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House Committee Blocks Medical Marijuana Protections

September 6, 2017
Two days of lobbying by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (left), seen here with Rep. Jared Polis, couldn't save his amendment.
In a significant blow to medical marijuana advocates, patients, and cannabis companies around the nation, the House Rules Committee has blocked protections for MMJ patients and banks that want to serve state-legal cannabis businesses.

The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment (a spending bill amendment that prevents the Department of Justice from using its budget to arrest or prosecute people acting in accordance with state medical marijuana laws), and a number of other proposals, including one to protect banks serving legal cannabis businesses, were rejected by the committee in a Wednesday session that stretched into the night. The actions mean the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, a version of which has protected MMJ patients since 2014, will not proceed as part of the spending package to a vote by the full House. Previous versions of the same medical marijuana protections have passed with wide margins in the House; the current version of the amendment is scheduled to expire at the end of September.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, the California Republican who has long championed the rights of medical marijuana patients, spent much of the past two days lobbying his fellow Republicans to support the measure. As Molly Hooper reported in The Hill earlier today:

At a Wednesday morning closed-door briefing of House Republicans, California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R) implored his GOP colleagues to press House leaders to allow a vote on his amendment. Fellow Californian Rep. Duncan Hunter told The Hill that after Rohrabacher “talked about it this morning in conference,” GOP leaders said “it splits the conference too much so we’re not going to have a vote on it.”

Rohrabacher’s Washington Post op-ed. headlined “My fellow conservatives should protect medical marijuana from the government,” ran in the paper’s Tuesday edition. The conservative lawmaker wrote about the schism between some in his party over the issue: 

Unfortunately, my longtime friend Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, has urged Congress to drop the amendment, now co-sponsored by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.). This, despite President Trump’s belief, made clear in his campaign and as president, that states alone should decide medical marijuana policies.

Rohrabacher followed up with an impassioned pitch to his colleagues on the House floor on Tuesday night. Without the amendment, he said, “we’re changing the status quo in a way that undermines the rights of the states and the people” to set their own cannabis policies.

There’s Still Hope

Wednesday’s action was a setback, but it doesn’t mean the measure is dead. A version of the same MMJ protections is included in the Senate appropriations bill that was approved in July. That means the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer language might survive in the final version of the bill hammered out in a joint House-Senate reconciliation committee.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), the amendment’s cosponsor, noted in a tweet that a vast majority of Americans and members of Congress supported the rights of medical marijuana patients. The House Republican leadership, though, did not want the amendment to proceed to a full House vote. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), the House Rules Committee chairman, used a similar maneuver to block the progress of the Veterans Equal Access amendment back in July.

In addition to blocking Rohrabacher-Blumenauer, Rep. Sessions and the Rule Committee also blocked consideration of a number of amendments that would have improved the state-legal cannabis environment. Those included the amendments proposed by Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) that would have prohibited funds from being used to penalize a financial institution for serving a legitimate marijuana business that abides by state law. The Rules Committee also blocked proposals to protect state-legal hemp programs, ease federal restrictions against scientific research on cannabis, allow the District of Columbia to implement regulated adult-use sales, and protect the eight states where the adult use of cannabis is legal.  

Wednesday’s actions by the House Rules Committee left many in the legalization movement momentarily deflated, but ready to fight for the measure in reconciliation with the Senate. “Unless Congress chooses the Senate budget version, millions of seriously ill patients and the legitimate businesses that provide them with safe access to their medicine will be at risk of prosecution,” said Don Murphy, director of conservative outreach for the Marijuana Policy Project. “This vote is a slap in the face of patients, their families, their elected representatives, and the 10th Amendment.”

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Bruce Barcott

Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott oversees news, investigations, and feature projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.

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  • StopProhibition

    Need to vote these people out…………..

    • Legalize420

      Much more than a vote is needed. We must defend ourselves from these intruders aka feds at ALL COSTS. We cannot sit by and let them destroy lives because they won’t accept their illegal money train being de-railed. This will begin a war in the country as I for one will not just accept being forced to stay sick and suffer and I will not let others around me suffer needlessly. And a doctor isn’t the 100% go to answer.

