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Introducing ‘The Haymaker,’ Leafly’s Politics & Culture Column. This Week: Sessions Out?

June 7, 2017
Attorney General Jeff Sessions talks to President Donald Trump during the 36th annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service, Monday, May 15, 2017, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Editor’s Note: This week marks the debut of The Haymaker, Leafly Deputy Editor Bruce Barcott’s weekly column on cannabis politics, culture, law and controversy. 

My phone was buzzing with breaking news alerts here at Leafly World Headquarters yesterday. “Sessions Offered to Quit During Exchange With Trump” said CNN. “Sessions Offered in Recent Months to Resign,” teased the Washington Post.

When the king views disagreement as betrayal, everyone is doomed to eventually betray the king. Even Jeff Sessions.

After nearly six months, we here in the Leafly newsroom have gradually acclimated to Tropical Storm Trump. We don’t shock easy. But this latest turn in the American telenovela elicited a gasp.

When the king views common disagreement as personal betrayal, everyone is doomed to eventually betray the king. Even, apparently, Jeff Sessions—the first senator to endorse Trump, and one of his most loyal surrogates.

This ongoing intrigue would be irrelevant to our world if not for one fact: Attorney General Jeff Sessions exercises inordinate power over the legal cannabis industry. He’s been consistent in his public condemnation of all forms of legalization, even medical marijuana. And he’s signaled that he’s prepared to act on those beliefs.


How Many of These DEA ‘Cannabis Slang’ Terms Do You Know?

Recusal = Betrayal

First, the backstory: In March, the attorney general recused himself from the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

In any other administration, this would have been a accepted as a prudent move. Sessions is a person of interest in the FBI’s investigation into the matter, having held meetings with the Russian ambassador that he neglected to disclose to the Senate during his confirmation process. The FBI is an agency of the Department of Justice, which is run by Jeff Sessions. A recusal was the only right and decent move here. Sessions, to his credit, made it.

The palace intrigue matters because Sessions holds inordinate power over the cannabis industry.

But Trump apparently took that recusal as a personal betrayal. “The president’s anger has lingered for months,” according to White House sources contacted by the Washington Post.  Sessions’ recusal, in Trump’s eyes, was the move that opened the door for the appointment of special counsel Robert S. Mueller, who is now overseeing the DOJ’s Russia investigation.

It’s become increasingly apparent that President Trump believes the nation’s top law enforcement officials should protect him by subverting ongoing federal investigations. When they don’t, he reads it as personal betrayal. That’s why he fired former FBI Director James Comey. That’s why he’s steaming mad at one of his most loyal lieutenants, Jeff Sessions.


5 Reasons Why Jeff Sessions’ Drug War Reboot Will Fail

‘You’re fired.’ Then What?

Let’s say Sessions gets the boot. It’s not hard to imagine Comey’s long-awaited testimony, scheduled to begin tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. Eastern, throwing President Trump into a tantrum that finds relief only in the utterance of those two most Trumpian words: You’re fired.

And if that happens…

America, meet Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Meet McDreamy: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. (Andrew Harnik/AP)

Let’s play this out. If Trump were to fire Sessions, Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein would immediately step in as acting AG.

He would likely remain Acting Attorney General Rosenstein for the remainder of Trump’s term.

The odds of Trump appointing a new attorney general, and that AG nominee surviving the confirmation process, are slim. I believe the technical Vegas term is “heavy dog.”

Personal loyalty is clearly Trump’s main job requirement. In his written statement sent to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, ex-FBI Director Comey recalled that Trump told him, “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.”

The number of candidates who possess both credentials for the job and the loyalty card can probably be counted on one hand. Let’s see… Rudy Giuliani. That’s one. Newt Gingrich makes two. Sen. Bob Corker? He and Gingrich aren’t actually lawyers, but that’s not a legal disqualifier. Kris Kobach? Trump is not in the business of partnering with hicks from Kansas. Chris Christie? In polite company Trump is said to believe that Christie does not “look the part,” which is code for saying that the president considers him a fat loser.

