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Does Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division Want You to Stop Eating Edibles?

August 27, 2015

The great edible debate continues in Colorado! The state's Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) is proposing changes to the regulations outlining how cannabis edibles should be packaged and labeled. Even though edibles are legal products under Colorado's cannabis regulations, there has been a steady back-and-forth discussion over how safe these products are and how to prevent their appeal to minors.

According to the new proposal, edible cannabis products may soon display a THC warning label. The suggested label would feature a red octagon (similar to a stop sign) with the letters "THC." This symbol seemingly implies that one should "stop" or not consume the product due to the fact that there is THC on the ingredients list.

While the THC warning serves as a moral and respectable caution to any unbeknownst consumer, the idea that anyone should not consume a product because it contains cannabis only furthers the stigmas surrounding the plant. It’s hard to imagine many other product manufacturers, especially those made specifically for human consumption, to put a stop sign, skull and crossbones, Mr. Yuck sticker, or any other symbol that implores consumers to avoid their product.

The idea of a warning on cannabis-infused edibles seems just, but shouldn't the purpose of packaging be a means to inform consumers what is in the products they buy? Educate them and let them make the decision for themselves. Keeping cannabis away from minors is a responsibility that falls on parents and adults, just like alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and other potentially harmful substances and intoxicants.

Marijuana edibles - cannabis infused candy

The proposal, which outlines a variety of changes to Colorado’s cannabis laws, also suggest that the word “candy” be omitted even if they are in fact hard candies, gummies, or other infused confections. This proposed rule change aligns with regulations already in place prohibiting copycat products that play off other established brands, as well as forbidding cartoon characters on packaging and branding to avoid catching the attention of minors. Furthermore, the MED is recommending that manufacturers should no longer be able to purchase bulk candy to then infuse it with cannabis oil and resell it as an edible.

Additionally, under the MED’s recommended guidelines, the packaging for liquids and elixirs are to be limited to a single 10mg serving per package so that dosing is more safely administered.

Before the proposed changes can be recognized as state regulations, the public gets a chance to voice its opinion. If you are a Colorado citizen with a strong opinion on either side of the edible debate, you should plan to attend the hearing at the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver on August 31st. You can also submit your comments in writing — just make sure you get them in before the September 1st deadline at 5 pm.