sad.

    Maybe spark one and chill, bro.

  • lovingc

    The evil hobbit hasn’t heard of jury nullification? This works as long as one pro cannabis person votes not to convict it will hang the jury. There may be push back from idiots on the jury but no one can force you to convict. That is why we have juries of your peers. I know it works I have done it, the cops testimony was not credible.

  • Cause

    Expecting Sessions to stop being maniacal on his drug war is like expecting Hitler, Lenin or the crazy guy in North Korea to wise up. They can’t, it’s the way their brain is wired

    • HappySmoke Hancho

      what brain is that??

    • Jackson Shredder

      Yes Broken is Broken !!

  • Anyone else notice that woman spelled incarcerate wrong on her sign?

  • lovingc

    One reason for failure is that Sessionss is subject to impeachment. He has failed to recuse himself in instances he should not have had anything to do with. He is corrupt and a liar. The Trump administration is spiraling down the drain and will take Sessionss and Pence with him.

    • Jackson Shredder

      Right. I guess when Trump said “Drain the swamp” he was referring to himself and his cabinet also.

  • Trump said it best.

    “A small group of failed voices, who think they know everything, and understand everyone, want to tell everybody else how to live and what to do and how to think,” he continued.

    Trump May 13, 2017

  • Danny Bradshaw

    Hello, let me introduce myself,
    My name is Danny I am a pain management patient as well as a medical marijuana patient So far my doctor has cut back on my meds four times I now take 90 ml of morphine a day and and am in continuous pain, I now use pot to TRY to off setting this issue, but sadly I find that I’m still in pain and to stoned to get up and do my regular house hold choirs. Cannibs is a good medicine for certain issues but for me it seems that all it does is make me so high I no longer care that I’m in pain or that my cat’s litter box didn’t get changed or that I missed taking out my trash to the street because I useing marijuana for pain what I can say is that at least when I was on my opiates I could get up I could do my days work and make sure my cat’s litter box was changed and she was fed I am not against medical marijuana I am against recreational marijuana I am against trying to replace my pain meds with marijuana.
    I’m tried of not getting things done because I have to get high to cutback on pain meds NOT BECAUSE POT WORKS​

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    How many more dead, killed by the police. How many more lives and families destroyed before this Tyranny ends. Enough!

  • Jimmy Dean

    Call your senators, every month, until September. This is the only hope we have, and to continue our daily business as legal cannabis consumers in legal states.

  • Mick Malkemus

    Far more people have died from alcohol than heroin, and it’s perfectly legal. We live in an insane society that has many of its mores upside down.
    If you want to ban marijuana, ban alcohol and cigarettes first, which are proven killers.
    Otherwise Sessions, have your booze after work and RELAX.

  • Steve Batchelor

    introduce a bill too make Medical Marijuana Legal for all 50 states and let the states say if they want it for recreational Marijuana all ready

    • FlunkedAgain

      Recreational Marijuana is over-the-counter Medical Marijuana.

      • Jackson Shredder

        That’s what I don’t get !! Been smoking pot for almost 40 years now and Marijuana is Marijuana. Sure some people use it for medical and some use it for recreational. Marijuana is great for all kinds of ailments and I hope that it has kept me from getting cancer in my middle 50’s. I know that I would never live without it !! Actually when I started at 13 yrs old I was using it to get high but now that I am older it works great for anything I could ever need it for. I have replaced all my pharmaceuticals with Cannabis !! Much cheaper and works great.

  • FlunkedAgain

    Jury Nullification works, and it only takes 1.

  • D wise

    Don’t like the law change it obama had 8 years and did nothing
    Stop whining and do your job we have a lot of big mouths running a bunch of dribble.
    It is simple change the law
    The noise coming from the politicians from these states is pathetic, do your jobs or move over and let someone in who will.

  • lovingc

    Legalization works better than prohibition, to protect children from drugs.

  • SESSIONS “WAR ON DRUGS REDUEX” will fail because WHITE AMERICANS will not tolerate Mass Incarceration of RED STATE family members of opioid use