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Indiana Prosecutors Insist Cannabis ‘Is Not Medicine’

November 8, 2017
Terre Haute, Indiana (peeterv/iStock)
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s county prosecutors remain vehemently opposed to any form of marijuana legalization and insist the plant “is not medicine” amid a push by a conservative state lawmaker to have it recognized as such.

The Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys argues any type of marijuana legalization would come with grave consequences in a letter sent to Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb’s administration. The letter, dated last week, was publicly released Monday.

“Reports abound of efforts to legalize marijuana in the state of Indiana,” wrote David N. Powell, the association’s executive secretary. “We respectfully ask the (administration) to formally oppose the legalization of marijuana in any form, for any purpose.”


Liberty, Jobs, and Freedom: How Cannabis Became a Conservative Issue

It comes as state Rep. Jim Lucas — a media-savvy politician better known for his outspoken opposition to gun restrictions — says he will “100 percent full-throttle” pursue medical marijuana legislation.

The libertarian-leaning lawmaker from Seymour faces long odds during the session beginning in January, but the fact that a Republican is so vocally pushing the measure marks a significant change.

Reached Tuesday for comment on the prosecutors’ letter, Lucas said: “The gloves are off.” Holcomb’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although federal law still considers marijuana illegal, more than half of U.S. states, including some conservative ones, have legalized medical marijuana for the treatment of certain conditions.

“This is what pisses me off: we got 29 states that are ahead of us that have shown the benefits,” Lucas said. “Can it be abused? Sure, anything can be abused. But since we know this can save lives, why do we want to continue to risk the quality of life, or the wellbeing of innocent people, just because some might go out there and abuse it?”


The Biology of Cannabis vs. Opioids for Pain Relief

He suggested medical marijuana could provide an alternative to addictive painkillers.

The prosecutors association disagrees. They also say those who argue that marijuana can be used as medicine are relying on “half-truths and anecdotal evidence.” But that’s at odds with scientific studies that have found marijuana can treat chronic pain and ease nausea from chemotherapy, among other medical issues.

A federal advisory panel said in a January report that there are likely medical benefits to marijuana, but also potential risks that need to be researched more.

Powell said in his letter that a Food and Drug Administration review is the only “legally recognized procedure for bringing safe and effective medications to the American public.”


Here’s What the National Academy’s Medical Cannabis Report Actually Says

“To date, the FDA has not found marijuana to be either safe or effective medicine for any condition,” he added.

Last year, Indiana took baby steps toward adopting medical marijuana after Holcomb signed a law allowing those with a form of epilepsy to use cannabidiol, often referred to as CBD, which is derived from cannabis plants but lacks the stuff that will get you high.

The prosecutors association opposed the measure.

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  • malcolmkyle

    Jesus specifically told his disciples to “anoint” people. That anointing took place using a specific formula made from a recipe found in the Old Testament book of Exodus.

    That recipe (Exodus 30:23) includes about 6 pounds of “kaneh-bosen”.

    According to many biblical scholars, “kaneh-bosen” was/is Cannabis (Marijuana).
    Most of the diseases mentioned as being healed miraculously after anointing are, curiously, the same ones that cannabis can heal today. Things like epilepsy, leprosy, and “crooked limbs” (an obvious reference to multiple sclerosis).

    Exodus 30:
    23 Moreover, the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even 250 shekels, and of qaneh-bosm [cannabis] 250 shekels, 24 And of cassia 500 shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: 25 And thou shalt make it an oil of holy anointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil. 26 And thous shalt anoint the tabernacle of the congregation therewith, and the ark of the testimony, 27 And the table and all his vessels, and the candlestick and his vessels, and the altar of incense, 28 And the altar of burnt offerings with all his vessels, and the laver and his foot. 29 And thou shalt sanctify them, that they may be most holy: whatsoever toucheth them shall be holy.

    Carl Ruck, professor of classical mythology at Boston University: “There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion.”

    Now do an image search for the following:
    Basílica Cattedrale di Santa Maria Nuova di Monreale, Sicily (12th century) Jesus heals two blind men on the road to Jericho

    • David Leaton

      While agree with what you are trying to say, I have to disagree with your “anointing” statement. When Jesus told his disciples anoint the people, he meant two things. The anointing of the spirit, and the anointing with oil, which was typically olive oil of frankincense. 😉

  • Maryjane Report

    The Department Of Health And Human Services seems to disagree with Indiana county prosecutors:

    As with cancer studies, I featured here yesterday:

    ***I know I’m preaching to the choir about this on Leafly, but hoping others find this as new, benificial information.

  • Republicans want less HealthCare for Tax Payers and with Trump Tax Reform State Budget Cuts as for CBD Oil Indiana wants more opioid Deaths

  • lovingc

    Medicine a compound or preparation used for the treatment or prevention of disease, especially a drug or drugs taken by mouth. Counselor the definition fits so why isn’t it medicine?