Can’t Fill the Posts, or Won’t

The White House has a hard enough time finding candidates to fill the hundreds of jobs that require Congressional confirmation. Of 559 key positions requiring Senate confirmation, Trump has offered no nominee for 441. Not filling positions has been floated as a proactive strategy to shrink the federal bureaucracy, part of Steve Bannon’s plan to “deconstruct the administrative state.” If so, well, bang-up job. But at the same time…



Rosenstein Could Calm the Ship

One of the few officials who has managed to keep his reputation somewhat intact is our man Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein was the one with the cojones to appoint Robert Mueller as the DOJ’s special counsel leading the Russia investigation. Rosenstein reportedly threatened to resign when Trump used him as cover for the James Comey firing. (At the same time: Rosenstein did write the mind-boggling memo that justified Comey’s firing based on Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails.)

If Sessions departs, Rosenstein could solve a lot of problems for Trump simply by running the Justice Department as its Acting Attorney General for the rest of the President’s term. If Trump bumped him up to the head job—which is doubtful, given Trump’s distrust of his personal loyalty—Rosenstein is one of the few who has enough support in the Senate to survive confirmation. In 2005, President George W. Bush appointed Rosenstein as US attorney in Maryland. He proved to be so effective and nonpartisan that President Obama chose to keep him.

All of which points to a likely conclusion: If Rosenstein takes over as acting AG, don’t expect a splashy big-name boss to fill Jeff Sessions’ shoes. It’ll be Rosenstein’s DOJ to run.


Brooklyn DA Challenges Sessions, Says Decriminalization Works

Where’s He Stand on Cannabis?

As head of the Justice Department, Rosenstein would likely tone down the rhetoric on cannabis. Sessions considers marijuana legalization a personal affront to his most deeply held values. Rosenstein shows no such inclination.

The war on drugs just isn't Rod Rosenstein's jam.

When he was Maryland’s chief federal prosecutor, Rosenstein directed his office to go after large-scale criminal drug operations. “We have pretty clear guidance from the attorney general to continue to pursue cases involving drug distribution in violation of state law,” he told the Baltimore Sun in late 2013.

The key phrase there is “in violation of state law.” When Maryland’s state legislature passed medical marijuana legalization in 2014, Rosenstein did not stand in the way of progress on the issue. In fact, trying to find any sort of past statement from Rosenstein on cannabis legalization leads to a teeth-gnashing dive into the deeper pools of Google. Prohibition and the war on drugs just aren’t Rosenstein’s jam.

Would that attitude continue if he held the reins of the Justice Department? We may soon be fortunate enough to find out.

Bruce Barcott's Bio Image

Bruce Barcott

Leafly Senior Editor Bruce Barcott oversees news, investigations, and feature projects. He is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.

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  • John Parks

    Seriously, what a relief!

    I didn’t vote; I felt enough positive energy from watching the Trump campaign and enough shared hatred of Hillary Clinton that I rightly guessed the outcome of 2016’s election. I’ve felt from the beginning that Jeff Sessions needed to go. That prick wants to throw gasoline on the fire that is the drug war, and has been threatening the progress we’ve made on cannabis. As an American citizen and former POW of the drug war, I’d kick Sessions in the ass on his way out the door.

    Maybe it’s a little early, but I’d like to congratulate Mr. Rosenstein on his new appointment. The only thing more powerful than fear is hope.

    As for Haymaker, this was the perfect first article.

  • julius

    Our President is an embarrassment to our Great Country! Trump please go away!

    • Laura Cornwell

      Grump is an embarrassment to our entire human race.

      • Grant O Parsley

        The far left is an embarrassment to the world! Rioting and crying like little babies because they didn’t get there way!! Grow up and get a job and quit asking for handouts!

        • Laura Cornwell

          Funny, guess your all about the confederate flag to.

        • Laura Cornwell

          Guess your lol alt right militias got there come uppance in Boston yesterday. They looked a bit over whelmed in the little gazebo surrounded by forty thousand anti Trump types!!! LOL LOL LOL!