      Just voting will never be enough. A STAND must be taken. It was with that poison they let everyone use called alcohol that’s the REAL CAUAE of VIOLENCE, RAPE,Disturbing Communities and people, causing accidents and death among other things. We can not just let this go. We must gather anyone who cares about freedom and take down and protect others suffering needlessly.

      Before I say more ima end this. Just saying to make change like full legalization it’s gonna take another pro cannabis president similar to but not like Obama. He SHOULD HAVE done it. Canada will be the place to live and I don’t know about the rest if you, but I’m ready to jump border into Canada after legalization begins.

      It’s the opposition that fights it that’s the cause for violence surrounding cannabis. There’s NOTHING safer that’s beneficial AND PART OF the human body that can help anything as much as cannabis can and we cannot let some old fuck, Christie, and other brainwashed thoughtless scum who are hypocrites drinking booze than rallying for ending and screwing with peoples lives.

      There’s NOTHING more medically beneficial than cannabis is and it’s not a “CURE ALL” but it’s the closest we have to a cure for cancer and other horrid “uncureable” illnesses. I’m glad to see people upset but there needs to be RAGE over this not just acceptance, that’s what I’m trying to say I guess. Regardless, positive vibes and stand up for others and what is right. I for one am pretty I’ll and not terminal or anything yet but I will fight anything done by sessions to dismantle the system till im dead. Peace out and long live the Cannabis Culture!

      • Whodafuqisyou?

        I am sick and likely to die soon. I will take up arms to die for something I believe in.

  • BLazed

    It just needs to be reclassified like alcohol and then Sessions has no choice but to follow the new laws. End marijuana prohibition or get the fudge out!

    • Lastrealindian

      Right fing on!!!

  • Now, go look at the ‘representatives’ that voted to block this, and am about 99% sure
    that they have PAC and lobbyists money coming in from Big Pharma. Term limits and
    these career politicians would not become millionaires off the backs of their constituents.
    And is not as easy as just voting them out of office, as most voters have short memories and
    are easily swayed. We need them to know they ain’t getting rich off the American people.

    • Ragin Rawzi

      To late there’s no changing or going back now this is the direction of the country. The 60:s were simpler times and it wasnt legalized then ot osnt hoing to happen anytime soon. They want vsping banned again ffs lol that will be next and then hemp.

      • J Davis

        Unfortunately it’s not, Sessions won’t rest until he gets what he wants. He is by far the most outspoken enemy of MJ on the planet. When Trump picked him as AG, people knew he was coming after the medical MJ industry. I fear by midterms he will have already conducted raids and arrested tons of people.

        • MV 1967

          It is too late. Sessions will fail. He does not have the support of local police.

          • Herman A

            And that’s 95% of it, right there. The only real question is, who earns the revenue? Black market or mom and pop? Because the weed is going to be sold.

          • Whodafuqisyou?

            Or the people. We will revolt.

    • JonG

      I used to think like the Congress people generally do about medical marijuana. Once I understood through research what the medical marijuana community is really needing then I changed my stance.

      By and large, the medical marijuana users don’t want the high as much as they want the medicinal effects of the MM. The CBD oil with negligible THC in it is now being produced in many states with very low THC (< .3%) and high CBD levels and is very helpful to those needing the pain relief effects. This oil comes from the industrial hemp plants and enforcement of those laws, is constantly verified by state and independent laboratories. As a law abiding conservative citizen I see only positive effects for the growing, harvesting and processing of CBD oil from industrial hemp.Hemp growing should be allowed in all states and stop the federal enforcement!!

      The reason that the Congressional folks think this way is because they do not understand it. They perceive that it is just a bunch of stoners wanting to get high and use MMJ as an excuse to do that. Granted, there may be a lot of them but in my network I know people that are using CBD oil instead of them taking pharmaceuticals that only get them hooked (opioids). IT WORKS!!!

      One comment in this thread said that the Congressional folks are being paid off by big pharma and I absolutely agree with them. The rules the 535 people live under are only legal theft.

      As an example, did you know that insider trading is illegal for all of us but it is perfectly legal for those in both houses of Congress. Have you ever wondered why a fresh Senator or Rep gets elected and is a normal person with a normal income only to be a multi-millionaire just a few years later! That is why they are able to mask the earnings under the lobbying or PAC influence laws. They just get the funds in a different way. Insider information that they act on! If they declared the income as they should then they would be nailed for exceeding the limits of the law for peddling influence !!!!