  • zO

    A lot of lawyers have learned to be snakes in this day and age. If you are a lawyer and you are against cannabis I have a few questions for you. Do you know when and why cannabis was made illegal? If so how can you support these unjust laws? Since its conception what benefit has cannabis prohibition brought the citizens of the US? Completely biased profiling, unjust arrests, tarnishing of records, breaking up of families…the list goes on and on. All this over a plant that has never ever killed one human soul on the planet and in fact now is finally being recognized for its great medicinal benefits. How and why would you turn a blind eye to children with differing epileptic symptoms getting relief from extracts from cannabis? How can you turn a blind eye to all the US veterans who stand strong and say that it helps them 100 times more than the synthetic man made poison only keeping them in the US medical system? We are in the 21st century where is your compassion for what is real? I think lawyers would fight against cannabis while it’s profitable and when it is no longer profitable they will fight for cannabis. We need to stop the madness and all the unnecessary rhetoric with states making more and more complicated laws keeping the common citizens of the US to benefit from this plant and utilize it as they please. If you want to sell cannabis to the consumer market for recreational or medicinal then that cannabis has to be state certified by a lab that guarantees it’s safety. If you are just growing for yourself and community than buyer should beware that there is a possibility that the cannabis can be contaminated with anything from mold to pesticides and other harmful chemical and natural things that come with gardening, farming and growing plants. This is not rocket science. So I suggest the KISS principle moving forward. Due to the earth shattering propaganda demonizing cannabis the people of this planet and especially throughout the US are terrified of the plant. They shouldn’t be. It is a benign plant which can not harm you or your child. If you are a decent parent you know how to teach and help keep your child away from cannabis until they are of reasonable age. People act like cannabis consumers are out to get kids stoned and that is absolutely an out right fabrication of lies. Time to stop the madness unschedule cannabis now. #StopTheMadnessUnsceduleCannabisNow!!!

  • Skywolf Neal Smith

    We are fighting them tooth and nail. In the last three months we’ve had two successful “Town Halls.” We now have volunteers all over the state, approaching and arguing the case for medical. We’ve been flooding social media with information. The American legion and Amvets are standing with us and passing word within their own organizations. Every time there is a bust, hundreds, sometimes thousands of citizen responses negative to the arrests are posted on mainstream media sites, and we have had thousands reacting negatively to IPAC’s lies. Polling, which is a year old, shows 73% of Hoosiers wants medical, 54% want personal use, and I’m sure it’s higher than that now. We have the hearts and minds of our people, and we are moving forward with some of the legislature, and we are lobbying. Making change in Indiana is difficult; I liken it to fighting fire in hell, But we are fighting! Anyone who has people in Indiana, tell them to hook up with Indiana NORML. We need everyone! Find us on Facebook: @indianaNORML.

  • chincycoot

    The only thing in indiana worth mentioning is the indy 500, the only other thing that this state has worth mentioning is the twit poser, playing the role of vice president . A freak show who’s main goal in life is his faith and snuggleing up to putin. That says a lot about the dandies that voted for Ken Doll. what a dolt.
    The association of prosecutors do not want to do anything in regard to cannabis, medical or otherwise. That would lower their case load which takes money from their pocket. Reefer madness, is alive and well, this is what they refer to when they say things like cannabis has no medicinal value. Not a clue as to how, in many cases people could use this plant and lessen their dependence of opiates, Eventually these twits will have an injury, say for instance, their neighbor tackles them and breaks a few ribs, good old marijuana, which may ease the discomfort will not be available due to their ever increasing ignorance and denial, especially when they call a plant a drug, when science is proving them wrong, but indiana is not a scince state. There is no consideration to the revenue that medical mj would generate not to mention how indiana farmers would benefit by being able to plant hemp as a crop. Indiana prosecutors are clueless, if only these people would try some pot so they could lessen the clulessnes,but that won’t happen because they are simply fearfull of pot, reefer madness is ingrained in their feeble minds, indiana doesn’t need that cash infusion since all the jobs they used to have went to mexico.

  • David R

    It’s the same old song and dance given by state, county and city prosecutors going against the people. Just like charging a 14 year old minor for killing a abusive parent saying that the child knew what they were doing and then charging a 15 year old for having consensual sex with a minor for having sex with his 15 year old girlfriend. How can you have consensual knowledge for one but not the other. We need to revamp the system to get common sense back into our government so things can get done.

  • The Chadalac

    These prosecutors are literally unbelievable. How dare you. Shame on you liars.

  • These people are clearly batting for the wrong team. “Medicine” is what I say it is. Medicine is personal. Medicine means something different for each individual. If CBD oil helps me to be free of back pain, then for me it is medicine. Big Pharma or any other large corporate conglomerate does not posses the right, or ability, to tell me what is or is not medicine. They should take a lesson from the election of Trump. WE THE PEOPLE will decide what is right and appropriate for your bodies. We will not be dictated to, and you will not control us. The sooner you learn this, the better you’ll get along in society.

  • Richard W. Campbell

    Indiana will be the last state to legalize cannabis. The voters are ok with legalization but the old school politicians are not.

    • David Leaton

      Actually, some of the old school politicians are on board. It is the prosecutors and legislators who are on big pharma payroll who are stopping legalization. There are over 30 big pharma companies in Indiana.

  • David Leaton

    Indiana prosecutors are not telling teh truth. The truth is that Indiana has 30+ big pharma companies who are going to lose a lot of business, just like every other pharma company has. That means the state prosecutors are taking money from big pharma to insure that cannabis stays illegal.

  • Tom R

    What do these idiots know about Marijuana? Their only job is to put ‘criminals’ in jail.Laws are made by legislators, not want to be legislators. Jeees. These retards need to research what their f,ing job is. For one it is not to elevate themselves above the people that pay their GD paychecks.

  • Morghan Coston

    “To date, the FDA has not found marijuana to be either safe or effective medicine for any condition,” he added.

    The problem is that no one is allowing anyone to do research or dive in to this even further in order to PROVE the benefits! This is an argument that cannot possibly hold up. It makes no sense. I am so sick of how behind my state is!