      • ScarlettRuby

        I find Trump haters to be a rather embarrassing group. Evidently, so does the majority of normal humans in America. That’s why Leafly should not pander to you and alienate the competent and informed folks.

        • E.L. Bl/Du

          LMFAO! yea sure, and like HIS inauguration was the “Largest ever” you Chump lovers aughtta look at the mirror and do a REALITY CHECK! Remember shutting down the government TWICE costing the country BILLIONS b/c they couldn’t get “THEIR own way” or their shit together enough to draw up a compromise. They world is laughing at us having a president that tweets and spews out lies constantly, and believes BS, like the birther movement he started with his buddy Stone. That is the embarrassment. When his OWN PARTY is backing out of supporting him and his approval rating in the gutter (ATM 32% approval) so your facts are incorrect, another thing republicans are bad at. As if Climate change is a hoax. Yea, 98% of the WORLD scientists are wrong, but the TWO the republican corporations hired, say it is so it MUST be. WHAT A JOKE! You can’t be serious! Really, I do not want to know. The ignorance and stupidity is astounding.

        • Laura Cornwell

          Sorry, Trump lovers are the bottom of the barrel. Guess you got a good taste of that in Boston, huh?! What the majority of our countries citizens want, is the alt right red neck punks who support Trump and his ilk, (you), gone. It’s coming, the pendulum is going to “Punch you right in the face.” A quote from the least liked president the USA has ever elected. What a disgrace.

          • ScarlettRuby

            Bigotry: stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.
            Stupidity: the state, quality, or fact of being stupid.
            Fascism: A political philosophy that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
            Hypocrisy: a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

            I’m sorry that you are afflicted so badly that you can have no love or respect for your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers or complete strangers unless they think exactly the same way you do. It’s a sad state to be in, you have my sympathy and hopes for a speedy and complete recovery. Those of us who support legalization of cannabis should stick together, but you make it quite difficult. You might find your salvation by scraping the bottom of your barrel, you never know! Never alienate your allies, it’s a stupid move.

    • bk

      He is destroying our place in the global world! We use to be the nation to turn to look p to and now we’re the butt of way to may jokes! The first orange president needs to e the last one! Point blank period!

      • SandyLester

        You really are vapid.

      • Grant O Parsley

        The global world that has taken most of our Manufacturing jobs!!! Your are ignorant and believe all the fake news! Try watching FOX sometime! I personally think all media is fake in many ways but at least FOX gives you apposing views and not all speculation from unnamed sources like all the other news outlets! ORANGE LIVES MATTER TOO!

        • Lonnie Painter

          fox news? You gotta be kidding. Another stupid person who thinks anyone who reads is going to hell. Fox news Ha Ha!

    • Grant O Parsley

      Trump isn’t going anywhere! Get used to it. HE WILL BE RE-ELECTED IN 2020! All of you Hiliary and Obummer Lovers need to leave the country as you promised if he was elected!!!!

      • Patty Fegan

        O Grant O you are so funny. The world would love to have the people who didn’t support Mr. You’re Fired as their citizens (see the Canadian websites inviting those citizens – for FREE) however, like you, they are American citizens and they will fight for the America they love. Your Mr. You’re Fired doesn’t love America – he loves himself. Get used to it.

      • Legalize420

        Go on twatter and post your love of that thing you all the careless freedom patriot hating people who voted him in… Maybe you’ll get a Job! 😉 quickly now…

  • Bebo

    Comey released a statement claiming not only that Trump wasn’t under investigation but, that he requested the investigation on Flynn which was found to be guilty of no crime. The Washington Post is a horrible source that isn’t news worthy. I hope Trump will fire Jeff Sessions as they have butted heads over policy and Sessions is a pretty crappy AG. King Obama was far worse than Trump on nearly everything and he illegally appointed a lot of positions. At least Trump has a clue on how economics works. No egalitarian has that going for them. Not one.