      By the way, guess who is responsible for them passing laws on their salary hikes, insider trading laws, etc. THEM!! See a problem here????

      • Ragin Rawzi

        I vape straight hemp cbd juice and the feds want both these banned its a joke as is our fake freedoms and fake government officials and fake so called patriots.

      • Deb Kelly

        I have cervical spondolytic myelopathy. In other words, lots of ice cold/burning/ numbing nerve pain entire right side. I tried hemp CBD oil…NOTHING. NADA. There are high CBD strains of cannabis that offer me moderate relief and help reduce the anxiety of the constant pain. Also, know that there are cannabis strains grown to produce high CBD with a small percentage of THC, which potentiates the pain-killing effects of the CBD. More and more strains are being produced for this purpose and that are indicated for specific disorders and diseases. The sheer volume of different strains is amazing.

        • Zsuzsa

          Deb, I’m sorry about your condition and empathize as somebody with chronic pelvic pain. I just wanted to echo what you say about CBD alone or high CBD strains. I’m new to mmj and it’s changed my life for the better. Profoundly. In experimenting with strains, I’ve discovered that some THC is really important. Sometimes even high THC. The anxiety and depression associated with chronic pain really respond the THC. Medical providers and legislators really need to understand way way better how cannabis has helped real people. I made two suicide attempts before I tried cannabis because I suffered from so much pain, and no opioids, no Xanax helped; they almost killed me.

          Sometimes I just want to whack these people over the head and say, hey, look at me: 60s, tiny munchkin with grey hair, never used illegal substances my whole life (and a Berkeley grad, mind you), super law abiding my whole life, pay my bills, taxes and library dues on time, bicyclist who always obeys traffic laws, even. And I always vote. Suddenly, Big Pharma stops getting my hard-earned dollars and I’m worried that Sessions and his band of troglodytes will ruin my health. Literally. Now, THAT’s criminal!

      • Tek

        The congress people are thinking like big pharma. Look at insys a company that donated 50k in arizona against cannabis. This company has been given greenlight to sell synthetic (Syndros) THC… THC has its own healing properties like CBD cannabinoid.
        Google Rick Simpson and see what I mean.

    • SandyLester

      Big pharma has permission to study cannabis from the doj.
      Blame the cotton industries, the use of hemp for fibers will destroy them.

      • Gary Hill

        also logging

      • rogerrramjet

        Big pharma has NEVER needed permission to study cannabis. They could easily do it anywhere on the planet. Big pharma does NOT want this UNLESS they can get the only contracts to use it as hugely inflated profits, Private prisons do not want legalization, The DEA does not want it, They all prefer billions of taxpayer dollars wasted on a destructive “drug war” in order to line their pockets on the misery of our citizens.

        • marie


        • Whodafuqisyou?

          It is time to take up arms against this very unamerican tyranny.

    • marie

      Absolute Truth and very good theory. Big pharma practically owns this country.

  • Legalize420

    Funny, I posted a long reply attacking sessions and it never was posted. Funny isn’t it? Free speech my ass. I’ll say it again… Sessions, my life is NOT as important as everyone else’s especially those suffering also. Go attack drunks who beat their wives and yell and scream and threaten people or rape em. Duchebags.

    I am going to get something going to help spread cannabis seeds as far as possible to as many as possible. You insatiable lust for suffering is disgusting and I’m NOT posting any pics or shit this time but, as my non showed pic said…


    This is sessions mostly doing everything to influence everyone he can as well as support and back ANYONE who wants people to suffer so their money train can keep running. We’ll, until I’m dead I will not and I will influence anyone to oppose your bigoted, racist, Bible bumping southern fuck and that goes for anyone who supported or supports you. IF trump fired Sessions, I GUARANTEE his approval rating would rise, but if sessions turning his back with no lasting or real repercussion makes me sick and he’ll never be fired until we get a new president.

    We NEED TO UNITE HERE AND NOW! ANYONE who supports patriotism and freedom NEEDS to do EVERYTHING in their power to make sessions job and existence as miserable as possible. He doesn’t have to deal with repercussions from his “rules” and anyone with a personal agenda and it knowingly going on should NEVER be in any position of power especially AG. I know that doesn’t happen but it needs to. America is turning into Russia and Sessions is Authoritarian NOT Democratic and this country is running Authoritarian. You guys need to realize this and vote out and oppose ANYONE who has or shows (past or present) bias or bigotry in any sense.

