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Colorado Will Ban Cannabis Gummy Bears

June 10, 2016

Marijuana gummy bears won’t be legal in Colorado starting next month.

Neither will marijuana products in the shape of any other animal. Or fruits. Or people.


Colorado Lawmakers Target Infused Edibles in Fruit, Animal Shapes

A bill signed into law Friday by Gov. John Hickenlooper makes it a crime to sell pot-infused candies in certain shapes.

Sponsors say that gummy bears, gummy worms and chewy candies shaped like fruits are too attractive to children.

Colorado already requires edible marijuana to come with a stamp that says the item includes THC, marijuana’s intoxicating ingredient. That requirement takes effect later this year.


Why Are Legal States Setting More Limits on Cannabis?

The gummy bear ban takes effect July 1.

  • billdeserthills

    Come on, this is just stupid–Kids are gonna eat candy, if they find it laying around

  • Jennifer Eales Clifton

    I agree. The cannabis industry needs to raise the bar here folks. Girl Scout Cookies and Gummy Bears. Has anyone read the Cole Memo people? The Attorney General specifically says, DO NOT MARKET TO CHILDREN. How hard is this people?

  • TexasRules

    Who the Hell knows what’s in this shit!!

  • Rob Woodside

    Now that the Reefer Madness crew has banned gummy bears, their next target is mixed drinks with those little umbrellas. Kids find the umbrellas irresistible. If you are not careful you can poke your eye out with one.
    I’m sure they will ban all alcohol beverages that have sugar. The sweet taste is irresistible to kids and far too many kids end up in Emergency Wards drunk. A great many more than ever got a lethal dose of gummy bears. Think how much healthier alcoholic beverages would be without the sugar. This makes perfect sense, just like killing the gummy bears. Good thing we have the Reefer Madness crew taking such good care of us!!!