    • Georgetta Beaty Smith

      I think you may want to go back and consult your high school government books. A president can’t appoint anyone to a position that requires congressional confirmation. Nothing different than “The Donald” has done with Flynn, Kushner, Bannon or Ivanka when he placed them in positions within the WH. At least Obama didn’t change the rules by invoking the nuclear option to get any of his appointees confirmed.

      • Bebo

        You conveniently forgot him declaring Congress not in session when they were. This was after Republicans gained control of the House.

        • lovingc

          Did it work?

      • Nick Tolleson

        You really must not remember November of 2013 when the Obama administration invoked the Nuclear Option against the Republicans and everyone praised them for it.

      • SandyLester

        Democrats changed the rules to the 51 vote, republicans need to use it.

    • lovingc

      We are in process of firing the Trump administration. If we can all last thru it. It took 900 days to get Nixion out.

      • Bebo

        You must be on the dole.

      • SandyLester

        Nixion out? Where did you get your history? Nixon resigned for the good of the country because democrats made a simple bulgarly into a federal crime.
        Nixon was not impeached or removed.
        After Nixon ended the Vietnam was, brought our troops home you think libs would have been happy.

        • horsemannv

          Nice try Sandy but no brass ring. Nixon resigned because he didn’t want to be impeached and he would have been. There is no such animal as a simple ”bulgarly” (take another toke….). When it comes to government, a burglary is a crime and the cover-up, of which he would have been found guilty, is why he resigned to protect his “reputation”. Nixon did not end the Vietnam War, the people of America ended the Vietnam War, along with Lyndon Johnson, President post Nixon and Ford. Nixon expanded it into Laos and Cambodia with disastrous results. As usual, and I am assuming you are a conservative red neck, you think if you spin and spin again, somehow the facts will change. They don’t.

          • SandyLester

            Nixon covered up a simple burglary.
            Nixon brought the troops home, Johnson had nothing to do with anything.
            I presume you are a Bill Akers sycophant.

        • Sonny Cole

          the only prez that was impeached was slick willy he lied to everyone

          • Slan

            Get some history lessons! Andrew Johnson AND Clinton were the ONLY presidents to have been impeached.

        • lovingc

          Nixon was given the choice, resign or face impeachment, get your facts straight. I lived thru it don’t try to tell grampa how to suck eggs..

          • SandyLester

            Nixon resigned for the good of the county. Ariticals of Impeachment were drawn up, never acted on.
            Nam….don’t tell he about it.

        • Lonnie Painter

          God how many stupid people are there who post on Leafly? Nixon ened the war? or wait you said he ended the” was”.

          • SandyLester

            He brought the troops home.

      • ScarlettRuby

        You’re in the process of having your brain washed. President Trump isn’t going anywhere, and that is good news. Pull your head out. Propaganda isn’t truth. You thought Hillary would win the election too, I’m sure! Right? Oh, and the Russians did it too, right? Time to wake up.

      • Grant O Parsley

        You and all your LIBTARD buddies that think Trump is out….buckle up and hold on cuz the ride has just begun….you wont be able to handle it so just get off the ride now and move to some other country that wants to give everything away for free.

        • lovingc

          You and your ilk would be happy if Trump took a dump on your dinner table. Fools like you are why our government is a disaster under Trump. You can’t seem to face the fact that you voted for a con artist and that is all he ever was.

          • ScarlettRuby

            Yes, we are all praying that President Trump will take a dump on our dinner table. Facts really do matter. What do you get out of making up mages like that in your head? United We Stand Divided We Fall. Grow up.

          • lovingc

            Trump is an uneducated ignorant idiot! He has no idea what he is doing has no knowledge of the law and absolutely no idea how to stay in office. He is begging to go to jail for the rest of his life. He just said on camera that he would love to speak to the special council under oath. That in case you are wondering would be the beginning of the end to this farce. He would not make it thru the first question without convicting himself. You and the republicans have adopted a rabid dog and wonder why the rest of us want him chained in a cage?