    We cannot let our right to live healthy be torn away and all the hard work over the past 30 years ripped away because of one old fucks bias trying to have it spread all over like a virus. Do NOT BE TAKEN IN. now some people will see this.

    This IS sessions and a result of all his bitching about nothing. States have the right to ban what they want yet can’t reinstate things? Tell me where that sounds Democratic or American or patriotic or anything but a authoritarian dictator like situation? Anyway, I beg you people.
    I can’t be the only person who cares more about others and our rights than my own self and position. SOMETHING MUST be done. We can not just accept this racist bigoted actions…

    Peace out from a FreedomFighter, True non Native American and Patriot for Life

    • Kenn

      I maintain that cannabis was criminalized, on a lie, and should never have been ilegal. It’s classification is also a joke. I don’t have a big problem with Sessions, but on this subject he is completely wrong and I totally disagree. The feds should legalize cannabis, at the very least it should be de-criminalized. Trump is right in making it a state choice.

    • Austin

      Hell, I’d rather live in a world with straight-up potheads than the intoxicated world we currently enjoy (lol NOT)…

  • Ragin Rawzi

    If you have a MMJ card and own a gun they will be coming for you

    • Lastrealindian

      They WILL have to pry it from my cold dead hand!

      • Ragin Rawzi

        Aim better and they wont have to. Live Free Or Die Tryin

    • F1ahughes798

      Good! Those two things do not mix well. Choose one. How hard is that?

      • Ragin Rawzi

        Why dont they mix well? You can be a drunk and own weapons

        • F1ahughes798

          And that’s a shame. Sometimes you gotta make choices in life. The constitution guarantees your right to own a gun. I doesn’t guarantee your right to be high(or drunk)and own a gun. Drugs and guns are generally not a good combo. It’s like saying it’s okay to drive drunk or high.

          • Ragin Rawzi

            Its not anything like the two. Responsible sane people dont kill people because they are high on thc

          • Ragin Rawzi

            Also my states constitution was ratified to grant me both those rights as a proven sane responsible law abiding disabled citizen and since we have not been united for sometime my law is my states law until this country comes or crumbles to the ground.

          • max’s pad

            Or drive with a machine gun attached to the rear to deal with tailgaters.

          • Ragin Rawzi

            How does that even remotely have anything to do with this discussion. You all make it sound like sane people who own guns become violent just because they drink or use thc. Sounds like a lot of you are just plain afraid of people on general. Not everyone who gets high sits there with evil thoughts of doing harm to others because use they own a weapom ffs.

        • max’s pad

          And look how that turns out so often. No don’t become like the evil we oppose.

          • Ragin Rawzi

            Again sane responsible people dont shoot people becauze they own a gun and use thc or drink

        • MV 1967

          Use your smarts man!

          • Ragin Rawzi

            Again, i do, because sane responsible people dont shoot people.

      • Timothy j flath

        The fact that weed is classified right up there with heroin is ludicrous, big pharmaceutical co know weed helps people with all sorts of illnesses but if it were legal they could not sell all those wonderfull pills that got this country into it’s biggest health problem since aids, weed is an exit drug, it helps people get off all those pills and they know it, if they can’t make mony they oppose with all there billions they made on the suffering of people, they should b lined up against a wall and shot, and with this opioid epidemic raging in our country I would think the DEA would have much higher prioritys then going after people who smoke, damm it alcohol is worse 4 u, tobbaco 2, it’s all a scam and a lie, as 4 Sessions he has a stick up his add. T flath

        • F1ahughes798

          I agree with you completely. Weed got me off alcohol, it was like flipping a switch. I also use those “wonderful pills,” as I have MS, and all the pot in the world will not kill that pain. Believe me, I tried everything , for 10 years, before I got a scrip for those pills. They work. You just have to be very careful with them, and use only as directed.

  • Lastrealindian


    • marie

      Wish they would somehow read these wise, educated comments and get a clue

  • William M Popper

    ..Home of the Free, Land of the Brave…

    • Ragin Rawzi

      We haven’t been free for some time and a good portion of fhis country is far from brave.

  • J Davis

    People thinking Trump means what he said before about MMJ can forget all about it. Like most things he says, he was talking out his ass at the time. I lived in AZ for a few years and was a MMJ patient. When AZ voted for legal MJ, the makers of prescription painkillers poured millions of dollars into lobbying against it…running non-stop ads on tv and radio about how it is a gateway drug…(something Sessions truly believes). Sessions purposely doesn’t want this amendment to pass, so that he can start raiding dispensaries, arresting growers, and patients, so that he can fill all the new private prisons he and other republicans are HEAVILY invested in. Just watch, he will go after legal states first, like Washington, Colrado, Nevada, and Oregon…then he will go after medical. He has already been begging for money from congress to conduct raids, because he says, “states don’t have the right to break federal laws, so I want to concentrate on these felons”….. Stay tuned

  • John Granacki

    It’s ALL medical. Some have it prescribed and some get it over-the-counter. The biggest criminals in our country are the legislators, cops and judges who continue to oppose freedom and all that America stands for. Forget the Gallup Poll; these jerks need to be strung up on a gallows pole! Jeff Sessions first.

    • Austin

      I agree if it’s THC and/or CBD anything that it’s just medicine, period.

  • Linda Vee Sado

    I think part of the problem is that it it presented even by the medical dispensaries as a fun thing instead of serious product. And horrible names for strains Like Thunder fuck. Come on. No wonder so many don’t take it seriously. It things were toned down and presented more professionally and at least given more botanical names it might help.

  • Larry342516

    Billions of dollars will be lost by Big Pharmaceuticals if medical marijuana gets on the market. Do they care if their harsh drugs kill people? No, as long as they keep filling their pockets. What these house committee officials seem to forget is they are blocking cures using marijuana. Keeping other less harmful drugs off the market is killing others and maybe themselves down the road. Lobbyists paying politicians needs to stop with Jail Time.

  • MV 1967

    Complete idiots!!!

  • John Pack

    Isn’t Government supposed to work for the people not against them. Our government is acting like a dictatorship.

  • Mr.&Mrs.F

    Marjorie post: And Washington, DC will allow an individual to GIFT a certain amount of Marijuana to anyone in that District. Our politicians SUCK so much their ratings are off the charts. Must be that the politicians vetoing this just need some more time to figure out how they can put themselves in the flow of cash before they will pass the protections. Medical and Recreational Marijuana should be legal in all 50 states.

  • Anton_Zilwicki

    Midterm elections coming up. Make a note of those threatening your well being and vote accordingly.

  • John Matsukes


    • Rainey

      Love this! I’m stealing it ;-P

  • rogerrramjet

    I’ve come to the conclusion YEARS ago, republicans are just plain MEAN. I have no idea why they want to destroy democracy and install a one party rule and establish a dictatorship. For a party that whines about the Constitution not being followed they sure want to destroy EVERYTHING that it stands for and those who would defend it. And now doing everything to make sure legalization is stopped.


    DEA budgets? Private Prisons need more people as the pot population drops in almost all states. Herr Sessions the avowed racist and all around charter member of SPECTRE jackhoole is so anti America it is beyond all sane rationale as is this republican bunch of old white men. This is about several things. RACE being one of them. Stop and frisk and send to prison. IF you people DON’T get out and vote this time around I fear we may actually see and I sincerely hope not, the end of this democracy. If the gerrymandering, Jim Crow laws, FEAR, intimidation of voters etc keeps up we will see a dictatorship installed either with the two losers we have now in the WH. or someone worse.

  • familyguy

    Is this committee representing the majority of the American people or just doing what is right for them? 2018 elections are around the corner Vote out all the members of this committee that are up for re-election. GO VOTE, its your only chance to replace old gizzards with folk that age and thoughts are with the majority of Americans. Trump should have got rid of Sessions. Trump is not keeping his promise and need to be voted out also when the time comes. He is simply not keeping his promises especially on cannabis, which he has not mentioned since being elected.

  • CycleAZLindyB

    So what does this mean for MMJ patients? Or potentially mean if the senate version doesn’t pass either.