          • Chaddy Liquor Tits

            You’re way too intelligent to be having discussions with these brainwashed Trump-humpers. Leafly just wants to see conflict .. don’t give them the satisfaction. We all know Trump and his group of slags are failing miserably. Don’t let these idiots give you a headache any further. Cheers.

          • ScarlettRuby

            Funny what passes for intelligence these days. You Snowflakes need a dictionary.

          • Chaddy Liquor Tits

            Go out and enjoy your day. Life is not about trying to defend temporarily elected leaders on some lame forum who you don’t know personally and who don’t care about you anyway. Do things that makes you happy. Leafly is purposely trying to get people to engage in uncomfortable discussions that have no end. Rise above it.

          • ScarlettRuby

            You have strange dreams, maybe check your strain! What do you think would happen if your dreams came true and President Trump was removed from office? Hint: Bernie or Hillary would not be appointed to replace him. Mike Pence would replace him. And you think you have problems now? Grow up and learn to accept reality. You are the reason that Donald Trump is our President, so I do thank you for that!

          • lovingc

            Pence has his own problems and will not come out of this clean either.

        • Patty Fegan

          So, if Liberals are Libtards in your world does that make you and your Trump supporters REPtards? or Trumptards? Sticks and stones Grant O.

    • Lonnie Painter

      Bebo I guess cannabis hasn’t worked for you or maybe it just put you to sleep.

  • Sapphire Fox

    I hope we get someone who’s not impeding progress in legalizing marijuana.

  • Arlen Bennett

    First off let me say that unless you voted for President Trump please keep quiet. I myself am a cancer survivor. Medical research has proven that marijuana has properties that help with medical health problems. As I see things the legalization of cannabis across the board could and would help the country with much needed revenue for the State and Federal Governments to have the ability to do things good for the USA. Marijuana is not the gateway drug that most people have been taught that it is. Either you use other drugs or you don’t itsan that simple. Alcohol could be considered a drug as it alters the state of mind body reflexes and other bodily functions as well. BUT IT IS LEGAL as long as you are of age. Come on people lets legalize cannabis.

  • SandyLester

    Sessions obsession with cannabis is pathological, he needs to go.
    Sessions should have never recused himself from the bogus Russian investigation.
    Rosenstein is a great choice.
    Comey lied yet again under oath about the so called locality pledge, it never happened.
    Trump is surrounded leakers, and liars, he needs to find them and get rid of them.

    • ScarlettRuby

      Sessions obsession with marijuana??? Could you provide some substance to support that characterization, please. If we want marijuana legalized, we are best served to stick to the facts and not buy into smear campaigns and hate propaganda. “Jeff Sessions, the attorney general, told Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper during a private meeting in April that prosecuting state-legal marijuana businesses wouldn’t be a priority for the Justice Department.”

      • Catherine Ostrom

        He’s also said on camera more recently than April that NO ONE should have marijuana. I did paraphrase, as I don’t recall the exact words. But, I did see it and hear it come out of his mouth. Is that not some substance of Session’s views on marijuana? It is fact, not propaganda.

  • ScarlettRuby

    If Leafly is going to alienate Trump supporters and politically educated Americans with the usual and expected Progressive propaganda and Trump hatred, you can watch yourselves go down. Medical Marijuana and legalization are not the sole purview of far left fringe radicals. If you want to advocate for marijuana users, perhaps do some demographic studies on who we are before you start the divisive politicking.

    • Kenny Gettinger

      I definitely agree that nobody should be made to feel alienated, but if you continue to support someone who continues to combat those who post here, are you really surprised they’re not supporting you right back? You made the choice to support that man, as is your right. They’re voicing their unsupportive opinion. Trump’s administration does not support marijuana. You’re on Leafly.

      • ScarlettRuby

        How is President Trump trying to combat people who post here? I am posting here. This is the most recent information on President Trump’s stance on marijuana. He made his first statement since taking office on May 6th, so perhaps don’t keep buying into the propaganda. If Leafly wants to be an anti-Trump propaganda site, it will not find the support it needs. We who support truth in reporting will go elsewhere. When you lie to me, you are my enemy. So far, our President hasn’t lied to me, despite the media attempts to smear him as a liar. Don’t invest in lies.