  • James Hurt

    Just want to share a little personal insight on just how marijuana has affected and played a role in my life…

    It wasn’t until my sophomore year in high school that I was ever really introduced to Marijuana. Foresure when I started using it was all about the relaxing euphoric effects, or the buzz most people call it. Since that time for the past 25-26 years or so now I have and continue to use cannabis on a regular basis. And yes, yes I am one of those that likes the effects you get from the THC. And for myself and many others like me, feels way better than the room spinning and vomiting all over the place like alcohol does. And for myself most pharmaceuticals don’t bother me to much, but not everyone and the effects of many of them feel horribly worse than that of Marijuana (THC)…

    From day one I knew that it helped with stress… I know (STRESS??) you’re 16 you don’t know stress yet, but don’t judge life’s curve balls can be hard as an adult let alone for a juvenile. It opens me up and still helps tremendously with my social anxieties, I’m more attentive and interactive even with my family, and here’s one for the myth “BUSTED” pile… If you medicate right, it actually helps with my depression and keeps me outta that bed feeling sorry for myself, doesn’t cause depression like I’ve heard so many people say it does… “IT’S TIME TO RE EDUCATE”…..!!!!!

    The greatest thing cannabis has done for me. It literally saved my life one time.. After of course hurting my back at work unloading a furniture truck, doctors, scans of this and that, blah blah I’m addicted to Hydrocodone 10-650’s big n’s 150 cnt a month. Selling em and buying them on the streets a real piece of crap junkie no joke… I’m for real hurt too, 2 herniated disc’s L4&L5 both operable chose not to. My ultimatum was pain management and deal with whatever pain, or surgery no pain but never be able to bend over far enough to tie my shoes or put socks on. Screw that, I’m gonna continue to be a junkie for a few more years pills had me locked down. Lost everything in my life that meant anything to me, a girl that was probably the one. It destroyed my entire life, my whole world…. I finally saw, criminal record helped with that.. Wasn’t me in the mirror sick 50-60 lbs under weight, probably dead if I continued on or in prison won’t rule that out… I decided that day that I was getting back to my roots (no pun intended) and going back to being strictly green again. I’m better now, it helped me thru the harder days of detoxing, and really happy to say I learned that it helps to relax my back muscles and also helps a great deal with the pain.

    It’ll be a fight, maybe even get worse before it gets better. But look at what has been accomplished around the country and still yet more and more states taking baby steps into the proverbial light and looking at the possibilities of at least its medical benefits. I for one support the legalization or even decriminalization in our country. As I am sure so many of you posting and commenting here do, and we’ve all come together across the nation united and our voices are being heard. Three separate awesome Vacations in Colorado, ever been in a marijuana dispensary?? I have, and in America… We’re being heard… We just have to continue to stand together and keep advocating let people know they aren’t alone, there are so many others across the U.S. standing up and saying we’re not hiding anymore. The more of us that unite, the more they can not ignore us…. Someone had commented it isn’t as simple as just voting them out, or something to that effect…. And they are absolutely incorrect it is in fact just that simple, doesn’t happen overnight but in time you replace them with politicians with a solid platform but is Cannabis friendly I mean that is pretty much how states like Colorado have gotten where they are today in the way of Reforming their Marijuana Laws.. We have the power as many, I hope that one day many Americans will remember that again….

  • Karol Hudson

    If the public will vote the “NO’s” out of office, the public needs to know the names
    of these “NO’s”……. The author of the article totally failed to inform the public, it
    makes you wonder whose side is he on ????

  • Brian Caszatt

    Let the republicans show what they are, midterms are coming and it takes nazi tactics from politicians and cops to PROVE we need to stop voting parties, and instead vote individuals. Cannabis isn’t a left/right issue, it’s informed vs. Ignorance… Enlightened vs. Govt. Loving enslavers… Let no prohibitionist win in just over 14 months from now.

  • 360dunk

    I wonder if these anti-freedom fools who call themselves politicians realize just how effective cannabis can be as a medicine. I’ll bet if Sessions or one of his clown friends comes down with an agonizing case of cancer, he’d be singing a different tune. Jeffery-boy would wilt away, weigh 90 pounds, and then beg for herbal relief…..the same herbal relief he’s so ignorantly opposing today. I wish that monkey would wake up and see how beneficial marijuana is, or better yet, retire.