      • Patty Fegan

        Excellent point.

    • horsemannv

      And if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Public discourse is VERY American, dating back to before the American Revolution. Next you will be trying to tell us that it was the “far left fringe radicals” that sent in the DEA with swat teams, helicopters and sting operations to take out the evil drug that caused “reefer madness”. Get a grip.

      • ScarlettRuby

        I’m not opposed to public discourse. You’re the one encouraging me to leave it. How come? Hypocrisy is the new religion. So is mind reading, evidently. It’s just that you’re not good at it. Don’t quit your day job, if you have one.

        • jason r

          Here’s some discourse

          You are a FVCKING traitor !!

          Take your talk nice to me even if I support trump!! And shove it up your traitorous a$$!!

          I’m sick of hearing about how all these orange snowflakes can’t take the heat now that their orange traitor is FINALLY for once in his priviliged FVCKING life has had to answer for his bullsh1t!!

          Winter is coming for you douche bags, and the republicans traitors raping the citizens of this country!!


          • ScarlettRuby

            Nice! Just the kind of person we need as a spokesperson for legalized marijuana! Very admirable! Our new poster boy. We should do well!

      • Dawn Palmby

        Burn! I love it, great point

      • Patty Fegan

        The truth. Finally. Thank you.

  • horsemannv

    Finally, a political narrative from Leafly! Welcome Mr. Barcott! I had almost given up on having affective reporting on all things legally cannabis. Great article on Sessions. Let’s hope the gray carrot gets rid of him but I bet Sessions is kissing ass big time right about now. Trump is soooo much like the Mafia. He demands loyalty and subservience so that he can continue to set up his corporate fascist government and rob the middle class of its retirement, savings and ownership. It doesn’t look too hopeful just now but let’s hope that 2018 brings in enough Democrats (blahhh) to even the playing field. A new party would be even better.

  • Ramma

    I believe that this is YOUR SPIN ON FAKE NEWS…. ALTHOUGH your misinformed
    im for our cause but your constant negatively reporting only makes it worst… and Julius he is NOT an embarrassment the votes that counted put our choice in the White House….

    • jason r

      FVCK you traitor! Your orange king should hang!

      Winter is coming douche bag


      • Catherine Ostrom

        Be careful. You could make yourself subject to a class E felony. Threatening the life of any President is a serious offence.

  • Ivan Crusingspeed

    It didn’t take long for this guy to get into his SJW/Snowflake mode. So Jeff is against Cannabis, right? So fucking what. I want info on my meds not a scripted commie rant. You and me and all of us should be saying, “Try it. You’ll like it.” Educate, red pill, the powerful. Please, don’t send this type of crap out anymore.

  • Jayne Dhoe

    The real reason Sessions is being let go has nothing to do with weed or Russians or Comey. It has to do with the fact that Sessions wants to go after pedophiles and the human trafficking operations of people like John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. Please watch George Webb’s videos on YouTube. Liberals do not know this because they believe MSM, but the entire government has been using kids for sex for some time, which includes blackmail ops for CIA purposes. This also includes Clinton and more than the Lolita Express. Liberals, please get yourself a clue. They are free! Here’s one: Jeffrey Epstein.