  • Rainey

    Blocking the legalization of cannabis is a way to continue a profit stream to law enforcement, Big Pharma and the private prison industry. Making cannabis illegal was originally about protecting the profits of the lumber industry, which provided paper to the media (back when newspapers were the primary form of communication). Hemp makes excellent paper, and William Randolph Hearst owned forests that sold the paper his newspapers were printed on. It was also a way to stoke the fires of racial hatred for Latinos, who were even then “taking jobs away from Americans”. In spite of Southern lynchings, establishment whites were terrified of what African-American voters might accomplish, especially at a time when pot-smoking jazz musicians were becoming popular and respected by progressive ‘hip’ whites. Now add in Harry Anslinger, a powerful government bureaucrat with a craving for personal power, who was more than happy to get on the anti-cannabis bandwagon.
    Things haven’t changed much in the past 90 years. Big Pharma relies on sales of extremely profitable pharmaceuticals that can often be replaced by a plant grown in the yard. Private prisons need a stream of low-level non-violent “criminals” to stay in business. Law enforcement relies on fines and asset forfeiture from cannabis arrests to fund coveted big-boy toys it can’t otherwise afford. And all three groups buy an endless stream of lobbyists whispering in political ears about keeping the Evil Weed illegal.
    They’re losing the battle, but they won’t go down without a fight. The garden gnome at the head of the justice department is doing his best to reverse the progress of cannabis legalization. Our president swings whichever way the winds blow. States’ rights has become a hot-button issue again, with the feds demanding support from local and state law enforcement agencies — not always successfully. Statistics and science are easy to ignore when money is involved.
    Damn few people will get rich off legal cannabis. To the federal government, this makes it the most ‘dangerous’ drug of all.

  • muggins5

    Ain’t you happy, Jeffie. Sleeping well? It’s fun having power and being cruel! And unknowing (ignorant).

  • Morgan McNeece

    Holy F**k after reading this article it sounds to me like these champions for state’s rights and fighting for us as patients went in there with their best foot forward to get these bills voted on which I’m pretty sure is the way it’s supposed to work and the head of the rules committee was like “these things cause arguments so we’re just not gonna talk about it” This has become a country of people who are a bunch of sensitive and it seems as if the tactics of those of us who are willing to stand up for what is right have to change our tactic in fighting these unjust laws. When we come with our argument in the appropriate ways then they just shut us down by telling us its too much for them to handle.

  • C Kaye

    Our government would rather see us all suffer than enjoy the life we should be living. If our elite and wealthy really cared, then there would be no issue of medical marijuana. Instead they want you to slowly deteriorate, be confused, unsure and weak. Is alcohol medicinal? Talk about out of
    control, pharma and alcohol are what we are given for recreation, because they know it is killing us. We are not humans in their eyes, just rats in a cage. If life was good and they cared, then it would be prime and beautiful, it is nothing more than a battleground with millions of lost sheeps

    • Lastrealindian

      C Kaye, Yes, our governments, state and federal both are responsible for their stupid ways they deal with marijuana because the voters keep voting for the same old turds to keep running our states and country. The fing Feds should never have given in to Dow Chemicals so they could replace hemp products and hemp made clothing with a “chemical” that dries into a material they use to make pants and shirts and other things; and use up all the Old Growth very large trees and start on the new growth. Very large newspaper companies on both the East and West coasts, along with chemical companies were all represented at a Congressional Meeting with backroom pay-offs to do away with “hemp”. That would also include marijuana. So it was crooks buying off crooks. And, by the way rich people are not responsible for anything the government does. Yes, I do believe the elite and wealthy care about others with life not so great. But, as you have done, belittle and berate the rich, so goes all liberals and snowflakes. Jealousy is sad. You are like the other lefties…you just have to have someone to put down.

      • C Kaye

        thank you my friend for the insightful and very intelligent response. But you put down people in the first sentence (old turds) so what are you really trying to say. Besides you don’t know who I am or anything about me, one thing is for sure, I am not going to insult you because I know you are probably very well educated and have your point,

  • Terry Burchfield

    My question is WHY has Leafly no started a Ignore Big Pharmacy Company Lobbyist Letter to the house and senate let them know the people see them lining their pockets at our expense.

  • Whodafuqisyou?

    The next revolutionary war will be over cannabis. Mark my words.

  • MV 1967

    Evil Republican bastards!!! Go to Hell!