  • scott belcher

    I thought Trump was going to drain the swamps!!. those of you that voted for Trump are probably NOT happy with their choice now!. Trump has filled most of his top positions with people that are clearly NOT for the people that voted for him. look at everything that Trump said he was going to do for you, but has and is doing just the opposite. ALL HE WANTED WAS YOUR VOTE TO GET IT. then let the destruction begin!…he does what he damn well wants to, and seems to get by with it or people just accept it!?? the whole situation is like these stupid women that get beat up by their boyfriend or spouse/domestic violence, yet keep coming back to them for more, saying ” but I love you”!…. and Sessions is just as crooked as the rest of the administration. all F…..g liars and crooks!. he is a bigoted racist, only wants to go back to the failed war on drugs. Shit that clearly does not work!. his agenda is to fill up and build more private prisons filling them up with non-violent people for petty possession charges, ruining lives and in some cases these people come out hardened people with tough or little future because of the jail time. and disrupting/ruining families. Session has deep tires and investments in the private prison system. the owners of the 2 big private prison systems donated approximately one million dollars to his election fund!. what the hell does that tell you!. With ALL THE LIES & DECEPTION! coming from the Trump administration, why do we still allow Trump to NOT divest himself completely from his businesses, accepting money from other questionable sources/countries, etc. he signs executive orders as he pleases without bringing other in the picture! with nothing being said!…sounds like moving more toward dictatorship to me!. and with the interactions and interference with the Russians trying to destroy our democracy. our president and most of his appointees have had a checked past or at least questionable ones! yet we are giving them a position of power to bring down our systems.look at trump’s lawyer!. he has ties to Russia, knows Putin and has representing top Russian people! Sessions and Bannon were in cahoots before the election!.. google some of these people and backgrounds and you will see hoe crooked they are!!! What are we doing about it folks!!?? WE NEED TO WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

  • Carlos Sativa

    Phucking propaganda and speculation, yal are as bad as Alex Jones, your a Joke leafy a freaking bias Joke!
    What did leafy do for the country, well nothing except push for more divide and conquer.
    We will either come together or hang together take your pick!
    You guys are so bias that you won’t even mention that Rand Paul is blocking Session in congress and won’t give him a dime to go after pot, but it’s not medical you guys at leafy are worried about we watched where your position on Washington SB5052 was, and it was not for the people Bruce! We fought for freedom while leafy fought for pay and special privileges and immunity, a violation of Washington states Constitution Article 1 Section 12.
    This publication help make criminals out of regular folks who where ill for the sake of profits!
    But this is propaganda, I don’t give a damn about trump I didn’t support him or vote for him, I voted Darrel Castle, I’m in the .01% of smart people who know the Constitution and know you folks helped destroy it that much more with the support of SB5052!
    But you guys ya just smear bull shit on a page and call it news, Can’t just admit when things are going better for cannabis forgot the fact that Trump has gotten into with session over this bull shit, but no you dumb ass’s just sit here and post propaganda for your own leftist agenda!
    Phucking sickening!

    The real facts of the matter is that there are those in line behind trump who only get worse, get rid of trump and the guys who will replace him will be far worse for cannabis. But we can’t get past the trump hate to see it, it’s like the blind leading the blind!

    What Joke, where was he when weed the people where being attacked and made criminals by the industry, oh yeah he was writing stuff supporting the death of the peoples rights to be equal and supporting people being made criminals for the sake of the industry!
    Bruce and leafy are a Joke!
    Real fact, no one did anything to protect weed the people but rather pushed so that our rights where violated!
    Any of you ever read the Washington state Constitution, try reading Article Section 1, or Article 1 Section 2, or Article 1 Section 7, or Article 1 Section 12,

    Bruce did nothing for the people and did everything for his industry that would pay him!
    We fight for freedom, Bruce and leafy fight for pay! You helped create criminality for people where there was none Bruce, stop pretending you stand for the people instead of $$$$$!

  • Carlos Sativa

    My comment will be removed this is what they do, seen it for years, but the support leafy gave SB5052 created a violation of the Washington State Constitution particularly right here, Article I Section 12 SPECIAL PRIVILEGES AND
    IMMUNITIES PROHIBITED. No law shall be passed Article I Section 12 Constitution of the State of Washington granting to any citizen, class of citizens, or corporation other than municipal, privileges or immunities which upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens, or corporations.
    But I could go on and on with the other violations of rights pushed by this publication!
    My point what did you guys ever do for freedom or the people, get the Phuck outta here with that shit, like you gays are savors…lmfao!